Honor Flight WWII Veteran dies within hours of returning from DC

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Honor Flight WWII Veteran dies within hours of returning from DC

Every once in a while I come across a story of a couple that had been married 60+ years and the story would discuss how they died within hours of each other.  I can't find the one from 2-3 weeks ago now, but it talked about how they held hands during dinner every single night, and how they died within hours of each other while still holding hands.  And everytime I read that I think just how *appropriate* that is.  It must be hard spending your entire life with someone, and when they leave, you just want to go with them.

Well, this seems the most appropriate way for a WWII veteran to go:

For a weary, emotional and grateful Donald Buska, it was mission accomplished.

The 86-year-old U.S. Navy veteran fulfilled his longtime dream of traveling to Washington, D.C., on Sunday and Monday to visit the National World War II Memorial.

The once-in-a-lifetime trip with Big Sky Honor Flight of Montana afforded him opportunities he had only imagined.

And, it was an honor that came just in time.

On Tuesday, Buska, who had been in hospice care since Feb. 12, passed away.

“He had the time of his life,” said Buska's son, Jeff, who traveled with him to Washington, D.C.

“What a way to go. He went out on a high note," Jeff said

I was really lucky in that I got a chance to be at the original dedication of the Memorial in April of 2004.  I had just returned to active duty (technically, Active National Guard) and was training for Afghanistan when we were asked if anyone wanted to represent our unit at the Memorial.  Myself and one of my soldiers volunteered, even though it meant having to shell out $600 for the dress blues. I would have paid double that just to be there. 

Not that my wife and I will likely make it 60 years, what with my not marrying until age 40, but if I could plan my demise, I suppose it would be on the 50th anniversary of my deployment to Afghanistan, with my wife at my side.  

Rest in peace Mr. Buska, your job on this mortal coil is accomplished.

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My Father will be 97 yo next wed and a proud Vet to this day. He has always been active In the American Legen and the V.F.W. he was Commanders of both and helped build the Post In Franklin N.J. , He was also head of the color guard. My Mother Passed away Feb. 19th of this yr., they would have had their 70th wedding Anniversary, Oct. 7th. I wish there was a way He could get to the WW2 Memorial While he Is still around, he would be so proud, He Is John P. Gaba

Why can't your local Post afford to pay his way?

Honor Flight is free to the Veterans they serve. Please check the national website to find the hub closest to your father. All they need to do is submit the form to the local hub to be placed on the list. Most hubs have a waiting list, but age and physical health will be the deciding factor in securing a seat. Some hubs have moved on to their Korean War Mission. Please contact your local hub! I travel with Honor Flight DFW and know what this means for the Veterans!

For Bruce Gaba
Why not approach both the Legion and the VFW, about some kind of fund raiser for your dads trip?
They may be more than happy to host one.
BTW, thank your dad for his service for me.

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