Congress wants some VA Bonus money back

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Congress wants some VA Bonus money back

A couple of stories on this out there today, all of which are pretty solid.   ABC 11 in Fayetteville has the best video, but unfortunately they don't have embed codes for the video, but you should CLICK HERE are go watch it.  The highlights:

A new report released by the House Veterans' Affairs Committee outlines hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses awarded to the senior leadership of troubled VA facilities..

Among those in question is Elizabeth Goolsby, the director of the Fayetteville VAMC, who received $6,912 for her performance in 2013. Goolsby's center topped a list of worst wait times in a recent VA audit, noting a quarter of patients wait longer than a month for primary care.

Congressman Jeff Miller, R-FL., who also chairs the Veterans' Affairs Committee, has called on Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson to rescind the bonuses where possible, noting it can be done within a year of the money being issued. In part of a statement, Miller slams the bonus issuance.

"Until department leaders take steps to ensure VA employees and executives are adequately punished rather than rewarded for corruption and substandard care, it is simply illogical to think the pattern of preventable deaths and patient safety incidents at VA medical centers across the country will subside."

NBC 4 in Washington also looked at the bonuses in their area:


Overall, the VA paid more than $2.8 million in performance awards, including at hospitals where long treatment delays were found for veterans. A number of D.C. employees also received bonuses, including the man in charge of the VA's response to the recent scandal. Dr. Robert Jesse received almost $9,000. He resigned as acting VA undersecretary last month.



Should be some real fireworks tonight on Capitol HIll as well as the House Committee on Veterans Affairs is holding a hearing titled:  VA Whistleblowers: Exposing Inadequate Service Provided to Veterans and Ensuring Appropriate Accountability.

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I want someone to comment on this case. No I've never been in the Dayton VA hospital. Still I watched this show up in the news over the years. This man was evil, refusing to follow health or policy rules, he searched his family genealogy all day at work for hours, refused to wash his hands, sterilize dental tools, worked only 2 hrs of a full day at work. He repeatedly was before boards for his poor judgment, yet the NAACP was responsible for making sure his civil liberties were not touched. Claiming race, and other accusations. I want to know that someone looked into this case, and that the people who allowed him to go on for years without being fired and then allowing him to retire with full retirement benefits, his then supervisor should be fired and have his retirement taking away.

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