Hagel to face Armed Services Committee and address Bergdahl swap

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Hagel to face Armed Services Committee and address Bergdahl swap

So Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense will be testifying before the House Armed Services Committee today, I don't predict it going well.  To some degree it appears to break down around political affiliation. 

The Daily Beast yesterday cited this statement, that doesn't bode well:

Obama’s top intelligence officers warned that four out of the five Taliban prisoners swapped for Bowe Bergdahl would return to the battlefield.

A top intelligence official told lawmakers in a classified Senate briefing last week that he expected four out of the five Taliban leaders released by the Obama administration to eventually return to the battlefield.

According to a pair of U.S. officials, the briefing from Robert Cardillo, a deputy director of national intelligence, represented the latest community-wide U.S. intelligence assessment on these Taliban Five, completed in 2013.

 Congressman McCaul is not pleased with this:

Meanwhile Congresswoman Spier thinks that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization and that they will have to play a part in Afghanistan's future:

I'm sure the Taliban will play a huge role in the future of Afghanistan, but the part about them NOT being Terrorists.....that just doesn't match what I have seen over there.  Last time I was there, in 2011 or 2012, every time the US troops moved out of town the Taliban (specifically the Taliban) would come in behind us and threaten to kill anyone who talked to the US again, and promised repercussions if the schools for girls were re-opened.  Most of the brave Afghans who were teachers were scared out of their minds, mostly for what might happen to their families if they went back to the schools.

This whole thing is bad.  Should be an interesting Congressional hearing.

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Congresswoman Spier is correct.

Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group bent on acheiving a pan-global caliphate, basically the Muslim version of American Evangelical Dominionists who want to impose Old Testament mores and values on Global society, while the Taliban are insurgents, primary comprised of ONE ethnic group demontrating the more parochial agenda of taking over leadership of Afghanistan.

For a fraction of the Taliban detainees exchanged; to remain for one year under house arrest in Qatar after having been 13 years away from the Taliban, we have secured the release of ALL of our POWs.

The American Legion's own resolution 288 calls for acknowledging the plight of our POWs and "sparing NO effort to secure their safe return." That should really be the last word on it.

As to the motives of SGT Bergdahl himself, let the military justice system investigate and gather its facts, rather than trying Bergdahl prematurely in the court of public opinion.

I am using facts. We can't flatter ourselves and pretend extremists who call themselves "Christians" don't exist. Look at the Souther Poverty Law Center Center database of hate groups and you will see how many are classified as "Christian Identity" groups. They are mainly characterized by their racist and anti-Semitic undertones.

Dominionists, who advocate "Christian" (by which they mean ancient Mosaic law) theocracy have asserted themselves into our very government via the right-wing and insuated themselves in ways that destructively inform policy.

Dispensationalists, or "End Timers" believe that they are doing God's work by hastening the destruction of our ecosystem and fomenting hatred toward Israel in hopes of somehow hastening the Second Coming.

Religious Identity Extremism is a global phenomenon, and we can't comment with any integrity on the speck in the eyes of others until we remove the plank from our own.

The aforementioned groups violate the Legion principle of Americanism; among whose tenets is "Religion without bigotry."

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