MOH Recipient Melvin Morris visits his home state of Oklahoma

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MOH Recipient Melvin Morris visits his home state of Oklahoma

I've been away all weekend at Tulsa Post 1 in Oklahoma doing an extreme makeover of the Post, and I will have more on that later.  But fortuitously I was there on Medal of Honor day when Tulsa, and all of Oklahoma, welcomed home Melvin Morris.  You might recall Melvin from his Medal of Honor ceremony a few weeks ago when he received his award for actions in the Viet Nam war.  Anyway, I snuck away from the Post for a few hours and hung out with some Legion Riders at the event.

From Tulsa World Newspaper:

If you'd met Melvin Morris a year ago, he might have told you about his latest catch.

By all appearances, the avid fisherman, bowler and retired salesman led the normal life of a retiree in Cocoa, Fla. Then President Barack Obama telephoned him in February.

Morris, an Okmulgee native and 72-year-old Army veteran, would be receiving the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam more than 44 years ago, the president told him.

He returned to Oklahoma on Friday, for the first time since receiving the medal, as the guest of honor for the local Marine Corps League's annual Medal of Honor Day event, which continues on Saturday.

"People have been extraordinary; they've been extremely nice," Morris said of the weeks following a White House ceremony that named him and 24 others Medal of Honor recipients on March 18.

I was lucky enough to be at Melvin's award ceremony, and at this event I got to speak with him briefly.  What a warm and friendly guy.  He said he'd be happy to interview with TAL Magazine, so hopefully I can swing a trip to Florida to talk to him.

Either way, head over to Tulsa World and read all about him and his return home.




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