The good and the bad from this years Memorial Day

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The good and the bad from this years Memorial Day

This year I spent Memorial Day in scenic and historic Plymouth Rock.  I went to cover a parade, but ended up marching in it, and actually speaking at the Memorial service there afterwards.  I spent some time with warriors from every generation, and even with some of our Canadian brothers from the Royal Canadian Legion who come down to march in that parade.

Meanwhile, this sort of thing played out across the entire US, as PBS' Judy Woodruff reported:

But there is still a huge divide among those who honor military service and those who do not.  I can't imagine that there was anything like this during WWII, when a significantly more sizeable percent of Americans fought in our wars.  Over at Twitchy, the folks there located almost a hundred people who hate the military, and use VERY STRONG LANGUAGE on Twitter to tell us how much they hate those of us who served.  (A serious language warning on that one.)

Meanwhile, in Georgia, this happened:, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Just shameful.

But for my part, I honor and cherish the men I served with who didn't make it back.  And I'm sure everyone reading this feels the same way.

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As an OIF Veteran I'm tired, worn out, fighting for honest care, writing letters with no responses, being told by ratings officers in arizona all lies about my 2009 claim. Being paid as a single Vet yet married.
I can't work due to my injuries. I just want to go away seriously. I have been lead by the VA ways of treatments to just give it up. No wonder we feel hopeless, worried, and no longer wish to exist in a society of Veterans being used. As big " Bonuses" . Yet, Veterans are left in Dark Alleys of Desperation and Need. So my gift to our Service's in DC Hq and Phoenix Ratings, is to exit in Honor so other outstanding Veterans might get their benefits with Honorable , Fair, and Just decisions.

Hang in there the VA will have changes. Stay the course and get the help you so deserve. There are service officers that can help you.

I believe the people who are the work force at the VA care about us, as I would still be blind if not for the VA. My diabetes was found and am under treatment for that. I also believe that it is the admin at the upper levels that could care less about us so I think that all bonus money should stop being paid unless there is a major medical find that helps people or save the VA big bucks.

It is Unacceptable that Veterans have to wait for VA appointments to be treated and suffer further dismay when records are modified to create positive image for comments sake and bonuses of VA officials
If you have experienced the death of a loved one as I have - a stepson Veteran who is standing in line and deserving immediate attention for mental or physical illness -how do explain and or even think of justifying the wait and "we will get to you as soon as possible" practice that could have been prevented the death of Veteran?
The VA has 340k employees who do care but the wall between those who care and the Administrators is about to torn down to allow Veterans more freedom of choice. Veterans should be seen within the VA system in 1-2 days not months or be allowed to seek outside private medical assistance if their is inadequate staffing or lack of facility capacity.

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