Fraudulent PTSD claims clogging the system, stealing from those who need help

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Fraudulent PTSD claims clogging the system, stealing from those who need help

A thoroughly disconcerting article from the LA Times that Jonn Lilyea caught...

As disability awards for PTSD have grown nearly fivefold over the last 13 years, so have concerns that many veterans might be exaggerating or lying to win benefits. Moering, a former Marine, estimates that roughly half of the veterans he evaluates for the disorder exaggerate or fabricate symptoms.

PTSD disability

Depending on severity, veterans with PTSD can receive up to $3,000 a month tax-free, making the disorder the biggest contributor to the growth of a disability system in which payments have more than doubled to $49 billion since 2002.

"It's an open secret that a large chunk of patients are flat-out malingering," said Christopher Frueh, a University of Hawaii psychologist who spent 15 years treating PTSD in the VA system.


Oof.  Some of the stories are REALLY bad:

Even some veterans whose diagnosis falls under deep suspicion have managed to keep their disability ratings.

In one case that Moering reviewed in 2009, he searched military records and concluded that a Navy veteran on the disability rolls for PTSD had lied to VA clinicians about having served in the elite SEALs and concocted his combat history.

The VA responded by reducing his PTSD rating from 50% to 30%, records show.

I have a good buddy that received a Silver Star for service in Afghanistan.  He was having some trouble, so he decided to seek help and go to a group therapy session.  He only went once.  He said that fully 50 percent of the stories were obvious fakes.  It made him so mad he was in worse shape when he left, and basically felt so angry and sad that he's resolved never to go back.

I don't even know what to tell him.  He's trying to deal with something that is painful to him, and he finds others who basically wish they'd done the things he had. 

Jonn's take lays out my opinion as well:

[W]e’ve seen folks who claim that they have PTS because they were at 8th & I and saw the smoke from the Pentagon on 9/11. One fellow claims that he had PTS from listening to other combat veterans’ war stories. Yet another claimed that he has PTS because he DIDN’T deploy and he was worried about his unit while they deployed. Another claimed that he caught the PTSD from his drill sergeants. Beat your wife and kids? PTS made you do it. Rob a bank? PTSD caused it. Driving drunk? You were self-medicating for PTSD. Wear a Bronze Star Medal and a Green Beret you didn’t earn? PTS, dude. Did you watch a guy murder someone and didn’t report it to the police? Well….

PTS is hip and cool and the catch-all for all bad behavior. And all of the malingerers just keep the real cases that need to be treated away from the doctors and the stuff they need to cope with it, because who wants to be lumped in with the fakes and lazies who clog the system?

Fake PTS is probably far more common than Stolen Valor, because it’s easier to fake and less likely you’ll get caught, but just as shameful and much more hurtful to the veteran community, not to mention those folks who really do suffer from it and won’t seek treatment.

The VA isn't to blame here.  We all went to them and argued that claims for PTSD should streamlined, as the VA system is non-adversarial.  Unfortunately, what seems to be happening is that people are just claiming stuff I guess to get the money. 

The end result is that people who need the help won't get it, and the people who don't need it will be working hard to get their monthly checks.  It's just sad.

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The problem isn't Veterans fabricating symptoms of PTSD and backlogging the system. It's the Psychologist that have no military experience. Making false assumptions about the abuse of service connection by Veterans. Some Psychologist run the PTSD clinic instead of treating those who've been diagnosed with PTSD. Bowing down to the bean counters. The number of those claiming service connection for PTSD. Should have been diagnosed and awarded service connection 40+years ago. Just recently have these men and women receiving the benefits they
earned years ago. Which in turn inflates the numbers and how can you believe anything the VA states. This includes this quack from Hawaii!

I reported many,many times VA fraud by a VA mental health counselor, yes, a mental health counselor who doesn’t receive any mental health counseling for herself. Instead Corinne Hogg chooses to manipulate the VA system, receiving 90% disability for a bunch of bogus, nonsense claims she is never reevaluated for-the VA just dowels out $1,900 a month of tax free dollars. You may ask what a person like this does with her money? Well, she buys expensive clothing, drinks heavily (DUI record), parties and plays a phony role. I pity anyone within the VA seeking mental health from this person in Ft Collins, CO. She has been able to manipulate to her advantage, the VA. She earned her degree-compliments of the VA and earns a hefty yearly income, gets even better without having to do follow-ups on her alleged disabilities. No people she is not a combat veteran. The VA has been protecting her reputation while I continue to ask them to investigate, they clean up after this person.
She filed for bankruptcy while having a married man living with her, he paid all her expenses, bought her a Harley during bankruptcy and the courts never investigated him as an attributor to her perjury to the courts. Sad part, this married mans wife takes her own life by taking pills and going for a swim…very strange. Anyway, Ms. Hogg takes no responsibility for this loss of life.
She is now a lesbian.
Now, why are able bodied individuals, veteran or not allowed to be protected by the VA and government entities? Why are veterans NOT required to be reevaluated on a yearly basis-they are just milking the system while truly disabled veterans have to wait.
I hope Trump makes a note of all the fraud and takes appropriate action.

Not denying that there are undoubtedly many false claims , but please remember that there are many Veterans that served "in the shadows." Their missions weren't necessarily TOP SECRET , but their
efforts weren't necessarily recognized with ribbons , either.

Paul, What's your point?

This confirms the system is broken. I went to a compensation examination in Gainesville with some quack evaluating me. Vietnam helicopter pilot. Shot down three times. He asked me if I got along well with my grandkids. He said that I was fine. He never asked me where they lived and that I only saw them several times a year. This was his major findings. Denied my claim. I have be working on my claim fro 11 years now. It finally made to court of appeal. Waiting over one year to hear results.
Sorry the Legion would have article like this posted.

Yes rape is the responsibility of the person that commits the act, regardless if the victim is male or female, but the commanding officer is always responsible for the acts of those under his or her command. If that person in charge ignores the acts of his soldier(s) or does not protect the members of his unit, he should be court marshaled and receive the punishment to fit the behavior committed by his soldier if he did not punish those committing the act. I think that forced rape should be punishable by castration! The purpose of the military is to protect, first it own, and accordingly others. "We certainly do not think it is ok to rape a civilian, we should treat our own with even more respect.

@Mitch Poole, I fully agree with you. I do believe it's up to the commanding officer to keep their troops safe! I personally have experience with something similar during my tour. I entered the ARMY on a skills for stripes program, for my skills they gave me stripes. My unit informed me that they disapproved of how I became a SGT, and the abuse was horrific. I received mental abuse as well as sexual abuse and harassment for almost a year. I asked for help, begged for help, asked for a transfer to get away from the abuse, but each time I was denied a transfer. I went to the commanding officer, and he just waved me away and threw me back out to the unit to do with me as they felt. After 6 months of this type of treatment on a day to day basis, it began wearing on me mentally, so I sought help with mental health. I was being treated for psych issues that was a result of my environment, not a disease. I informed the counselor of what was happening to me in my unit, and I informed the psychiatrist as well, and instead of relocating me, they just fed me another psych pill. The abuse continued for another 3 or 4 months. My anxiety level was through the roof, I was terrified and terrorized. It came to the point that I slashed my arms with a razor blade because I could not deal with the open abuse! As you can see, I survived that, but I finally begged the psychiatrist to get me out, so he discharged me on a personality diagnosis that follows me to this day. I see the military as being at fault, for allowing it to continue happening. The E-7's, the E-8's, the E-9's, and the commanding officer was very well aware of what was happening, and the Psychiatrist and the counselor was well aware also, but nobody helped, nobody cared. It's sad I have to carry around a disorder that was basically a cause from my attackers, and I mean attackers as it was quite a few people. I still carry the memories and the anxiety around with me to this day to where it has affected my life, my relationships, and work, but I do the best I can. I also feel I was robbed of my military career. I chose to be in there and wanted to stay in, but couldn't.
I DO NOT collect money for PTSD even though I was diagnosed with it. Technically the diagnosis is Chronic Adjustment disorder due to PTSD related to anxiety and major depression.
Someone may feel my experience is minor, and maybe it is, but not to me. And I cannot sit and judge another person's experience because we all react differently.
But I do agree with others that the stupid claims must stop as it does stop others from getting the much needed help they deserve. I know someone who is collecting 4000 a month for a bogus claim, and that irritates me to no end.

Penny, I would encourage you to visit a Vet Center for MST counseling and then decide if you might want to file a VA claim. I was sexually assaulted and harassed when I was active duty in the 1980's. I did all the right things to report it and all the wrong things were done in how everything was handled. I sought and obtained an early transfer to a position that was as many miles as I could get from the abuser. I succeeded in the new job and the one that followed it. I stuffed what had happened and even put a lot of the blame on myself. Issues surfaced at my last assignment and I was removed from it. I also sought mental health counseling. I never mentioned the sexual assault/harassment...still thinking a lot of the blame was mine.I retired, got a graduate degree and moved on. Or so I thought. Issues surfaced in numerous jobs. I sought counseling. When I was fired from a job I went to a veterans organization for guidance. I casually mentioned what happened while I was in the military. I was told to go to the VA hospital, get into a MST group session and act crazy! I was so disgusted with that suggestion that I left.. Okay, so I finally mentioned what had happened to me. If the fix was to act crazy, I'd just keep trying to put one foot in front of the other. Four years later I was fired from another position. MST/PTSD was more in the news and I opened my mind for the first time to the possibility of "what if" something really was wrong with me. I contacted the Vet Center and have been seeing a counselor weekly for ten months now and a licensed therapist for eight months. I'd done an awesome job of stuffing and denying what had happened to me for over 30 years. It took the counselor/therapist months to gently ease me into understanding I had PTSD due to the MST. I now have a VA claim filed. I've been dealing with guilt that I wasn't deserving of any compensation from the VA. Again, with the help of my counselor and therapist I've begun to recognize I am deserving. Thirty years ago, even 20 years ago, the help I'm receiving today most likely would not have been there for me. Thank goodness it is there now for me....and for you. Please just pick up the phone now and don't wait 30 years like I did. I wish you the best.

the often dismissive institutional response to complaints like yours. The command doesn't want to compromise their Unit Status Report by losing personnel filling MTOE slots through transfer or discharge. It isn't just those committing the sexual abuse who are the perpetrators. The unit command becomes another perpetrator as well, which compounds the trauma.

I am sorry that you went through what you did. It wasn't right for your unit to treat you so abusively. MST trauma is very real. It also irritates me to end that there are some on this forum who think that only those who served in combat are worthy of having their PTSD claims legitimized.

This is why I support legislation that takes decisions regarding the prosecution of sexual assault out of the chain-of-command. There is a conflict of interest in having military commanders, who are accountable for the personnel strength of their units, to also have the authority to determine whether members of those units should be prosecuted, even it means having an adverse effect on unit strength.

PTSD has a variety of functions and coverage..not every vets claim is don't need to be in combat to experience PTSD..I've been a volunteer firefighter/NET for many years and have PTSD from that..don't knock every vets claim as false

Jerry; Thanks for your volunteer firefighting. I do not know what you mean by ' functions and coverage'
Maybe find more useful terms. What I do know is that the military isn't paying you for your PTSD.
Please everyone, let's use a little common sense; military service is tough, demanding, sometime stressful, we have to get along with people so different from ourselves. Should we give PTSD compensation to the private who claims he got it because his Drill Sgt. talked mean to him. Or maybe because he only rated marksman and his platoon made fun of him. Or, he got so stressed out by the ten mile hike, he banged his head against the toilet. Now he can claim he should get a purple heart as well as PTSD compensation. So many of you open your mouths without knowing of what you speak. There are no stressors like combat, and I maintain that should be the criteria for compensation.

The VA is partly to blame, the fraudsters make nice, neat claims that sail through. Genuine PTSD is messy. PTSD due to what is now called Military Sexual Trauma is especially difficult, and the VA ignores its own guidelines. A big raspberry to the person above who says only combat should qualify.

And people who are fucked up can't do all this paperwork you va asshats want.

Cece; MST, if proven, should be compensated. For me , sexual assault is combat. All claims of that nature, even if all proved true, would not be a system back logger. I don't deny legitimate claims to anyone. I am just saying, one way to stop the abuse is to have strict criteria, like limit to combat ( a stressor like no other). Maybe have a victims compensation fund for criminal offenses against military personal .Something other than giving PTSD compensation to everyone with a sob story.

Thank you Don Scott for standing up for the women that were raped while in service

I do highly agree that the system is screwed. I also disagree that only combat MOS should get compensation for PTSD. Their are others like supply, communication ,and etc..... that have served and endured some of the same hostile bull..,,, . and yet you say they dont deserve help or compensation when most of them like myself didn't even know what i was suffering from until way after the fact and certain OPs like Somalia dont get the attention or consideration , even though they may be attached to a combat infantry division. I do offer a "SALUTE " to all that I served with even the fallen and their families !!!!!

Larry, with all due respect your Aug 10 comment about rear area. There was a lady that wrote a book about REMFs. I thought she was all wet. In 1968 there was a company (we called it bone yard...old junk taken there to destroy or salvage.) that would likely be thought of as rear. They were hit and over 6 men from that company died. I know. I hauled the charred bodies to GR. I think anyone that mentions rear area needs a reality check. Aside from maybe the 1st Gulf War ( one sling mud at me. I said "maybe") I don't think the adj rear area is appropriate. S&S companies providing laundry services were in LZs. So, I understand..stressors. But, from my exp, there was no such thing as Rear....If you were in city during'd wonder what that word meant.

Miles: I only use rear area to mean away from any type of action or possible action.
If you saw action, whether rifleman or cook, you qualify, for me no questions asked. I do not believe in rating the degree of Post Traumatic Stress SYNDROME, if you experienced combat, you are scarred for life. Especially in all our BS wars since KOREA. We have had no moral impairative to fight any where.

I was robbed at gunpoint with a loaded pistol put to my head. My friend was shot and killed. Where is my check? I didn't sign on the dotted line. We were just walking. I agree for care for PTSD but not a check. BS. People suffer trauma every day. I know someone scamming the system right now after going to IRAQ for 6 months.

Yes, we all know there are true survivors, sufferers of PTS, PTSD, LSMFT or WTF you wish to call it. The significant issue is that we also know of a helluva lot of fakers. They gum up the works, and anyone who has gone to Vet meetings for group therapy, or the "long tour" at one of the VA centers, understands thos able-bodied fakers are in their midst. They are the ones with BS stories, or no stories at all. That includes some specious claims of sexual trauma too. It should piss off everyone, but most certainly the true sufferers of PTSD, because it delays and even denies treatment and funds to those who sorely need it. I agree that there needs to be some distinction as to "what" criteria of experience merits PTSD, otherwise we're all over the map. In like manner, the entire compensation system needs to be examined. Go apply for a government job and see how the system runs with all the bullshit claims of some "vets". When someone can get 30% Vet preference for her "combat" hysterectomy, and I get 20% for wounds suffered as a grunt in Vietnam, WTF is wrong with a system which not only tolerates that, but has followed Political Correctness to even put it in the compensation class? If you don't like it, you can kiss the one butt cheek I have left.

I know of 2 individuals who have fabricated PTSD and are now millionaires. I think people who lie about PTSD are not worth the oxygen we breathe. I don't know much about the wars but I know you American men endured more for your country than anyone should have to. I am so angered by these people.

William Kempner, Bert Walker, Danny Shell and Larry Males - I am a female non-combat veteran with PTSD due to MST. I don't agree that non-combat veterans should not receive compensation for PTSD. I do agree that those that file fraudulent claims are disgusting people. As you are all aware, we had a period of time after Vietnam and before Desert Storm where we were not in heavy combat. I'm a Vietnam Era and Persian Gulf War veteran. I was willing to go to Vietnam, but was never sent. I volunteered to be deployed but was needed more stateside. I was sexually assaulted and harassed in my non-combat position for just over 18 months. I stuffed it, put one foot in front of the other and did my best to keep moving forward. For reasons I did not understand I was removed from positions and fired from three jobs. I had difficulty getting along with others. I think of myself as a nice person, compassionate, sense of humor and all that good stuff. I just had issues working with idiots and people I knew were not trustworthy. Bouncing back from all these jobs was never easy and kept getting harder and harder. I've come close to being homeless a few times. After being fired yet again last year I sought help....again. I'd sought help while in the military and a number of times after the military. I never mentioned what happened to me because I always thought I was partially to blame. Just because my supervisor came to my apartment with a bottle of wine on a Friday night and then assaulted me didn't mean I wasn't partially to blame. I had to have done something to have given him reason to think he could do that, right? Wrong! I report it, get moved into an office next to his and then have to endure 18 months of seeing him daily, being on the receiving end of his sexual comments, attempts of him touching me inappropriately, things he writes down and gives me to read under the guise it's work related documentation and then shreds it. I know this isn't the same as what combat veterans experienced. But trust me when I say, it is its own living hell and has just as much impact on a person as any other type of cause related PTSD. I'd bet that you wouldn't want your wives, daughters, sisters or mothers to ever have to experience this from anyone. So, with all due respect, compensation due to PTSD is not something just for combat veterans.

there is a lot of research and data on the affects on the victim just from the harassment you experienced. that alone must be incredibly hard to handle. add a physical, sexual assault at the front end and I can't imagine. i'm so sorry for what you went through. it still goes on but the culture has changed a whole lot in just the past two years. wish I could remember his exact words, but my commander really explained well the dilemma in combatting this stuff. I do remember he said "education is key." I guess if everyone is aware of how destructive this can be for the community as a whole, everyone will make more of an effort to police themselves and others. and *accused* perpetrators of sexual assault are subject to immediate discharge at the commander's discretion now. we checked, yup its legal and there's no short- or medium-term recourse or appeals process. to make it through all that though, im sure you are just as tough or tougher than the rest of us on here. if you don't mind: anything to pass along on how you coped/cope? unfortunately this type stuff was pretty common in my unit as recently as a few years ago, still happens but not nearly as often...

Porter, as far as how I coped with my PTSD prior to it being diagnosed, apparently not that well. My therapist has indicated I dove into work and I agree with her. It was my way of avoiding all of it. I was both successful and not successful in many positions I held. When I suspected and confirmed a supervisor or co-worker was not trustworthy or had no integrity or courage to stand up and speak out about a wrong was usually the beginning of the end for me. I now know that is the hyper vigilance aspect of my PTSD along with the HUGE trust issues I still carry today. Today I have good days and bad days. The good days are good. The bad days are bad. I go for days without leaving my home, showering and doing anything more than the absolute necessities. I don't take phone calls. I completely isolate and shut down and have almost no energy or desire to "snap out of it." I've been trying to figure out what triggers the bad days and to do what I can to not have them happen. I have figured out that making appointments or commitments to be somewhere helps out. It gives me a reason to put one foot in front of the other and move. I'd be lying if I didn't say I have slips with this strategy from time to time. My Vet Center counselor has been and continues to be such a huge help more so than the licensed therapist that I also see. After 10 months I've started with a PTSD/MST group meeting. Some of these people have been doing group work for years! Not sure if I'm encouraged with that, but it's also part of me gradually recognizing that PTSD is not ever fixed or doesn't ever go away. The decision on my VA claim has yet to be decided. My hyper-vigilance is not my friend as I await the decision. I've heard some horror stories of how claims are lost. To be fair, I've heard of more success stories. I get so focused on doing all that I can so that nothing gets screwed up, lost or delayed that I check eBenefits daily and call either the regional office or my DAV rep regularly. When I can't get through or speak to someone or don't have calls returned triggers start to go off. Sure, I could not check, call or wait for return calls...but then what if something wrong happens? You see the vicious circle of it all? When it gets overwhelming to me, I shut down. My Vet Center counselor and therapist tell me that the feeling of being re-victimized all over again is not uncommon. I suppose recognition of what's happening is key. The problem for me is that I don't always recognize it's happening until it hits me hard. Then it's trying to find a way to get out of the downward spiral and move toward a good day....heck, sometimes just a good hour! If I were to do a bottom line to your question of how to cope it would be to get with a Vet Center counselor or therapist that you trust, be honest and raw in your sessions and try the best you can to listen to what they have to say. I fought mine for months and months. One day my counselor said something that hit the mark. It was something in the 32 years I've been carrying this load that I'd never ever once thought about. It was a turn around moment for me. I also know that had I not been fired from my last job I might not have ever picked up the phone to the Vet Center and asked for their help. Who knew something bad turned into something good? I still always try to find silver linings. Thanks for letting me vent and share this with you and anyone else that may be reading this. We need each other.

Denise I returned from Vietnam in 1967. I was with an Engineer Battalion and what I mostly did was drive a jeep or one ton truck for transporting troops. On occasion I was lead jeep with a convoy behind me.I engaged in combat but not much. I watched people get killed and killed VC. I did not think much of it except I was very scared. When I rotated back to the States I felt funny because I could not talk to people or look them in the eye. I had problems sleeping and i did not like being around people. after about ten years I began to go to the Dallas VA hospital and looked into help. One of the first Dr.s I talked told me she hoped I was not there to try to get money. I had no idea what she was talking about. I wanted for some one to tell me why I felt like I was going crazy. Why I cried for no reason. I would be sitting watching TV and suddenly I was so mad so angry for no reason. I was alone so I did not know why I was mad!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world was wrong with me. Vietnam never entered my mind I had dreams but well every one had nightmares. It took 35 years before I found a program which helped me get over all the symptoms. On Feb 27, 2015 one of my brothers passed away and I was devastated. I need to go but respond if you want to stay in touch.

Compensation for combat only PTS is ridiculous. Many have served this country valiantly and deserve the benefit of compensation if they qualify. Operative word here is "qualify". Combat is one qualifier but what about the service member who is injured in a training accident. Training accident injuries I have known to occur. Shooting at the range, grenade range accident, demolitions training accident resulting loss of life or limb or how about a good old plane or helicopter crash. I suppose the Lt who had both arms blown off when his demo went off during training does not get compensation. Would you be able to get compensated if a pilot crashes the bird during training and we all know it takes a while for a plane or helicopter to crash and that is a lot of time to think about death. What about the MST victim who has to physically and mentally fight to stay alive. Sounds a little like what a POW might endure. There are many ways to get PTS. Combat vs Non Combat is not the issue because if you have PTS nobody has the time to care about how the other person got it. Those who have it for legitimate purpose really do not care how the hell it happened. They are just trying to get through the day and stay alive. Posers can be seen a mile away and usually do not come to meetings because they are scared to be outed. Go looking for the guy who never shows up for anything but that isnt necessarily true either, which is my point. Remember there are many serviceman and women serving in a covert operation that is not officially called a war. What do they get if something goes wrong? There are many variables. Leave it up to the doc's to figure out the posers. Meanwhile back at group meetings we will address our issues and continue to not raise your hand if your PTS was combat or non combat because, again, the real sufferers do not care.

WHY AREN'T veterans claiming PTSD REQUIRED TO GET REGULAR MEDICAL/COUNSELING****** Question VA PTSD-Serious reevaluating should be done*********

When I was active-duty, I served a tour of duty in a combat zone. As a female, I didn't see much aside from the occasional mortar or small arms fire and I was involved in the mortuary affairs. Oddly, that stuff didn't affect me very much. However, after we got back state-side, I made a mistake. I got married to a fellow soldier in my unit. He instantly became physically and sexually violent. He held a knife to my throat, bound my hands and feet, and forced himself on me. He destroyed my property, monitored my comings and goings, blocked all contact with my old friends and family, and tortured my pets in front of me. I begged for help from my chain of command, the MP's, and the local police on several occasions. The local police arrested him several times, and he went to trial, but he was not convicted (no substantial evidence). Each time he was arrested, he became even more violent toward me after. Eventually, the police told me to stop calling or they'd charge me for abusing 911. The MP's just took my statement and contacted my chain of command but otherwise did nothing. My chain of command would only put us on a no-contact order for 3 days and then pretend nothing happened. My husband always violated the order, but nobody cared. He routinely beat, raped, and terrorized me and tortured my pets for months on end. He controlled every aspect of my life. When I'd acquired enough days and finally got my chain of command to approve it, I fled on leave and made reports to EO, IG, everyone I could think of. When nothing was done, I stayed past the end of my leave dates, officially going AWOL. I was harassed by my squad leader and company commander, threatened to be charged as a deserter (since it's during war-time), etc. When they finally transferred my husband to another unit, I went back and completed my service, though I was punished for most of the remainder. My husband attempted to stalk me, killed my cat when I wasn't home, and left messages threatening my life on a daily basis.

So now I ask you this: I served honorably. I survived a tour of duty with no problem. A fellow soldier physically attacked me and raped me for half a year, and I was trapped because he controlled almost all of my life, and my chain of command kept me trapped with him by refusing to transfer him or enforce the no-contact orders. As a result of this trauma, I've never had sex again, which means I've been unable to have a boyfriend, unable to have children, and innocuous things trigger me causing flashbacks, fainting, and severe anxiety, making it difficult to hold my job despite my employer's best efforts to accommodate me. Should my claim for PTSD due to MST be denied based on the "no combat = no PTSD" logic? If so, then what is your suggestion for how I should support myself when I have involuntary and uncontrollable physical responses to daily life? I've looked into SSDI, but the amount I'd win, IF they awarded me for it, would be less than minimum wage and not enough to survive on.

Seriously, you should really think before you come up with outrageous suggestions like these. Punishing ALL of us with legitimate MST claims just to avoid accidentally rewarding a few frauds is the most absurd suggestion I've ever heard.

Walk a mile in that person's shoes/boots before you make your comment

Let me tell all the ones that are negative about Veterans with false claims for PTSD. I was part of the first soldiers sent into Saudi for Operation Desert Storm. The things we did, seen, conditions of living status in the desert along with D Day with the Iraqi soldiers when we engaged in war was a nightmare for a lot of us. There are things we were brief not to ever discuss about and you complaining about the system being clogged with false claims, the hell with you. I was going through some tough times since 1992 and I seek help since the summer of 1994 and fought for until Dec 8, 2009 and then in Feb. 2010 everything finally start coming together. Then in the late summer of 2012 finally worked out for me and my family. Almost 20 years later I finally got the help I deserved, but now I see young soldiers coming out after only doing 4 years of service getting help immediately, a lot without even going to war and receiving Compensation for service connected disability. You have soldiers who fought in Vietnam, Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and Afghanistan are waiting to get Comp they all deserved. Young people at the age of 22 to 27 receiving Comp pay and never step a foot in war, wow, that is your problem there.


I couldn't agree with you more, 7 mths Iraq 08-09 a lot of convoys no action in the rear with the gear,
still on Active Duty and the scammers are more abundant than you could imagine....we get paid more than we deserve and I am grateful, 25% of the Military is the tip of the spear.

Non combat guys looking for money!

Non combat guys looking for money!

Larry go f**** yourself

YesI'm .SC PTSD depression chronic bronchitis. .VA psychs are useless overpaid garbage. Until .VA psych put on an army I
Uniform and spend at least one year in Iraq they have no business trying to help war vets. The word is out them suckers are now trying to pin false diagnosis on war vets such as Bipolar so that war vets get their PTSD money reduced. Watch them they have no idea what a war vet has beenI'm also through. Dumb fuck psychs just want to pump us full drugs.

My sons father who is an extremly abusive man in every way and has been arrested several times for abusing me and eventually 2 times for abusing MY Son once when he was 4 and again around 11. Reportedly many times in the years between . My son was threatened by his father that if he told he would kidnap him to mexico and kill myself and my parents and younger son. So he hid it and I could no longer trust my sons replies when asked about it ...and i called cps and when they came (fuck that system that should be the next topic here) my son felt safe enough to spill the beans, and did. I was devastated and filed and won full custody.
They didnt speak or have contact for over 6 years and i avoided the courts and law regarding any type of reunification at my sons request. when they did finally speak my son was still a minor however was old enough and big enough to fuck up his sperm donor himself if need be. Being the man he is he chose to walk away forever and has never looked back. He didnt like that man not only for what be had put him thru but generally he just didnt like him as a person.
His sperm donor was in the Navy during the gulf war for a few monthes he was on a ship and eventually was kicked out with an honorable discharge.long before completing his tour due to violent attacks he made on officers and higher ups cause well simply put he is an asshole who doesnths opposite of what he is asked. Always. He eventually claimed Ptsd and was awarded 100% and is still allowed to make a full income at work operating a crane in the union.
He makes alot of money working and colecting his welfare excuse me disability checks and sits on his back pay.
As a child the man was beat and abused verbally by his alcoholic father and was made to endure this abuse when his mother stayed and in turn made it possible. This is more than likely where the alcoholic, abusive and unreasonable bi polar and psychotic come from with him . Sad but i endured much more trauma as a child from my father , much more.
This man neevr once since i have known him , 19 years mentioned being scared of a ship or having nigbtmares , flahbacks , black outs that are violent and /or any of the symptoms that qualifed him for 100% ptsd payout ....he alm the sudden says he has alll the issues and they are due to the shil....ooooo the ship.
He didnt do abit on that ship nor did he see anything that earns him a penny. He was the first to admit this before claim time rolled around. To this day i talk to him almsot daily , for reasons that are complicated and a whole other chapter i will spare u from. Point is i still dont see or hear from my rooom scared or plaqued by this " ship" . He doesnt qualify at home that's for sure. We are temp
Room mates.
On meds and to this day he abuses me and works daily 12 hours a day.
I will soon walk away as my son has as soon as i spend all thag money and take him to broke then 2 make sure he is exposed and made to pay it all back.then truly i can not be called a hypocrite for taking all his disabilty money cause itspaid back
Ck or at least ordered to be.
He owese me over 10 grand in child support and they cant touch that money for it.its a joke.
I was beat and more by my father since i can remember and eventually by my sons father just as bad or worse somedays and harrassed and stalked an obsesses over. Its all horrible and not caused by a fucking ship during a war he NEVER saw. I dont get paid so neither will he.
There so much more that would make any person just sick but trust when i say its all a fake claim and the money is enabling his drinking and abuse further.
I will not allow this man to go on like this it isnt right nor fair and its giving him excuse and power. Dangerous.
Please help.

I'm not a hero, no combat, (thank God). But I know one thing. PTSD is about being frightened out of your wits in a combat area. All it takes is 5 minutes in a combat situation for some to have PTSD.
Some poor souls think they have to suck it up--don't do it. Way too many think PTSD is like the old Combat Fatigue--cowardice. It isn't. Only a fool isn't frightened to distraction and everyone in any combat has PTSD to some extent.
My uncle a WW1 gasses, shelled, machine gunned, trench warfare--was considered a coward by family and friends who couldn't hold the coat of this true hero. Yet they banged pans, dropped plates, anything that made him jump and scream--from PTSD. He died never knowing he was a hero, having been led to believe himself a coward. Damn you SOB's --it's PTSD, not cowardice --it's combat even in its smallest term----you put kids into god awful terrifying situations and then call them cowards--damn you souls.

ww1 was a totaly different war all together.THEY had problems but they were MEN.suck it up!!!.and don't ever compare this war to ww1.(REAL MEN).they did not have laptops and Burger King and taco bel on combat area post!.This society is spoiled and sadly we are headed for a crisis in this country because our society is a spoiled entitlement society.

You sound like a real piece of shit.

What the hell kinda organization is this that attacks the character of fellow veterans ? Who are you to judge someones trauma that god knows was readily available to be spread around, combat or not stress is stress, unless you were some boot licker in the rear which sounds like a lot of what is on here. When did we begin to slander Veterans with false or exaggerated suspect claims, you jerks should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe if you had compassion for a warrior who agreed to lay his ass on the line - you would understand that but the so called experts that have never even served in a combat unit pontificate - what a joke and a shame...What the hell kinda organization is this that attacks the character of fellow veterans ? Who are you to judge someones trauma that god knows was readily available to be spread around, combat or not stress is stress, unless you were some boot licker in the rear which sounds like a lot of what is on here. When did we begin to slander Veterans with false or exaggerated suspect claims, you jerks should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe if you had compassion for a warrior who agreed to lay his ass on the line - you would understand that but the so called experts that have never even served in a combat unit pontificate - what a joke and a shame...

I am prior service and was married to a 7th SFC guy for 27 years. I work with active duty Soldiers on post through behavioral health and to be honest, we are all exhausted with the number of Soldiers clogging the system with complaints of PTSD who don't have it - while those in need get tired of waiting for an appointment and "deal with it" on their own. The fact is that most Soldiers by now know that a diagnosis of PTSD is worth at least 50% of their base pay, as well as free healthcare, for at least 5 years after discharge and more often than not - forever. There is a huge incentive to be sick and to stay sick. I am not allowed to diagnose malingering - no matter how obvious - and my civilian counterpart is not allowed to not diagnose PTSD in a vet who is being compensated - even when it is obvious they do not meet criteria. The problem is that all these fakers and whiners burden the systems, as well as cost billions of dollars per year to our economy. VA disability is not like SSI. A vet can receive 3K per month in disability (not counting all the other compensations) and still make unlimited income. Yes, I have the 22 year old Soldier who stubbed his toe at the PIzza Hut in Bagram now making $1800 per month because of his" trauma" for the rest of his life. He never left the FOB. I could give a thousand more stories just like him. God bless all our veterans who put their lives on the line. I hope they are compensated. To hell with all those just riding the system.

Getting government entitlement payments is not only a minority thing...........a boatload of Vietnam veterans claim agent orange caused all their medical conditions.
A friend of mine gained 100 lbs and blamed his Type 2 diabetes on agent orange and not overeating..........guess who is now rated 40% for a condition he brought upon himself.
Agent orange claims are rarely turned down.
There are so many RIGHTFULLY deserving veterans who are still waiting because of the log jam caused by scammers.

I was medically evacuated from Baghdad 2004 for PTSD. I was Civil Affairs (not combat) - I worked in the Red Zone daily, my interpetor and I being the only Americans on the compound I advised at. I was not engaged in any shoot outs unless you allow for when I came under sniper fire or missed an IED that blew out my car windows. I am rated at 70% for PTSD - because I am neither suicidal or homicidal. I just have emotions that are very nearly flat line though - no anger, no joy just existence.

Sad,....CBS News says McDonald is no help...;he is part of the system and is defending the system....the VA ought to be blown apart and start again. They put facts together and show how there is no change, but a lot of lip service. The VA is just a monster bureaucracy that pays bonuses, often $100,000 to lax incompetent facility managers...what a gravy train.

I have personally heard several soldiers tell me face to face they are lying to get that check.the doctors at the va are quack doctors.if you deployed your chances are pretty much question is you volunteer for something knowing what your getting into soo?.where is General Patton when you need him?.this country is creating a entitlement society and it needs to stop!!.

Dale, Where is this happening? I'm looking into this issue right now and would like to hear more about what's going on. If anyone is in the Houston area & has an example of a faker or wants to talk about bogus claims or the way the system is being milked, let me know. Send me an email - Thanks!

Oh and btw if ptsd is caused by being shot at or an explosion near you well those of us that went thru boot camp in army and marine Corp back in the day should get it's from boot camp right??.quit being sissy people.i get helping people that are disfigured and have loss limbs and perhaps eyesight ect... But come on.this country is looking for a kick in the ass!

I have been in the Army for over 20 years now and I am finally getting ready to retire. What I am seeing as I am going out the door is pathetic. I have deployed four times and seen my fair share of crap. Enough to go to behavioral health to speak to someone. When I did, the first thing I told them was DO NOT put PTSD in my file. What all these fakers do not realize is that being diagnosed with PTSD can affect job employment. I have seen Soldier after Soldier being diagnosed with PTSD. Soldiers who have not yet been in for a year, have never deployed, or never had an incident take place that would cause this while on duty. I will give one example. There was a Soldier in my unit who supposedly had an accident in a swimming pool. She claimed she now has PTSD and that she cant be around water. She got out with 70% (other med issues where added). She now collects a check from the government and is working at wet and wild, a water park. Unbelievable. To all you vets out there who are not faking. I feel for you and support each and every one of you and I hope that you all get the help that you need. The way I can help you all is what I did to this individual, I reported her. Hopefully we can get these BS Soldiers out of the way and you all can get the help you deserve.

Jason, Where is this happening? I'm looking into this issue right now and would like to hear more about what's going on. If anyone is in the Houston area & has an example of a faker or wants to talk about bogus claims or the way the system is being milked, let me know. Send me an email - Thanks!

Where did you report this person.i find it hard to report people.its not a very politically correct thing to do these days and most people that I talk to agree with me but no one ever reports because they are scared of being labeled as a non supporter of military.


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