Cornelius Davis: In the category of fake Sergeant Majors, he's a lifetime achievement winner

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Cornelius Davis: In the category of fake Sergeant Majors, he's a lifetime achievement winner

This guys story is so ubiquitous that even my National Adjutant was sending emails about him to me last week.  But if there is anyone that missed the story, it is a doozy.

I can't even begin to point out everything wrong with this guy.  I'm pretty sure my 9 year old niece could poke holes in his story.  A SGM who doesn't know the AR-670-1?  Oh please.  Every SGM I ever met could quote from it as if it were a holy text.  I still remember sections of it dealing with sun glasses, and I was only a SGT. 

Somehow the local news station found him:

WPTV spoke with the man in the video, who refused to go on camera and said he was angry at the social media postings. He identified himself as 44-year-old Cornelius Davis, showing dog tags and scars.

A spokesperson for the United States Army says the items on the uniform do not make sense and are not correct. 

The Army says it has no record of a Cornelius Davis with the date of birth he provided having served in the Army since 1999.

Well, dog tags and scars don't lie, do they?  Of course you can order dog tags online from US Cav, and scars come from all manner of idiotic or dangerous behavior, not exclusively from combat.  I have an ear to ear scar on my head, and I got it when I was 10. 

Here's what I don't get.....there are literally thousands of us out here tracking these guys.  How difficult would it be for this guy to simply pull up the AR 670-1 online and try not to look like a soup sandwich on a stick in the rain?  He's wearing officer crossed rifles with SGM rank.  I hesitate to call that thing on his head a beret, but assuming that is what it is, it's shaped like something the Stay Puft Marshmallow man would wear, not a special forces/MP Officer/SGM. 

I get dozens of stolen valor referrals each week, and Jonn Lilyea gets 10 times what I get.  We're going to find you, no doubt about it.  You at least owe it to the rest of the phony veteran community to put some effort into it.  We'll still catch you, but at least it won't look like fishing with dynamite or hunting at the Santa's village petting zoo. 

Stolen valor is a pandemic.  Phony SGM Davis is a symptom of a much larger problem.

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If it is true of him being a fake fine the guy for impersonating a veteran and throw his happy ass in jail.
that would be the end of it.

Senior enlisted, by this point in their career, would never wear such a uniform. That should be the first clue. If he has a 201 file, I am sure that would be revealing. Should be tried under the stolen valor act, and imprisioned.

This so-called "Sergeant Major" is wrong in so many ways. I always though a Sergeant Major was a E-8.
I think he's a stripe short. He has a mixed uniform that looks like officer trousers with an enlisted man's jacket. The collection of salad on his chest is usually found in a display case, save for the ribbon bars, which are displayed on the uniform. I have never seen the crossed rifles of an infantry officer displayed with an Infantryman CBI , either. Ship him to your nearest Federal prison for lifetime floor scrubber duty.
If I'm wrong-well, I've been a civilian since 1971. Things do change.

This man needs an education rather than just simply tossing him behind bars. He needs to be shown, and taught, what it means to wear the uniform of any of our military services. He needs to be shown what it takes to earn the kind of respect and honor he so obviously craves. If I were the presiding judge in any legal effort to punish him for stolen valor, I believe I would give him the choice of a full enlistment (with certain stipulations) in either the Army or Marine Corps, or an equivalent term times two behind bars. A special company made up of these honor thieves might teach them the lessons they desperately need, and we'll have a few possible new bona-fide hero's rather than the criminals we can do without. Any criminal activity, disregard for the UCMJ, officers, NCO's and fellow troops, or misbehavior of any kind during the term of enlistment will result in prison time + time served.

I like Gene's idea. Enlist them and put them to work. If they can carry their weight, we forgive them. If not, Oh Well.

Serving in the military is an honor not a punishment.
We do not share our honor and prestige with trash
like poseur Davis. Jail him in Leavenworth, not a
BOP lockup, and make him break rocks into little
rocks for 20 years.

He definitely has a screw loose somewhere in that head of his. Wearing cross rifles is a branch MOS for officers uniforms and worn on the upper collar of the jacket. Enlisted where on the same place but with the blue disk below the enlisted branch MOS for Infantry. He also had ribbons mixed with medals, it's either or, not both. The gentleman earlier said he thought he was a E-8 (Master Sergeant), the rank is 3 upper stripes, 3 lower stripes and a star in the middle is a Sergeant Major, with a wreath and star is a Command Sergeant Major. Anyways, he should be arrested for false valor regardless if he is in the military or not. I angers me to no end, especially when I retired from the US Army with 25+ years service to our nation to have someone to belittle the soldiers who worked hard for their rank legitimately. He needs to be behind bars for awhile and let him think about how he has insulted the military.

This reminds me of a joke that went around while I was in Basic training at Ft. Bragg. Seems there was this recruit in the unit that was jerked out and sent to the stockade for trying to buy a drink at the NCO club. He claimed to be a Sergeant Major and he had the uniform to prove it. Sergeant stripes and Major insignia.

I'm assuming you went through basic quite a few years ago... Ft. Bragg hasn't had Basic Training for a long time... Although when I was there in the early 80's, I did see some Drill Sergeants... Never figured out why they were there with no Basic!

I served in the Army,82nd at Bragg,in the early 80's,I never seen Drill Sgts at Bragg and I was there from 83-85,there was no Basic there,now there are special schools but no basic,I was on smoke bomb hill.

Psyop and Civil Affairs AIT are located at SWCS on Ft. Bragg. I went through in '92. There are going to be a handful of DS's on site just for those courses.

Didn't his goatee bring up the initial red flags?

So many things wrong with his uniform, many of which Mr. Schlotter identified. He has metal SGM stripes pinned to the flash on his beret, which is not correct. Only officers pin their rank to their beret. If he was Special Forces qualified as the pin-on tab would indicate, he wouldn't be wearing the back beret anyway. This photo is like one of those "can you identify how many things are wrong..." exercises. This guy could never have even been a soldier. Even a PVT E-1 would know better.

Many folks may not realize it but in Australia the Army's most senior Warrant Officer (WO) is also appointed as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army (RSM-A), while in other countries warrant officers are senior non-commissioned officers. Maybe this walking talking charlie foxtrot was reading about this somewhere and got it mixed up when he placed his Marlow-White uniform order. Of course this asshat forgot to download a copy of AR670-1 while he was on their website. Once a shitbird always a shitbird! A not so warm welcome to the new Post CSM of Fort Soup Sandwich!

He also has both a drill sgt badge and a recruiter badge. Not impossible to have both, but also not likely considering his age. it is not easy to obtain rate quickly with either of these MOS's.

Is it me or does this guy look like Wesley Snipes? If this guy wants to play soldier let him be a buffoon. If he does it for monetary gain then throw the book at him for fraud. Stolen Valor doesn't hold any weight with me. I've seen to many "buddies" get medals they didn't deserve. And no, I couldn't care less about awards. There are campaign medals I'm entitled to but don't claim on my 201. If he or anyone else doesn't have enough pride or self-respect why should they be worth our time?

this guy has never served i bet he do not know what is a dd214 is . he just seek for some one to notice hem

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