Commander calls for Secretary Shinseki's resignation

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Commander calls for Secretary Shinseki's resignation

Unless you are living under a rock then you've probably already seen this news.  Unfortunately I was at Arlington Cemetery yesterday saying goodbye to one of my brothers in arms, so I missed a lot of it.  But gauging from the level of emails I received while speeding through West Virginia trying to get back here, this has a lot of people supporting us, and a few who are not.

The nation's largest veteran organization, The American Legion, and one other veterans group, Concerned Veterans for America, on Monday called for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki.

The calls for his resignation came after months of CNN exclusive reporting on U.S. veterans who have died while waiting for care at VA hospitals across the country, including in Phoenix.

"It's not something we do lightly. But we do so today because it is our responsibility as advocate for the men and women who have worn this nation's uniform," said Daniel M. Dellinger, national commander of the American Legion, speaking in Indianapolis.

Anderson Cooper lays it all out in this video:

The latter portion I find interesting.  I totally get wanting an IG report on something like this, but an IG report is more of an autopsy and less of a surgeon.  You can figure out what went wrong, but at the time you are sitting there bleeding, your curiosity as to a cause is supplanted by a hope that someone would actually care for you.  The VA needs less reports and more immediate action, and that's why the Legion called for the resignations.  It's not a statement about General Shinseki, or how he feels about veterans or his former troops, it's simply an acknowledgement that things keep going wrong, and no one is being held accountable.



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Instead of Cmdr. Dellinger calling for General Shinseki's resignation, he should resign for failing to inspect that facility. We have inspection teams that we legionaires pay for. Not to mention that Senator McCain has some explaining to do here also. What was he doing for his veterans when all this was going on ??

Your right about Dellinger, I wrote to him 3 times last year about what the Tucson VA has done and That the Phoenix Regional Ratings office High Brass had lied to me then denied it. However I recorded the phone calls proving this high brass did lie. Now I'm hearing from my A.L. Rep that all of the Phoenix Regional Ratings brass are American Legion and Trained on rating the disabled Veterans. I smell a possible scandal within the American legion Department as well. They had to have known because I sent those 3 letters with received receipt. I feel Commander Dellinger is overstepping his authority when he can't even respond to a very serious issue when telling Combat Veterans lies and more than likley Pocketing big bonus money for himself and other staff members too. Why would he ignore my letters of concern. I have a very loud voice too and I'm not a commander. I'm a Proud American Combat Veteran needing "HONEST" Answers. Not just for me. But every Veteran Out There Dying While Waiting For Fair Ratings. American Legion Is A Big Part Of Rating Delays.

Since Shinseki too over the VA its been going down hill. It's a direct reflection of his lack of leadership and he needs to go immediately. He's the boss and he has to accept responsibility for not getting additional funding, laziness of the Agency and their poor support of the Vet. He's good at lip service but poor at performance. Maybe he ought to have the VA administrators wear berets. He's great at that.

Since Shinseki too over the VA its been going down hill. It's a direct reflection of his lack of leadership and he needs to go immediately. He's the boss and he has to accept responsibility for not getting additional funding, laziness of the Agency and their poor support of the Vet. He's good at lip service but poor at performance. Maybe he ought to have the VA administrators wear berets. He's great at that.

I'm disappointed in the American Legion's call for General Shinseki's resignation as Secretary of the Veterans Administration. It's like going after one of our own. Rather than criticizing one man for the clandestine misconduct of others, support him in rooting out the bad apples and making the VA stronger. It's easy to criticize. It takes a lot of effort to root out problems in a huge organization. No one man can do it alone.

You say root out the bad apple's, well this is one of the bad apple's. Remove the main rotten apple and it will stop spreading to the other smaller apple's

This is Sleepersteve

I am a Viet Nam veteran.

Please support Secretary Shinseki.

Thank you for your support.

I support Secretary Shinseki, he has done an outstanding job in his tenure as the chief of the VA. As a Viet Nam vet, I can attest to the changes in the VA culture over the past few decades. We are now celebrated rather than tolerated as before. God Bless him.

what a absolute mess. service connected Vietnam-era vet rated @ 100%. i'm submitting this comment listing minor to severe issues: 1] hernia diagnosed 18 months ago. Wilkes-Barre, PA surgeon says 'he cant do it'. 'would hurt me to much'. instead Ive been wearing a truss for 18 months now with no scheduled surgery in site! 2] a bladder then apparently is going DOA on me, and the VA and its specialists cannot neither make a diagnosis or a determination about treatment. 3] I also have stage 1 colon cancer. that was diagnosed 6 February, 2014. as of this date No TREATMENT, five months after diagnosis. NONE! the VA scheduled surgery for 25 march, 2014 again @ the VAMC Wilkes-Barre, PA. On the 17th of March, i got a secure message from my VA primary care letting me know surgery had been cancelled. i was packed and ready to go. the surgeon didn't contact me to offer an explanation. Fee basis authorization for a follow up with colon-rectal surgeon in my hometown was approved. For consult only! I saw him 22 march, 2014. since then the VA has limited his authority to proceed with surgery. the Wilkes-Barres, PA VAMC demands i have the ct scan of the abdomen the surgeon must have pre surgery for review. I have no car, and no one to drive me. no van is available where i live to take me to the Wilkes-Barre cat scan clinic. i had an appt made for me on 4 June, 2014 in Wilkes-Barre, PA just the same, for a cat scan of the abdomen. guess what? there is NO cat scan clinic on that date! i wouldn't have know unless i had called. so i am left with a a surgeon outside of the VA system who wants me to have surgery,, but i cannot proceed because the Wilkes-Barre, PA VAMC wont approve the cat scan testing located right next to the surgeons office! instead, they will [i think] pay for surgery but are still demanding i travel to Wilkes-Barre, PA for the cat scan. we are in a holding pattern and i am about as mad with the VA as Ive even been. this situation of mine seems far, far too familiar. and i only touched on the issues that are the most current. there is far far more..

Barry, get an attorney who specializes in federal tort laws. Most are free until compensation is offered by the V.A.
You have a very twisted sicking case. God Bless You Brother. Pisses me off these VA idiots think we are just a burden and they can't get off their lazy asses and do something for us. We're good ol boy's when called to serve our country. However, we get injured, then we become "Branded Like Cattle" Branded with a number and wait your turn bull dung. I have a Cancer screening in Tucson Az next month only because my wife/caregiver advised me to go to an outside the VA Doctor due to their 2 year delay and Doctor telling me there was nothing wrong, yet no work ups at all. I even requested them. I have a recorded message of a nurse in my clinic. I would love to put that on youtube so the world will know how that staff treats me. Never Give Up. The VA is trying to limit our health care. However we are much stronger than they are and we will win this battle !!!!!

Today i received 2 correspondence' from the VA 'non VA care Department', located in Albany NY. i was told that a colonoscopy approved via the Wilkes-Barre VAMC fee basis department and performed by an out of VA network gastroenterologist on 31 January, 2014, was not 'emergent', and 'hadn't been cleared by a VA physician'. it was emergent, it discovered my stage 1 colon cancer, and it was ordered by my primary care physician within the VA. the VA is now denying payment. why Albany? i haven't a clue. the paperwork for an outside the VA network colonoscopy was approved by the Wilkes-Barre VAMC fee basis department. the paperwork was sent to me and also to the gastroenterologist. the approval document clearly states that VA payment is payment in full, and the veteran cannot be charged for the procedure. I also had a cystoscopy, locally, performed out of the VA network October 2013, pre approved once again by the Wilkes-Barre VAMC. i am getting collection agency notices now over these long past due bills. the fee basis department in Wilkes-Barre is approving these tests/procedures but not following through with any payment! the incompetency is staggering. i am a rated 100% service connected vet, priority 1 within the VA, and still have receive NO treatment for my colon cancer as of this date 05/28/2014. man do i feel alone here. i mean c'mon! treat my colon cancer VA!!

Barry you have a serious case here Brother. Look it up. FEDERAL TORT LAW.........Gov hates this law only because it works when sick twisted crap like this happens. Federal Tort Law........You have a case. And so do I..

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