VA Identification Card open to vulnerabilities

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VA Identification Card open to vulnerabilities

This is a fairly frightening video in many ways, especially if you look in your new wallet and realize you are missing your card, like I just found out:

I went to the VA website that the reporter went to, you can READ IT BY CLICKING HERE:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides eligible Veterans a Veterans Identification Card (VIC) for use at VA Medical Facilities. The VIC protects the privacy of Veterans' sensitive information, as it no longer displays the Social Security Number or Date of Birth on the front of the card. The VIC will only display the Veteran's name, picture, and special eligibility indicators - Service Connected, Purple Heart and Former POW, if applicable, on the front of the card. Only Veterans who are eligible for VA medical benefits will receive the card.

While true that it doesn't show the SSN, it does embed it in the bar code, as the page makes clear later on:

Veterans are warned to keep their VIC safe and secure. Some bar code readers, including those available as applications on cell phones, can scan the bar code on the front of the card, and reveal the Veteran’s social security number. This could make the Veteran subject to identity theft if the card is lost or stolen.

I'm pretty sure I have my card at the house somewhere and didn't lose it entirely, but either way I feel somewhat more secure since I bought LIfeLock.  (Stolen Valor guys have posted my SSN in various public places as a way to get even in the past, it seemed worth the money to ensure no one decided to buy a house with my credit.)

Either way, I never would have known about this story if my friend Jonn hadn't posted it.  I wonder who else doesn't know.....

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This information is news to me and I believe it needs to be addressed by VA ASAP!!!

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