House hearing on VA Whistleblowers went as well as we expected

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House hearing on VA Whistleblowers went as well as we expected

I missed it last night, but some of my coworkers watched it (one of them in person) and said it was essentially a disaster from jump street and didn't end until after midnight.  From AZ Central:

Department of Veterans Affairs whistle-blowers took turns ripping their own agency during a congressional hearing Tuesday, not only for failing America's veterans and falsifying appointment records, but for retaliating against employees who try to expose safety and ethics violations.

This is the type of behavior that is giving the VA such a bad rep right now.  And it is too bad, because some of the medical treatment (at least my own and people I have talked to) has been excellent:

Whistle-blowers and some committee members said the VA culture places the interests of administrators above care for veterans and ignores or harasses employees who speak out. Mitchell said the VA system and leadership are so dysfunctional that employees have no faith they can safely identify flaws.

"As much as you love the veterans, the administration wears you down," she said, "and you begin to question your own professional abilities."

"Something's got to change," added Scott Davis, an Atlanta VA program specialist who said he was subjected to harassment after raising concerns about delayed care for veterans and falsified records. "…I don't believe the VA can police itself."

Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., reacted angrily to the employee accounts. "This is bullying. That's what it amounts to," he said. "This is about people and accountability."

"None of these whistle-blowers lost sight of the initial mission of the VA — the mission to serve veterans," Miller added.

This is the only really good video I could find:

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