Cold weather gear to Ft Myer Caisson Platoon, just cold weather here

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Cold weather gear to Ft Myer Caisson Platoon, just cold weather here

Apologies for the lack of posting, we're in the midst of a "Snowball Earth" thing here in Indy.  I spent a decent amount of time planning this event in DC, but then didn't get to make it because it was too cold in Indy for the de-icer to work on the planes apparently:

It was only appropriate that on one of Washington, D.C.’s coldest mornings on record, The American Legion should help equip a distinct group of chilly servicemembers with some very welcome cold-weather gear.

Late on the windy, 7-degree morning of Jan. 7, troops of the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard) stood at attention inside a barely heated, Fort Myer, Va. horse barn as their commander, Col. James Markert, and Legion Legislative Commission chairman Brett Reistad exchanged greetings. The two men were marking the gifting of new outerwear by the Legion and clothing manufacturer Carhartt, Inc. to the Old Guard’s distinguished Caisson Platoon. This is the platoon whose horse-drawn, casket-bearing artillery wagons render funeral honors at nearby Arlington National Cemetery.

The Caisson Platoon soldiers’ duties include caring for their horses – beginning with a 4:00 a.m. daily feeding – as well as polishing and preserving the tack and other equipment  used in honoring the fallen at Arlington. The same troops ride the ceremonial horses in the funeral processions. As one can imagine, their service-issued barn clothing sees plenty of wear.

Not long ago, a self-employed software consultant and longtime volunteer troop supporter named Leta Carruth noted that the horse caretakers’ cold weather jackets were getting a bit threadbare. She learned that replacements would not be quickly forthcoming due to recently imposed Army budgetary restrictions. So, Carruth appealed to the Michigan-based Carhartt company who “happily agreed”  to replace the troops’ worn gear with new articles, including jackets, shirts and undershirts. The donation was facilitated through the Legion with the “great assistance”, says Carruth, of the Legion’s resident blogger, Mark Seavey.

Carruth, who calls the Caisson Platoon’s horse barns her “second home”, attended the brief ceremony,  then retreated to the platoon’s horseshoe fitting room for a warming cup of coffee and a friendly chat with its resident farriers.

“This has been a good day,” she declared.  Legislative chairman Reistad, a former Old Guardsman himself, agreed.

Leta is an awesome lady that is my connection to all the MOH guys, and virtually everything else I do.  Wish I could have made it to this event.

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Great story. Appreciate all that the American Legion does for our military personnel. Nice to know that we still have the Caisson Platoon, even with the budget cuts. Military history is rich and much a part of our nation.

Nice to see that this platoon is still working, also was nice to see the Cavalry in the Rose Bowl parade.

I was in the 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Cavalry Division, Fort Riley, Ks and Fort Clark, TX.

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