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Your must read piece of the day....

Comes from my friend Paul Szoldra, who not only writes the Duffel Blog, but always has incredibly thoughtful pieces like this one today.  SERIOUSLY, MUST READ.

After a mass shooting at Fort Hood that left three dead, some have speculated that shooter Specialist Ivan Lopez was driven over the edge by post traumatic stress disorder following his deployment to Iraq.

"When troops come home, the madness of war comes with them," wrote Natasha Lennard in Salon, while also making a factual error that Lopez had deployed twice to Iraq (He only had one 4-month tour, and saw no combat).

This generalization — that the millions of veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan are about to snap — plays to a stereotype of veterans being forever broken by war, when the truth is that the vast majority are not afflicted with PTSD.

Read the whole thing:

What most of us brought back from the warzone was pride in what we had done.  Not muderous ambitions and homicidal rages.

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