Jon Stewart endorses Operation Wait List: The War on Error

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Jon Stewart endorses Operation Wait List: The War on Error

Some people love Stewart and the Daily Show, others thing he is a partisan hack.  Frankly, I believe both at times, but find him funny.

But he's gone absolutely gang-busters on the VA repeatedly, and has done a phenomenal job of getting the story out to people who might not watch the traditional news, and prefer it with healthy doses of comedy. 

Fair warning though: his language is salty, so it might be a good idea to watch and listen with headphones on:

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The VA is doing everything as cheaply as possible, sometimes it oversteps. The individual injustices are inexcusable. The deeper problem is the massive expansion of the patient population beginning in '96, when Bill Clinton ordered the VA medical system to admit Priority 8 (non-service connected, not impoverished vets). The patient population doubled in two years, then two wars and two recessions added many more (i.e. 50% growth since '07 alone). Bush reversed the rule in '01, but Obama re-instated it in '09- no wonder the WH doesn't want to talk about it. Yes, they've made more money available, but not 3 or 4 times as much. ( That 50% patient growth was matched by a 9% growth in available physicians). At this rate VA care will end up equivalent to Medicaid.

ALL veterans should be entitled to VA health care, service connected or not. If this country had it's priorities straight and the VA was fully funded, and we put inmates and leeches getting Obamaphones,food stamps and the other wasteful programs out picking up trash,painting govt buildings,etc. plus stop the fraud,waste and abuse of govt programs, or we could stop the programs all together, then we'd have the frikkin money.

I am a disabled Vet and tried to get appointments several times over the last four years and I don't even receive a call back. I just quit trying! I have lost two friends of mine (Neighbor across the street Pnemonia) when he was put on a waiting list. And a Stamp collector friend of mine who finally went into the hospital to have his Gall Bladder removed and died on the table. I rather take my chances elsewhere then use the VA. (Contract Doctors! Overpaid GS workers who misinform you and don't followup) If you drive by the Hospital you see the Vet's circling to find a parking spot because the vast majority of the spaces are filled with HOSP employees or contractors.) Walk the halls and try to find an employee who will help you! There are some but rare! It seems that focus is on their own jobs not on the customers (veterans). There is a hugh retired and disabled Military Population and a lot of them do use the VA because of the waiting time, atmosphere and the not who you are but who you know syndrom. I believe that they should turn the VA health care portion over to local Civilian Hospitals and let them run it. It would be cheaper in the end! You would eliminate Civil Servant payrolls and benefits etc across the country in savings and the local hospitals would manage the treatment and be reimbursed by the GOV. Sounds like a plan to why duplicate services! Walmart and Publics have made Commisaries a dying breed why not do like they did to the Post Office and Civilianize the VA Treatment! Just my two cents!

I'm reading every ones post. And I do believe every one of you only because I too am going through a very difficult time with the Tucson, Arizona VA. After 2 years waiting for anyone or any Doctor to help with my complaints of pain my wife and I are now forced outside the VA system due to my pains and concerns. I have a Cancer Screening next month thank God. However this could had been done at the Tucson VA if someone would had just listened. Were praying the Cancer Screen will be negative. But just waiting is very stressful. It's not just Phoenix, it's everywhere. I'm sorry all you Veterans are going through these types of experiences when no Veteran should. Be sure to go Vote. But when you do, vote with knowledge, not emotions. Too many Liars wanting Power Trips

Also check out the Federal TORT Law..............Something any Federal Government will never mention. You may have a real good case and NEVER GIVE UP

We are trying to track the letters you sent. Did you send them directly to CDR Dellinger, or an employee? And can you tell me what address you used?

Someone please email me at flyboy F one oh two at yahoo and tell me who and where to send a VA experience to (bad one).

I waited two years for a total shoulder replacement and near the end everytime I went in for a appointment, the "Dr" was too busy to see me. Long story short, the head nurse said I should get Fee Based treatment (outside Dr. paid for by VA but never could get set up. Finially I lined up the surgery at a regular hospital and got it done, VA would not pay, I appealed three times and on final appeal they said OK they would pay. They paid less than $200 out of $30,000 billed and made the hospital sign off on it. I never got my down payment to the Hosp back and the VA refused to pay travel expense to get there. If someone in American legion reads this, reply so I can give you the full story, names, place and details. I am available for statements, etc.

Writing to American Legion HQ ? HAHAHAHA.....Good luck Ron. I have written 3 letters to the Commander in the last 5 months now. He has never returned a response nor anyone else in the American Legion HQ.
So far all Dellinger has done is make noise like the rest of us Veterans have. I know he's a busy guy but come on, 5 months of letters? Some one had to have read those. Yet more than likely tossed in the garbage can just like the VA Health Facilities have done to us Veterans. Don't give up though. Dellinger may read your letter and actually help out. I feel he's picky on who he helps out according to my opinion.

See above John, what address did you send them to? We are trying to locate what you sent now.

700 N. Pennsylvania Street
PO Box 1055
Indianapolis IN. 46206
Attention: Commander Dellinger.

I'd love to defend the VA but haven't been impressed. I recently had several exams through the VA and the process is overly complicated and nobody seems to be in charge. Also, although none of the facilities I went to were very busy it always took a long time.

I have come to find out that the Department of Veteran Affairs is not only not providing poor healthcare to those that have served our country, but withholding monies from caregivers like myself who take care of my grandfather, a Korean War Veteran

As of today, the Department of Veteran Affairs have received a lot of documentation from me with the assistance of AMVETS to request aid and attendance monies for caring for my 90-year old grandfather, who served as a U.S. Army Sargent during the Korean War. However, they have misplaced a lot of it and although prices are increasing for gas, lodging, and much more, I am stuck not having the extra source of income to maintain my travel expenses in caring for him on a daily basis.

I believe more exposure on the Dept. of Veteran Affairs failure to truly care for our veterans needs to be known, including those who assist in taking care of them. When asked why I don't bring him to the doctor at their facility, my response was that they always have administrative fees and costs, when the network I take him too never charges a penny!

Truly, your time in this matter would be greatly appreciated as its been over a year and half with no finalization on things, so if they are doing this to me, how many others are suffering the waiting period due to the poor mismanagement of records or even misfiling of paperwork re: our veterans.

Feel free to contact me directly at (877) 245-5900

Howdy Janel Buycks. I had been waiting a long time myself for assistance. I called the Tucson VA last Monday and told them about possible skin cancer that the Army cut out in 2007. Army told me if it comes back to immediately call the VA and get in ASAP for this may be cancer. Guess what? The first time I called the guy at the desk and he said it wasn't my time yet. I asked, when is it my damn time? Then on hold for 45 min. Now I'm recording this whole thing. Then my nurse comes on line and says yes we need to see you ASAP. Next day Scheduler calls me and said the nurse told her it was just a routine appointment and they won't see me for 5 weeks. I called B.S. and said that's not what the Nurse told me. Scheduler then told me she would have the nurse call me back. Its been a week now and no call backs. So, Last Thursday I wrote to Secretary Sloan Gibson Certified mail which he received today and told him everything that's been going on including very twisted messages left on my cell phone by these nurses at the Tucson VA Medical Centers Clinic. (IRONWOOD) If Secretary Gibson ignores this letter and does nothing, then I will share all information/recordings/ left messages, with whoever will listen.

My husband goes to the Harry S. Truman VA Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. He gets excellent care and they have free valet parking (no tips allowed) to handle the parking problem. We do pay a lot of co-pays. His care is not free. I can't believe that the service was so bad that people were dying and not getting appointments. The hospital in Phoenix is supposed to be one of the worst. How can it be that the Arizona Representatives and Senators did not know about this. If my husband was dying and couldn't get an appointment, I would be on the phone to my Representative and Senators office.

I also receive my care from the Tucson VA system. I have absolutely no complaints. I'm sick and tired of only hearing about the negative side of the VA system. I have been a patient here for years and have always received top notch, TIMELY care from my primary care providers and specialty clinics. I think more of the people who are happy and satisfied with their VA health care should speak up. Not all of our hospitals in the VA are messed up and broken. The only people I am aware of who do not receive timely, quality care here at our VA are those who demand more than they are entitled to, or demand care in ways that are not appropriate in how they act and behave. If Sgt John T has never been seen in Dermatology department before, then he needs his primary care provider to submit a consult for an initial appointment. If he has been seen before, then all he needs to do is call the medicine subspecialties clinic clerks and request the next available follow up appointment slot. I did so recently, and received a follow up Derm appointment 3 weeks from the date I called. If I called any civilian hospital in Tucson, it would be a matter of months to be seen by any derm specialist in this retired/snowbird community. Quit griping about everything, use the system the way it is designed for to few providers and to many patients and thank God for the care you do receive at either very little, or no cost to you. By the way, I am retired Air Force, 30% service connected veteran.

I am really sorry for all the vets who are having problems. My situation however is just the opposite. I belong to the Va in Mason City- Des Moines ,Iowa, and they have been a blessing for me over the last 15 yrs. I love the nurses who work in Mason City and the doctors I've been involved with have been great. I wish everybody could receive the service I have been fortunate to receive. I guess I'm at the right place at the right time. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors at the VA in Mason City , Iowa

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