The VA situation not getting any better, no end in sight

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The VA situation not getting any better, no end in sight

Ooof.  This is devastating when it is laid out like this, I'm going to give you three of them, but you should go read the rest:

4. VA spends almost $500 million on conference rooms and curtains

Over a four-and-a-half year period, the VA spent $489 million on its office spaces. Highlights of these “makeovers” include $6.8 million to build one conference room in Illinois, $1.8 million on office furniture in Puerto Rico, and $10.7 million on draperies nationwide.

7. VA spends millions on lavish conferences

In 2011, the Department spent over $220,000 on an 11-day conference VA employees at a resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. That same year, the VA held two training conferences in Orlando, costing a combined $6.1 million — with at least $762,000 wasted. Questionable purchases at the Orlando conference included karaoke machines and artisan cheese displays, $184,000 worth of breakfast sandwiches, $16,500 for the production of “happy face” videos featuring daily recaps of conference events, close to $100,000 worth of promotional favors, and $50,000 for the production of a video parody.

9. VA spends over $500,000 on artwork and photographs to decorate its facilities

In 2013, the VA purchased $562,000 worth of artwork to decorate various agency facilities. A VA spokesperson described the art as “motivational and calming, professionally designed to enhance clinical operations.”

For some reason people thought that after the Phoenix wave of bad news was over it would get better for VA.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  This is just from this morning:

VA heart program in Oklahoma City temporarily closed after five deaths since October

Five heart patients at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center died within 30 days of their surgeries, prompting the temporary closure of the hospital’s heart surgery program until a federal review is complete.

The deaths have been reported since October.

Dr. Mark Huycke, the chief of staff at the hospital, said in an email that expert reviews of recent deaths after heart surgery have been completed with “no concerns identified.”

“The cardiac surgery program is expected to resume full operations once the review is completed,” he said. “The VA takes pride in ensuring veterans receive top quality healthcare. This type of clinical review is a normal oversight function within the VA.”


Vets told VA working hard to lower wait times in Hawaii

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii — The most recent Veterans Affairs audit found that waiting times for new patient appointments in Hawaii were the highest in the nation, with veterans waiting almost five months to see a doctor.

But the director of the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System has found at least one bright spot in the dismal findings of the audit, which was sparked by an inspector general report that staff in the Phoenix VA system had been deliberately falsifying statistics on wait times in order to qualify for bonuses.


Lawmakers ‘astounded’ Filipino WWII veterans denied for benefits

Congress in 2009 authorized one-time payments to Filipinos who served as soldiers, guerrillas and scouts alongside U.S. forces fighting the Japanese. Close to 43,000 claims were filed but only 18,900 were found eligible, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

While some veterans missed the September 2010 deadline, others were denied compensation because reconstructed guerrilla rosters submitted as documentation were rejected by the VA and the National Personnel Records Center, which is the depository for the service records of individuals.


Vets: VA’s care of veterans impeded by filming of TV series, conference

The filming of a TV series that took over the entire second floor of a Los Angeles VA center and conferences attended by VA health care providers—which included topics on how to plan a party—contributed to the delay of care for veterans, according to interviews with VA staffers and veterans.

Dr. Roy Marokus, who currently serves in private practice, told the Free Beacon that veterans were denied care because of a mandatory conference he attended last March.

Marokus said veterans’ appointments were cancelled so VA medical providers could attend the two-day conference. Medical providers at the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City, where Marokus briefly worked, and providers at all other VA medical centers in the Veterans Integrated Services Network, attended the conference.

Those thinking this was coming to an end are being proven wrong in a big way...

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Do you really think the VA is going to be improved. IT IS RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT ! it is medicaid for the military !

I, too, was a heart surgery patient at the Tucson AZ VA Hospital in July 2013.. The after-surgery care by its staff was terrible. Some nurses, not all, were ill-trained and abusive with no understanding of how a heart-surgery effects patients. The physical therapy staff was clueless. I was in the hospital for two weeks and progressed very little in my recovery. After being discharged, I was admitted to the Phoenix AZ VA Hospital ER where it was diagnosed that I had fluid on my lungs, hence the reason I was not recovering well in Tucson. I caution to avoid Tucson VA Hospital if at all possible!!!

Filed my complaints & issues with IG team, NC elected officials, attended Am Legion town hall meeting, and even was on 2 local news networks. Yet NOBODY contacted me for more info or a follow-up. Getting the message loud and clear that people just don't care. And still patiently waiting my VA claim payment for over 600 days now. Ughhh!

I believe the health care Vet's get at the VA, for the most part, is about as good as it's going to get. Hell of a statement, but, I can't see how it can improve with the limits on personnel,training,supplies,and even on time! If I actually get an appointment, I'll bet my left n#$ it will change at least three times before I see a doctor I can't understand/ who gives me the impression I should just roll over and die because I'm taking too much of his/her time. The Comp side of the house is even worst/ I've had a claim in since May 2010/ Get letters saying it's being worked?:? 4 years and counting!! But at least, the staff at all levels have nice ART to look at!! Really???

Be careful what you bet, VAMC has a way of making things happen.

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