Marine Kyle Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor

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Marine Kyle Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor

Had intended to write about the budget cuts today, but events superceded me last night when it was announced that Kyle Carpenter would join Dakota Meyer as the only living Marines to receive the Medal of Honor for OIF/OEF.  (Cpl. Jason Dunham earned his medal at the cost of his life. 

From USA Today:

A former Marine who was severely wounded during a 2010 grenade attack in Afghanistan will receive the Medal of Honor later this year, Marine Corps Times has learned.

William Kyle Carpenter, 24, a medically retired corporal, will become the service's third Medal of Honor recipient of the nation's highest combat valor award from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which date to October 2001. The Marine Corps is finalizing plans with the White House for a ceremony in Washington, officials said...

Carpenter's Medal of Honor nomination stems from reports that, as a 21-year-old lance corporal, he intentionally covered a grenade to save the life of his friend, Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio, on Nov. 21, 2010, as the two Marines were standing guard on a rooftop in Afghanistan's Helmand province. Both men survived the blast but were badly wounded. Carpenter lost his right eye and most of his teeth. His jaw was shattered and his arm was broken in dozens of places.

Eufrazio sustained damage to the frontal lobe of his brain from shrapnel. Until recently, his wounds rendered him unable to speak.

There's a great video of Kyle where you get a feeling for just how humble a man he is:


It bears noting here as well that while I was at the North Pole the White House announced that it would be issuing 24 other Medals of Honor to service-members from previous conflicts.  Each of them deserve their own but because of copyright law I can't just reproduce the article in full, so please go read this article on WTKR about these brave men.

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I am, again, awed by the sacrifice and bravery of men like him. God Bless the Marines.

I wish you all the best. I have said some prayers for you and yours.

Kyle. You are and always will be a Marine. I am an old Vietnam rifleman, but am not afraid to say that your story brings a tear to my eyes and fills my chest with sadness for your pain.
I do not know if you will say the medal is more than you deserve, or just say thank you. You do deserve it. I know you will not brag about it, and will likely dismiss what you did, but, if you should at times get an urge to just stand up and yell, "I got the Medal of Honor", do so. Yell as loud as you want and be goddamn proud of what you did.
Thank you Marine! I salute you and wish I could shake your hand!

R Willis
Capt, USMC (Ret)

As a former Marine, I want to say how proud I am of Kyle and all the others who have served during these conflicts and to say that their sacrifices are to be commended by all. SEMPER FI

There is no such thing as a "former" Marine! Obviously you never attended 'school' at Parris Island. Semper Fi Kyle and God Bless. H&S Co., 1/6, CLNC 81-84>

first thanks for your servive. yes we need too honor kyles sacriice

Thank You for your service, Semper Fi. Once a Marine always a Marine!

Howdy Kyle, Capt. R. Willis couldn't have said it better for me. As a Vietnam veteran I seen my young men WIA/KIAs and cried for them. There is no words of comfort for the years of suffering and challenges in your future. I can only say I wish you success in life and God watch over you in your struggle to live a full life. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our Country and your fellow men/women, Semper Fi, Don Griffith, 1stSgt, USMCRet

As a Marine Viet Nam veteran I salute you Corporal Carpenter. Well done. May you now have "fair winds and following seas" for the rest of your sojourn in this life.

PUre class marines.

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