SFC Martland gets temporary reprieve

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SFC Martland gets temporary reprieve

For those who didn't read my earlier report, a short synopsis may be helpful:

Martland and his then-detachment commander admitted to attacking an Afghan local police commander in Kunduz province in 2011. Martland, a Bronze Star recipient, wants to remain in the Army. He was flagged for involuntary separation through the Army's qualitative management program because of his role in the assault. Martland was scheduled to leave service no later than Nov. 1 after 11 years in the Army.

The reason he attacked the Afghan policeman was forcible sodomy on an Afghan child, beating up the child's mom, and then laughing when approached about it.  The Army rewarded him (SFC Martland) for his actions by trying to involuntarily discharge him.   

So now the update:

The Green Beret getting kicked out of the Army for beating an alleged child rapist in Afghanistan has been given a 60-day reprieve, the Army said late Tuesday.

Army Secretary John McHugh "agreed to postpone Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland's discharge from the Army for 60 days to allow him to file an appeal with the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records," the Army said in a statement.

The decision was made after Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, spoke with and wrote a letter to McHugh. The decision was "out of respect for Chairman Thornberry's continued strong support for our military and his personal appeal," according to the Army statement.

Military,com had more info on the various letters sent to McHugh:

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California and former Marine, has written to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in an attempt to save Martland's career.

"Martland stood up to a child rapist," Hunter wrote. "I trust that you will give this case the attention it demands."

In a statement, Thornberry said Martland was likely caught up in the Army's so-called Quality Management Program that drew up lists of soldiers to be discharged involuntarily to meet the demands of budget cuts and the drawdown of thousands of troops.

In its response to Thornberry, the Army said it "has no choice but to reduce the size of its ranks, and the QMP process is vitally important to ensure that the Army retains only the best qualified Soldiers."

Thornberry said, "It was not until the Army was forced to shed tens of thousands of soldiers that it opened the QMP process to a population to which it would not otherwise have applied.  This is the unfortunate by-product of indiscriminate cuts to our military."

"I believe the best recourse now would be to allow SFC Martland to remain in the Army long enough for him to prepare an appeal with adequate military counsel and for the Army to act on such an appeal," Thornberry said.

It's worth going back and reading my original piece to get the nuance of what is going down if you aren't familiar, but this is a complete "s___show" as we say in the military.  

Senator Gillibrand of New York is also pretty upset over the whole thing:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, told Campbell she had doubts that anything would be done to stop the sexual abuse unless U.S. troops could directly intervene rather than making a report through the chain of command.

She asked what would happen if Afghan authorities said they were going to ignore a report of sexual abuse. "I don't think they would say that," Campbell said.

He said that if mid-level Afghan authorities ignored a U.S. report on sexual abuse he would go directly to President Ghani. Campbell said he has conferred with Ghani about the problem and he has pledged to prosecute any violators.

I suspect there will be hearings, and hopefully at the end of this Martland will end up getting a promotion and the medal he so richly deserves.

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1000000 vets should flood DC to protest if SFC Maitland is punished!

As a retired veteran of the Army, I am ashamed of the action that a bunch of cowardly bureacrats are attempting to take against this soldier. He is more of a real man than this bunch could ever hope to be. He did what is right and that is more than I can say for the cowards in charge. That piece of human crap that raped that child should have been shot dead like the animal he is. I think SFC Martland and his Commanding Officer exhibited more restraint than I would have. Finally, the people in our government and the so called Afghan government that look the other way are no better than the pervert that committed those heinous acts. They should be arrested. I am truly ashamed of what our miltary bureacrats have become.


The child rapists should be in jail with the other ass hole ,and have his ass pounded by the other ass holes. All U.S. soldier should be like Martland.

I am retired military, 23 years active duty, and I WOULD NOT recommend to a young person to go into our military at this time. We have a Missing in Action Commander, and presently, I AM NOT proud of our country. Did not say that I wAS NOT PROUD TO BE AN American. I AM NOT PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. wHAT DO WE STAND FOR: pc IS THE DCULTURE OF THE DAY. sICK, SICK, SICK

1I am not proud of the idiots that are screwing our country up, but I am proud of our country. If your not proud then please join Mrs. BO and leave the country. Being a 23 year veteran yourself shows that you are not thinking about what you said, Its the idiots not the country.

I agree 110% with your comments and I too will NOT recommend any young person join the political military in this day of ANTI military attitude by the POS leading the forces. When I retired, the military was an honorable profession, but the so called CiC has thrown that attitude out the window.


The incompetence and lying in the White House and the polititians, has spread to the top of the military leadership.

The (incompetence) started at the top.

Could be our so called leaders in USA Like Little Boys so they think it is ok for a Afghan SOB to rape a child A Whipping is to good for this Afghan SOB,

Retired USAF, CMSgt, I fully agree with Bruce Marvin comments (above) and hope SFC Martland will be fairly treated in his appeal.

SFC Martland did exactly what should be done to a child abuser & that's good for any country that has

OK - let me try to get this straight. It is OK for an Afgan. police officer to beat up a woman & sodomize a young male child while US troops in country are supposed to stand down & ignore it. But while in country a US soldier doing the same would be locked up & have the key thrown away. But a US soldier trying to assist a civilian in country & on a US compound gets kicked out of the service for helping to defend the victims. If this is the case - why are we there in the first place? Sure sounds like a troublesome double standard!

This just goes to show what happens when the office of the President of the United States and the position of Commander and Chief are vacant for 6 1/2 years. The infectious incompetency of this impostor administration has destroyed minds of once good men and women. Lets hope SFC Martland shows those opposed to him to be the total fools they are, from the top down. Give him a promotion and a metal! We need to focus on 2 Chronicles 7:14 ...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Sodomy is sodomy no matter how you try to pass it off as OK, Who give s %$%^& what country it is in.
Any man that stands by and allows any person or persons to commit such a crime against humanity and Gods word needs a lesson in right and wrong. I would stand tall beside Sgt Martland and follow him into any battle. I am a WW11 combat veteran. Made landings in the Philipines on Oct 24th 1944 and
at Iwo Jima second wave. Also Served in Korea 1950-52 and was caught up in the the Chosin Reseviour rout. I can assure you that during those two wars there would be a dead Afganistaneee

Get rid of the Non-Person in out white House !

This is just another black eye for our U.S. Upper officers and political pundits. Wat a despicable thing for our military to be told, look the other way. May God bless this Sargent in the name of Jesus Christ. These same people accuse Russia of being the backward and aggressive people. Chuck

Say what?
"Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California and former Marine,"

Why do I keep finding this misstatement in a veterans site?

It is a direct quote from the article.  I am aware that Duncan Hunter is still in the reserves, but I can not alter the work of someone else.

This highly dedicated Soldier, SFC Martland, should be pardoned of these trumped up charges and receive an apology from the person that initiated the charges!

When you join into the party of allowing this to continue you're as Guilty as the person who is seen doing this cowards act I would have stopped the act as well a bullet will stop everything

When you join into the party of allowing this to continue you're as Guilty as the person who is seen doing this cowards act I would have stopped the act as well a bullet will stop everything

Former Army/Airborne. As we all must know by now, this country has no leadership. The people in charge will have us listed as a "third world" class country. SFC Martland did what most American soldiers would have done. It's the way we are brought up here in the USA. Vincent Turner is right on the money when he stated that their "culture" in NOT our culture. Those people over there are not raised or think anywhere near the way we are here. SFC Martland should get both a promotion & medal & not be let go from his career.

The so called culture followed by Afghan rapists are Pashturns not the majority of Afghans. But the majority of the Taliban are Pashturns. In my opinion the Pashturns are not to be trusted at all.

OK, so tell me why we are there again? Something about getting the Taliban out and helping them establish a democratic government. The Taliban are not nice people but it is part of their culture that let them in to begin with. So why are we there? Their country has been ruled by tribal leaders for a few thousand years. So why are we trying to establish something that they don't understand and probably doesn't make much difference to the majority of the population. They live far away from the government working just to survive. I think I might have paralyzed this asshole so that every day he can think about his culture and maybe there should be some changes.

While glad to hear at least a temporary delay was put into effect, I am still incensed about the state of our military and those in charge of it, from the CIC on down. Many thanks to those who took a stand in defense of SFC Martland's action, but there remains the reprehensible situation at the root of his problem that needs to be corrected. There's been a lot of supposition the Afghan culture might accept this kind of child abuse, and if that's true, I'd like to know why our troops are there defending it. If not true, then leadership in Afghanistan needs to step forward in defense of anyone, including American soldiers, who actually do something to stop the abuse wherever they find it. Instead of punishing someone for doing what is right and moral, a simple "thank you" would make more sense. "Freedom," the thing we fight for and protect, sounds pretty hollow when you're ordered to ignore the nefarious goings-on among those we're supposed to be helping.

What has happen to us as a country and where is the leadership. He should have beat the living hell out of him, as he had the devil in him. Horary for the Green Beret, he stood up for the right of man-kind. Why are the higher ups bowing down. A bunch of chicken S_ _ T's. Why, do we choose to allow such behavior from man-kind. We send our people over to a hell hole and don't allow them to take care of the problem.

Arbegast has the right slant on this...the U.S. was founded on Godly Principles and He will see to it that that afgan piece of crap will get his! And I don't think there's any virgins where he's headed. Give Martland the medal he deserves and let him be the lifer that God intended him to be!

As a loyal American, I can only say that he has been true to United States values and our ideas of human rights. I not only object to the planned discharge for this fine NCO, I also think he should be promoted. How many NCO's and officers can do what this NCO what this soldier has done?

Sergeant, I am very, very proud of you. Quite a number of your fellow veterans are ready to kick open doors and make sure you you get taken care of. I apologize for all these who say "We prevent this" and then the instant a soldier does this, they look at him as anything less.

This is a great time to see our leadership to make a choice: either enforce our US values or leave the country. I live near D.C. We'll put you up anytime you want to visit.

Roger Baker, MSG, Retired
Air Force & Army

As a Navy veteran, I am totally disgusted in this CinC and all his spineless underlings over this matter of throwing SFC Martland 'under the bus' for doing what any red-blooded American should have done. I fully believe SFC Martland should be promoted, receive a humanitarian award, or at the very least returned to his former duties, receive an apology and a commendation for his actions. Had it happened in his homeland, he would be considered a hero.
I hope every American citizen, especially current and former military members, will contact their senators and representatives to intercede and stand beside SFC Martland to fight this injustice.
I realize different countries have different customs; but, while on a U.S. military installation, the locals should accept and honor our customs and regulations just as we are required to honor their's while off the installation.
But, since we have no leadership, I would personally like to apologize to SFC Martland if he is discharged under any condition.

Their draw down/budget cut story is BS. I wonder how many other Bronze Star recipients are being involuntarily separated due to budget cuts. There must be plenty of non-performers, who didn't
do the right thing in this case, that they could discharge. This is a case of reprisal and now Army is back peddling because the SFC didn't go quietly.

Who is the person responsible of wanting SFC Martland discharged from the US Military for trying to protect a little child from being sodomized by a pedophile homosexual &$?;&$?. It does not matter what hell hole country you are in, all of our US military should be able to protect little children. What is the matter with the leadership of our country. Actually, we really do not have a qualified Commander in Chief in the White House for some time now. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world. I stand with SFC Martland.

I would be astonished with this situation if it was something new. However, having seen what President Obama and his cohorts have done these past 6 years there's very little that surprises me anymore I am a patriot and I love my country and it breaks my heart to see it being destroyed by my own government. I would not be surprised if it became necessary to take up arms to save it.

Two comments; One, I can only assume that those trying to get rid if Sgt Martland are themselves pedofiles and wife beaters. Two; I retired in 1979, when the military had morals. Now, if you desert, they will promote you. If you stand up against pedophiles, they try to throw you out of the military ( especially if you are higher ranking, and a medal winner). Your neighbor can be two married guys or females. And you don't know what sex your boss, or underlings was/is. I'm sorry, I'm glad I got out when I did. I wouldn't last long in today's military.And Vincent Turner, what are you?? Bj

This green beret should absolutely be commended for what he had done to the poor excuse for a human who abused that young boy. We have become a nation of sheep with all this political correctness
garbage and social experimentation that has diluted the strength and respect that our armed forces
had held world wide. This administration is an absolute disgrace for not championing SFC Martland's

If this soldier is actually forced to be discharged and it is covered up as reducing troop ranks, it is a disgrace. He should be commended, promoted and idolized in the media as much if not more than all the mass shooting individuals. In my humble opinion, by the appearance of a reprimand, they would be condoning child rape.

Very proud of this soldier and fellow veteran for his remarkable restraint in not putting a bullet between the so-called "police commander's" eyeballs, or wherever. No doubt he wants to stay in the Army, or at least give them the chance to show as much honor toward him as he showed to the rest of us.

I am appalled at the actions of the U S Army to discharge a soldier that did what we ALL should do in those circumstances and situations. Why isn't our Commander in Chief standing up for our troops? Perhaps, the discharge should be for the Commander in Chief for not defending his troops! WE served with Honor, Respect , and Loyalty. I am sure that since my service in the early 60's, the soldiers ideology has not diminished. We served to protect our country with the dangers and perils of giving our lives for that purpose. This Sgt. should be honored and NOT Dishonored. He put his life on the line as ordered for our freedom and respect is what he deserves.

I spent 40 years in uniform retiring as a CSM and I continue to serve my country as a Army Contractor. I have three Sons on AD and them serving several tours of duty in war zones. I love my country and would never disrespect it, but I have to say that what SFC Martland is what anyone that has any respect for our fellow human beings would of done to include me. I am so mad about this and that the Army would even think about doing this to him, he is a hero. If he would of done this in America that's what we would do give him a medal, why is this different then that. In all my years in the Army I never seen or heard of any rule, regulation, or order that said you were to just stand by and watch something like that and do nithing about it, we should be assame of ourselves as a Army to even think about putting him out of the service. As far as giving him the time for an appeal, what appeal, there should not be anything to appeal. The Leadership at the very top of the Army has the authority to put a stop to this nansense right now and let SFC Martland get on doing what he has been trained to do.
One pissed off retired CSM

Right SMAJ: I served 9 years with Special Forces, 77th,10th, 5th (RVN) and 6th. I went to VN as and E7 with the 5th SF and returned to the states for helicopter school then returned to VN as a gunship pilot supporting Project Delta of the 5th SF. I said that to say this. I served under some very fine officers to include all ranks. I was the command pilot for the 2nd ranking General Officer in Europe, HQ European Command. He was an Air Force 4 star. I served for the most part under good Presidents, save Carter which was a good man but not a good CINC. Under this current elected non-leader we have deteriorated as a military and as a nation. My gut aches for SFC Martland as he must be a quality soldier or he wouldn't have been promoted to this grade. The really good seniors officers that the services had are for the most part gone. The ones that are left are just holding their tongues and noses until they meet retirement eligibility. Can't really blame them as they would be knifed if they acted like real officers. Just not permitted in this current administration. Hopefully the electorate will wake up for the 2016 election and start cleaning this mess up. It will probably never return to the military and country that you and I knew some 40-50 years ago. Thanks for your service SMAJ and SFC Martland. CWO W3 USA RET

I believe in U. S. Military being ready for anything. In the 1960's we were. The civilians by there nature not able to judge any solider. We should stop the bravo and to having soldier run military. It sounds the down fall of the Roman Empire. Take a stand now, before is lost.

SFC Martland is not the problem. It is the Brass that is playing politics which is the ONLY problem presently. The sad part is this problem has been magnified since the Obama WH. It is time we started discharging the brass who are playing politics and firing the civilians that are doing the same, all the way to the Top. The Military is the LAST place for Politics. That is how Dictators get started!

The jerks that call themselves leaders that charged him in the first place should be the ones that are thrown out of the military or any political job they might have. This country is going to hell and it is because we have some of these morons in leadership positions. Wake up America. Get rid of the weak minded

Your point is well said, but we have a HUGE problem with various military chiefs-of-staff who have been hand-picked by our worthless, "I would have to side with the Muslim world if a struggle between America and the Middle East should occur", Commander-in-Thief/El-Presidente who only selected those who would carry his "bucket of manure" during their tour of non-duty and their overt failure to serve and protect, not just our nation, but our troops and warriors as well! No balls, no guts. Just a waste of flesh...

I am going to keep it short. SFC Martland should not even be considered for anything other than keeping him in the Army and he should be rewarded for his actions that stopped A F**ing worthless man, A disgusting thing on two legs from raping a little boy, Are you kidding me why is this even an issue. You people get your head out of your Ass and do the right thing. I am beyond sick of you people
that can't tell the difference between right and wrong. Get a clue you ThumbDicks.

So the PC police have taken over the US Army. How shameful. I was in the Army serving as a medic from 1966 to 1972 and I was proud of my service and the army. This latest event is a sad example of what is wrong when it is more important to be politically correct than doing what is right. Sgt Martland should be praised for what he has done.

Maybe some of these ass holes sitting in congress and the president ought to go out and see what is really going on instead of sitting in the "hallowed halls" and pretend to know what is happening on the front lines.


The officers from his commanding officer to the very top who allowed this situation to get this far are the ones who should be discharged from the service. That would help meet their reduction quotas and ensure effective officers remain in the military. The Secretary of the Army does not need a Bronze Star winner to present his case for remaining in the military, he should applaud his desire to do so. Easy answer Mr. Secretary, a swipe of your pen and this disgraceful action goes away. Your boss uses a swipe of the pen all of the time to circumvent law. You surely can do so on some idiotic rule. S (still) AFU!


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