Phony vet in Texas running scams

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Phony vet in Texas running scams

If you live in the San Antonio area, you should be on the lookout for this guy:

 A San Marcos veterans group says they were duped when a man claiming to be a Vietnam veteran came to town last Thursday asking for help.

American Legion Post 144 Commander Tom Tvrdik says it was Friday morning when he received a phone call asking him to go down to the post to respond to an emergency. He says when he showed up a man and woman, both in their early seventies, got off a bus asking for help.

Tvrdik says the man told him he served 10 years in Vietnam and had been subsisting on his wife’s Social Security, but that they needed money to tide them over until his benefits came through.

“I thought it was legit,” remarked Tvrdik, citing the man’s duffle bags with ‘Robinson’ stenciled on, just as the military had done in the days when the post commander served. There was however one red flag. Tvrdik says the couple was looking for a trailer to rent in San Marcos after the death of one of their grandmothers brought them to town. “But they couldn’t tell me the name of the grandmother,” said Tvrdik.

Still, he decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. “Because that's what we’re here for,” said Tvrdik. “[We’re] here to help veterans as much as we can.” He put them up for three nights in a hotel. The VFW contributed a night as well. By the time the couple left on Tuesday they had received about $500 in cash, hotel stays, and gift cards. The final parting gift was a bus ticket to San Antonio.

Here's the video from KVUE:


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First of all, anyone claiming to have served in Vietnam for 10 years would probably have been Viet Cong! sounds to me like someone was a little naive on this and certainly should be more aware of "Wannabes"...who invariably are "NEVER WERES"!! "Red Flags"? Serial Number, Rank, Unit, etc. When a major administration official of Texas A & M could pull this off for $ 300, 000 per year a few years ago, almost anyone in Texas might be a little suspicious...a Texas free lunch is ONE thing, 500 bucks another!!

He's been caught before, Douglas Robinson. More info at fake warriors dot org. He was doing this as far back as 09.

I ran into a fake Viet vet in Long Beach, Ca, a few years ago, but I asked him a few questions before I answered his request for aid. He professed to be a Marine Corps Vet, so one of the questions I asked was in which unit he had served, When he answered that he was with the 327th Infantry Brigade, I smelled a rat and escorted him from my presence.

What an idiot. He needs a good ol ass whoopin by a Veteran. . Not only that, the American Legion guy should have asked for VA I.D. DD-214, Someone to verify who knew him, Unit Commands, and where he deployed. Offer housing for homeless at the VA complex. Then watch for the red flags.

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