I think I will pass on this PTSD treatment, absent some compelling proof

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I think I will pass on this PTSD treatment, absent some compelling proof

I've been struggling all day to find something to write about that isn't Ft Hood related.  I think I found a winner:

Lutz, Florida- Every year, millions of people in the United States are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, but for some a doctor's office just isn't enough.

"There's 554 books in my house," says Max Sanchez, a Vietnam veteran with an extensive book, video and picture collection that focuses on moments of war.

Surrounded by memories of the battlefield, Sanchez says his time in the army- "Four years, six months, three days,"- is something he'll never forget. "I can't change what happened. There's things that were good, and things that were bad."

Now Max is a bit of a contradiction, in that he says he wants to forget his service, and yet he wears a military cap, has a gazillion military books, and is the only person I know with such a huge library of VHS tapes. 

Oh, and also, his "treatment" for PTSD involves walking around naked.

According to Sanchez, he's a part of a group of veterans who live at the Fountains at Paradise Lakes, a clothing-optional housing complex, where they find peace by going bare.

"I forget about the whole world," says Sanchez.

Right now I would embrace virtually any way of excising from my memory the image of Max walking around naked, but to each their own I suppose.  But, since I am a giving sort of person, I give you the strange tale of naked Max:

I suspect I am not the only one wondering "what did I just watch?"

I think I will stick to playing World of Warcraft and walking my dog when I feel stressed out.  I like wearing shoes.

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