Butte College Instructor calls veterans unteachable, study refutes claim

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Butte College Instructor calls veterans unteachable, study refutes claim

You really should go watch the video LOCATED HERE before I even discuss this, because Jodi Rives' prejudice needs to be seen to be believed.

Facebook posts by Jodi Rives, a part-time Communication instructor at Butte College's Chico campus, were brought to the attention of the school's administration.  In one such post, Rives writes that her military students struggle to be prepared for academic work.  In another post, she writes that staying literate for returning military students is a full-time job. 

Um.  Ok.  But before I even refute that bit of nonsense, let's not get in the way of Jodi Rives going completely off the rails:

In an interview Rives said she stands by her posts adding that military personnel are being ill-served in preparing for civilian life.
"I can't show specific student work. But if I were able to do that, which I would not because it would violate their privacy ... clearly, you would be able to see that these are people struggling with academic skills," Rives said.

In response to another person's post, Rives discusses "military guys" having a large pool of people to rape, a comment she defended.

"It's not just the case of one or two incidents," Rives said. "How many apples have to be bad before we suspect that the barrel has problems?"

I'm not even going to refute that based on personal experience, except to note that I have a law degree and was an E5, my best friend was an E5 with a Masters Degree in International Affairs from Georgetown, and my other best friend in the Army just got into William and Mary for his Masters program.  And I was in an infantry unit.  The allegedly most troll-like MOS ever in existence, and almost every guy around me had some college if not a degree already.

But Ms Rives's comments also don't match up with the data:

Just over half of veterans who sought a higher education from 2002 through 2013 under the GI Bill completed schooling ranging from vocational training to post-graduate, according to an unprecedented review of nearly 800,000 college records to be released Monday.

The research released by the Student Veterans of America service organization is the first in-depth look at how those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are performing in college. While analysts say results could be better, the numbers appear to refute reports — some in the media, some anecdotal — that most of these veterans are dropping out or failing in college.

"I've heard it over the last few years about the disaster of these students. That it's terrible, (that) they're just flunking at huge rates," says Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, a Purdue University professor and director of the Military Family Research Institute, who studied the report. "That's not right."

Sometimes I am amazed at how ridiculous college professors and instructors can be.  Her comments about rape in the military are utterly ridiculous as well, as she would know if she checked the number of sexual assaults which happen yearly on college campuses.  Should we shut down all colleges? 

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Dear Ms Rives,
I'm sorry you find teaching our veterans such a chore and they are so defective as students. Perhaps some of them are there just for the benefits, but some of them are there to learn and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. No matter what their reasons for being there, they have seriously earned the right to be there. Please consider the honorable vocation of teaching and reach out to those who are so desirous of bettering themselves. Be patient and caring. I think you will find great rewards in serving these people that loved their country enough to sign a blank check.
In closing I would suggest this little mantra to help you through your troubling times. "FIND A WAY".

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This woman needs to be fired, point blank for ineptitude as a teacher. I earned a BS degree in Management from the University of Maryland WHILE on active duty. I am now working as a Project Manager, who, oh by the way earned a Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification last year. I guess I'm not teachable..........
I'm sure those of us who "studied" for Promotion or Soldier of the Month/Quarter boards are unteachable.
Stupid stupid woman! SFC (RET)

She's an "INSTRUCTOR" at Butte College?? Never heard of it. INSTRUCTOR? Implies SHE probably doesn't have a degree herself. Again, INSTRUCTOR at BUTTE COLLEGE, nuff said.

Pure idiocy on her part. She should be relieved of all teaching duties. I was an E-5 and am now an electrical engineer and computer hardware/software engineer. I have been the inventor on multiple patents for my employers, which have been Hughes Aircraft Company, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, Sprint and Ericsson. The old adage applies to her, those that can - do, those that can't teach. I have had problems with these type of instructors when I went back to college and engineering school. Ones who have never been out of academia. They would count off points from my projects, whether it be software code or an engineering project, because I "took shortcuts" or didn't use all the components. In the real world you have to consider, power, thermal and weight, besides cost. I would have to appeal to the dean of the college to get them overruled. Generally they would get told that they need to get out of academia and experience the real world. Same for several business management courses I took from ones who had not been in the real world. Ended up telling them that they way they teach things, is going to get some employer sued if a person did what they taught. I have little use for people like this women and her ignorance.

High School Grad with 21 years in the USAF. Just some training completed:
Basic Training
Basic Jet Engine Mechanic School (Accelerated)
Specialized training for T-56, J-57, TF-33, J-57, TF-39, and T-34 engines.
Honor Graduate from Small Gas Turbine Engine School.
Base Level Management School
Command NCO Academy Graduate
Senior NCO Academy Graduate
Aircraft Accident Investigation School
B.S. Education The Ohio State University
Master Of Horticulture Hocking State College
Et. Al.
And..................................You "teach" at Butte College. Where and what is that. I know one thing and that's you don't need a degree to teach there. I would like to note that I am nothing special. You will find many similar lists of accomplishment among my contemporary veterans. I can only surmise that today's veterans are much superior to us.

She's obviously ignorant of facts. I used the GI bill, but I already had a DDS. I subsequently got an MS and a MA along with an advanced graduate certificate. As a GI I don't feel I had a lot of academic problems nor did the other GIs in my various classes.

She's obviously ignorant of facts. I used the GI bill, but I already had a DDS. I subsequently got an MS and a MA along with an advanced graduate certificate. As a GI I don't feel I had a lot of academic problems nor did the other GIs in my various classes.

Well Ms. Rives,
Your statement on us veterans whom has defended this nation and our flag is insulting from a person that calls herself an educator whom is enjoying the very same liberty we defended. I'm a Vietnam veteran was in 2 combat zone and today I am a graduate of St. Francis College, now going for a Masters within my career of Financial Specialist in the Insurance Industry, licensed in 4 states. I don't think your statement is valid, you should be thankful rather than critical of all veterans.

Aww, I can understand why Rives behaves like that! She's from California! She put her mouth in gear before activating her brain. I hear that California breeds a lot of air heads like that.

Anyone who knows anything about 'Identification of Psychological Profiles' could look at this "professor" and know she's not the shiniest coin in the fountain. Unteachable my backside!
How has SHE ever served her country?

I am a former USMC enlisted person. I used my GI Bill to go to college and get a BA. After that I earned a MA and a Ph.D. For 27 years, I have been employed as a tenured professor at the University of Missouri where I teach statistics. My story is not unique. I have many former and current military personnel in my classes. In general, they have a maturity not seen in most university students and frequently score at the top of the class in terms of grade.

WOW! This is a perfect example of a misguided individual having a captive, impressionable audience to spread her scatological philosophy to. How did this "person" ever get into a "teachers" position to begin with? Undoubtedly, she has "taught" her last class?

Having made the transitions from being an E5 in the infantry to a college student and then to law student, I can confidently say Ms. Rives is ignorant and uninformed. Quite frankly I found my military experience to be a huge asset in college and law school. After the Army, I was confident, determined, and had an unparalleled work ethic. Traits which I often found conspicuously lacking in my young untested classmates.

I remember during my first year of law school my classmates were totally freaked out my pressure. Indeed many of my colleagues still talk about 1L as a formative right of passage. It wasn't that way for me, my formative rites of passage occurred in Ranger School, Airborne School, and on countless night patrols where I learned to suck it up and, eventually to lead.

Ms. Rives' views reflect the the uncomfortable truth that Leftist academics can't help but see veterans as ignorant and maladjusted because they themselves cannot fathom volunteering for military service.

Dear Jodi Revis,

I am an immigrant from the Philippines with a limited proficiency in English Language when I joined the Army. My job in the Army was an Armor Crewman (Tanker) and I am a disabled veteran of Gulf War. Ms Revis, I am proud to tell you that I finished my Associate and Bachelor Degree while I was serving this country full time. Oh, by the way Ms Revis, I just finished my MBA (Managing Global Economy) two years ago and I'm still serving this country as an Accountant with the Federal Government (US Air Force). Also, before I forget, majority of those students in my classes are active or veterans sacrificing there free times just to get educated. Ms Revis, I could tell that being a Part-Time Instructor taking its tool on you. In short, you are gaining weight! I suggest you need to spend some time at the gym and I guarantee you'll going to meet a veteran inside that gym. Don't be shy or embarass to ask help from those veterans because they are wiling to help you out in shedding those extra weight.

This so called teacher is the one that is Unteachable. Since she makes a irrational statement and a prejudice one at that, she needs to look at her self in the mirror. She is the one that is Unteachable which is evident by her assumption and irrational comment/statement . When a educated professional makes a statement they would have a documented and formulated grounds to back up what they say. This so called teacher couldn't teach my dog how to do anything. She needs to get out of the education business.

I went to college 3 years after I got out of the service and completed 21 classes with 14 A's and 7 B's. I lost my wife in a car accident and lost interest in returning to school. I was working as a computer operator during the time that I was going to school. I got the job after I completed a computer school. The school recommended me for the job because of my high scores during the course, so I was not unteachable.

Well I am just an honorably discharged Vietnam era E-4 and am a successful small business owner, a private pilot and fluent in two languages... Plus a member of the All Veteran Honor Guard who does services at National Cemetery on a weekly basis for no charge...Much of it "self taught" and only 1% of the population has the multi-tasking ability to fly an aircraft (which requires a high level of "teaching" and comprehending. From a Veterans standpoint... "either stand behind us or stand in front of us".. I doubt you would have the courage to go to the front lines and stand in front of any of us, but will stab us in the back after protecting your freedoms! The decline in our schools is likely more a result of teachers who give up too easily (in trying to assist and reach all students). A veteran is one who, at some point - wrote a blank check payable to the USA up to and including the cost of their lives. A commitment I doubt this teacher would be able to grasp (oh it's too hard, they are just unteachable). Pathetic.

Right on Mark. I carry the same as your credential.


I'm a vet. To get more perspective on this "unteachable" claim, I would like to know the percentage of vets who complete their education - vocational certificate, associates, bachelor, masters - requirements in the school's normal expected time, or completely drop out. If it's taking the vets 50% longer to finish than the non vets maybe "unteachable" is too strong a word but "slow students" seems appropriate to me.

E5 USAF and USAFR (71' to 79') and I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry and work/teach at a University. This "Instructor" doesn't know a thing. I always find our vet's to be highly motivated and very focused on what they want!

I am a former Marine, and served in Korea in 1953, I have no idea of her teaching abilities, but I know for sure she doesn't need to worry about the "Bad Apples" contaminating her.

Sorry state our education system has reached. It isn't isolated. I recently viewed a training course on serving students with disabilities. I believe it was called "In Their Shoes." You guessed it, vets are considered disabled. I was told by a faculty member the other day that she was afraid of all vets.

My law professors would strongly dissagree. All the Way. Airborne!

Dear Ms. Rives: I wish to add to vets negating your story based upon the vets' personal experiences. After earning an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, I completed law school and went onto a 15 month masters degree program. There were many vets in my law school class (on the GI Bill). I have taught college & law school and written law books & articles.
In the 5 years before retiring, I served as a County Veterans Services Officer - working 6 and 7 days per week to assist vets with appeals of VA claims. Often, the biggest benefit was restoring a vet's dignity. I helped vets with PTSD & TBI, and such vets in college usually had understanding profs who sometimes made special arrangements when needed.
I find that views like yours do not help the reintegration of vets back into society. I wish you the level of success in your academic field that I have found in mine, Doug MacEllven.

if the bimbo RIVES had the ability to recall half of what most veterans have forgotten, she might be able to become a real teacher someday. Not very likely but remotely possible. she had to have voted for obummer and supported Hillary and still probably still collects some kind of progressive demoncrat assistance.

Possibly she considers us unteachable because we won't accept or believe her liberal bovine scat.
Just my personal opinion.

She obviously cannot accept that these people who have served and have been where whe will never go are now much more mature, educated and life experienced than she is. So much so that they cannot or will not dumb down to her level of academic BS... It's a problem wherever you go in acadamia. By the way, you shouldn't be allowed to vote unless you have served at least 5 years in active duty...

Following my military service from 1965 through 1968, I attended graduate school at a private university in Washington, DC. While I was certainly ready to undertake the rigors of academia, I was ill prepared for the disparaging treatment that I was to receive from certain anti-war faculty at the university. Being the target of such animosity was a bitter pill that was hard to swallow; nor was I ever able to forget my unfortunate experience. To this day I don't consider myself a proud alumnus.

Nonetheless, I would counsel my fellow veterans to resist the temptation to lash out, vent emotion, or call names in knee-jerk fashion toward Ms. Rives. Better by far would it be to thank her for calling this to our attention, a matter that needs to be investigated in order to determine whether there happens to be substance. So let's not shoot the messenger until we are able to determine the veracity of her story.

After all, isn't that what we all fought for, everyone's (including Ms. Rives) freedom of speech?

Those who can do those who can't teach, I'm getting tired of these college professors teaching crap to people.


If I was illiterate, I would not have an M.Ed from Regent University.

The Lady is an educated idiot. So educated that she thinks because she has an opinion, based on a very limited sample size, it should be accepted as fact. She is just a little short on common sense and obviously lacks the knowledge of valid sample sizes on which to base a supposition. She has better go back to Graduate school.

I received a Master of Arts following my service. I wonder if she puts flags out on the graves
of her local Military Cemetery on May 31. Those were the ones who protected her right to
'speak' freely. What a pitiful remark by someone who is supposed to be educated.

Butte College is a two year California Community College. The misguided Jodi Rives, who self-identifies as an "Instructor", is in fact, "a part-time"..."associate faculty member", as identified by the Superintendent/President of the Butte-Glenn Community College District, Kimberley Perry, Ed.D. No teaching credential is required to teach at this school. Anyone holding a Masters Degree, and some with no degree, may teach at a California Community College. Ms. Rives is an idiot.

M.B. Nice, A.A., B.S., M.S., CA Community College Instructor Credential
Former Sgt. of Marines
I Corps, RVN, 1966-67

Miss Rives, please take time to thank us stupid veterans that you live in a country where you are free to say what you wish. Had you said this in some countries we served in, you would've been beheaded. Your welcome.

I am 62 in college and have a 3.6 average. Perhaps the problem is her.

She has 16oz of gray matter and she only uses it to keep her ears from flapping together.

Brent T has "hit the nail on the head", now if he would aim for Jodi.

Ms Rives may have a valid point. Many kids are graduating from high school are totally unprepared for college. Many must use the first semester in college receiving remedial education to get qualified for college. One of my grandsons, who maintained a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA in high school was totally unprepared academically for college. The semester of remedial classes caught him up, and he is now working on his Masters. Don't blame the military, blame our failed education system.

Mr. Snowberger's assumption that America's education system is causing college's to remediate incoming students simply is not true. I don't know the specifics on your grandson, but I will say that education is like any other endeavor in life, "You get out, what you put in." GPAs are easily padded by taking courses which do not prepare students for college. These courses exist so that students have choices about which classes to take based on what they are interested in. I'm not saying that's what happened in your grandson's case, I'm just stating fact. I would find it incredibly hard to believe that any student who took a full slate of "honors level" courses such as physics, chemistry, calculus/trigonometry, advanced English, etc., would be unprepared for college.

I got my college education as a veteran. I have never taken a class that I failed; I have had the highest GPA and test scores in all but one class over the years (creative writing). I believe that the teacher involved is not able to teach instead of the veterans being unreachable.

I have read the many comments mainly concentrating on this one pt teacher's opinion that many vets are not college material. As a former Army education officer, college teacher and retired military, we do need to recognize that many veteran students need additional preparation before advancing. Our vets are much better overall prepared than the numerous right out of high school students, however, the reason that any are attending college is to improve their education. Sure some colleges have taken advantage of veteran student recruiting in encouraging veterans to sign up with their schools and this has resulted in the loss of so many of their education benefits since they were not prepared for university level students. Determining the preparation of veterans for student is not that difficult and the VA should be helping more in identifying those who would benefit of additional preparation so that there would be success in their efforts. So for the part-time professor to include all veterans in her mediocre assessment is discriminatory and wrong and she should be disciplined by being offered only students who need more preparation and we should be able to determine if she could successfully help get those students out of their lack of preparation. She does have a point and I have heard from other teachers and I believe that the VA should better assess the veterans receiving the benefits.

Gee! An education earned as a Naval Aviator, 35 years in the Nuclear business.....unteachable? I think not. Better get your facts straight Ms. Rives before you go running off at the mouth.

Ok, so she has freedom of speech based on veterans like me who have served and make it so she has that freedom. The questions I have: 1) Is there evidence that she has attacked or belittled a veteran in class? 2) Do my tax dollars support this college or is it on a VA supported list? 3). Does this college have a certification group that evaluates her curriculum at a minimum annually and sits in to listen to her class? I think yes to 1, yes to 2, and no to 3. I don't agree with threats but I do agree with this statement. I took an oath to serve my country and I took federal money for pay. If she works at a school receiving federal money and bad talks her government or it's employees in her class, why is she still an employee of Butte or any college? She should also be held responsible for her comments on social media at work because those comments reflect upon her employer. How do we know she wasn't making those comments while at work or even on a PC at work? We are responsible for our actions and this person should not be in a position to influence our young people. Especially at tax payers expense!

I didn't go on to any schools after the Navy, and Vietnam service, But worked in many types of construction and always ended up as a lead or foreman every where I worked. You don't have to have a degree to succeed in life, I'll match my comman sence against this part time teacher any day, and make her look like a 7th grade drop out.

Typical CA Liberal professor - anti-military, anti-government, anti-everything that doesn't align with her perception of the world. But then again, a significant number of today's professors espouse their opinions and beliefs rather than the facts. This Charlie Uniform November Tango is just more publicly vocal with her opinions and lame stream media (ABC) is happy to serve as her soapbox

It takes a good teacher to bring out the good in a student..


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