Jonn Lilyea's This Ain't Hell claims another phony veteran scalp

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Jonn Lilyea's This Ain't Hell claims another phony veteran scalp

Rather than rewrite the whole thing, I'm just going to let him tell it:

Jeffrey M. Alcorn

You might remember Jeffrey Mason Alcorn from when we busted him back in January. He was so convincing that I had to submit for two FOIAs, because I didn't believe the "no service" response I got the first time. But, nope, the NPRC said "Who?" twice;

Alcorn FOIA

We also got this Delayed Entry Program contract - so he enlisted in the Marines and then bailed on them;

Jeffrey M. Alcorn FOIA

Well, it seems that he tried to scam a flight from our friends at Veterans Airlift Command, but they found our blog post about him and contacted us on Friday for a little clarification.


Alcorn told LTC Andrew Lourake of Veterans Airlift Command that he lost his DD214 when he took it to the DMV for his veteran driver license. LTC Lourake thought that was a strange excuse and that's what led him to us. Bottom line is Alcorn was arrested when he arrived in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday (Saturday, August 15, 2015) and fessed up to LEOs about the whole scam. The sad part of the story is that he had also scammed the Semper Fi Fund for a $12,000 service dog. Our friends tell us that the dog has been logged as evidence and will be returned to Marietta, Georgia and go to a real veteran. Will you phonies please stop dragging an innocent dog into your schemes, please. This pisses me off most of all. However, we hear that this is the first that his new wife has heard that he was a phony. So, when he posts bail, he's got some 'splainin' to do. We may have updates to this later. Update; This comes from LTC Andrew Lourake, the Outreach Director of Veterans Airlift Command;

When we vet passengers for Travel with the Veterans Airlift Command, we don't generally require a massive amount of paperwork as most combat wounded have a trail on the Internet easily found with a simple google or Facebook Search. However, when something tips us (it happens very infrequently...twice out of over 10,000 passengers) we dig deeper and request more documentation from the passenger. When fake "USMC Staff Sgt" Jefferey Alcorn (claiming he had done 8 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq) asked for an airlift to go get his service dog (being trained at great expense, given to him by another non profit serving wounded vets), a simple Google search made by one of our volunteer pilots lead us to Thisainthell which portrayed him to be a potential fraud. While our mission is to serve our combat wounded...not find and prosecute stolen valor cases, this one attempting theft of a service dog trained by good people for a combat wounded vet made us decide to lock and load. Our passengers are combat wounded. Our small staff are either combat wounded, retired military or family members of such and we felt obligated to put an end to this particular charade of stolen valor, and it's use to defraud good hearted Americans who's desire is only to do right by our wounded. We asked for documentation of "USMC Staff Sgt" Jefferey Alcorn's service and he was unable to provide a DD-214 or an award letter from the VA, but he did produce certificates for a Bronze Star and Purple Heart (Our founder has two of one and one of the other of these himself, and they did not come in a cracker jax box). Our investigation led us to believe this was a complete fraud willing to take highly valuable resources from a deserving veteran for his own purposes. We were happy that the Lexington police detectives and FBI agreed. Our purpose in aggressively pursuing this is to help protect small non-profits from this type of abuse and to put future fraudsters on notice that we do not tolerate this kind of activity. It is our belief that like in a waning economy when loan fraud increases due to excess capacity and fewer borrowers, that the Organizations serving a diminished number of veterans opens the door for this kind of activity to flourish. Hopefully this serves as a notice to those thinking of "pretending" in order to enrich themselves at the expense of our supporters or those deserving combat wounded we serve.

Update2; And now the media;

Jeffrey Mason Alcorn
Alcorn is charged with two counts of theft by deception. He's out of jail on bond but when WKYT tried to speak with him, the woman living in the house listed at his address didn't want to talk. According to court documents, when police interviewed Alcorn after his arrest, he told them he lied to the dog training facility in Georgia and gave them false documents because he couldn't pay for the dog. The arrest citation also states that Alcorn admitted he never served in the military. Court documents go on to say that he claimed it all began with a small lie that snowballed.

Update 3: Another local station gives us credit for the bust. They also say that Alcorn is in the hospital in critical condition.

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I again challenge Roy Earl Dixon , to fess up and quick bringing Dishonor to all veterans,

Have you had any success in outing this potential fake? If not, please contact me via email at Willing to help, but do NOT seek recognition.

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