Captain William Swenson awarded Medal of Honor

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Captain William Swenson awarded Medal of Honor

I readily admit I'm a pretty sensitive person.  I watch videos of service members come home to pets and family and I get misty eyed every time.  I have had "Taking Chance" (the movie about bringing the body of a soldier home) saved on my DVR for over 2 years now, and I still haven't made it minutes into the movie because I get so choked up.

That said, I've watched the video of Captain Swenson probably 100 times, I get misty everytime, and I will still watch it 400 times.  If you could condense military service down to one thing, in my opinion it would be this one kiss he gives a wounded comrade before grabbing his weapon and heading back into the fight.



For me that's just such an indelible image, from a man who doesn't even remember it.  For me that's everything the Army Values means. 

Anyway, Captain Swenson was awarded his richly deserved and long awaited recognition this week in a White House ceremony.  I've discussed it at length here before, with a long video about everything that went wrong that day.  If you haven't read that piece yet, PLEASE CLICK HERE to do so

To see more of what happened from the army, click HERE.

And while this is ridiculously long, the official narrative is a must read.

The awards ceremony itself:



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Political? Really? Too bad some will never see the good in others. The President does his job and it's political. Too bad congress doesn't do theirs.

A noble soldier. CPT Swenson, you make our country proud!
You demonstrated a mastery of your professions tactics and showed grit and heroism against great odds. Most of all you showed the dedication of a true leader.
I am grateful that God's will brought you through it so we can thank you today.

Your day long battling against enemy forces and constant maneuvering of yourself and fellow comrade soldiers to take the fight to the enemy and neutralize enemy combatants by calling in mortar. artillery and providing Recoilless Rifle Support, so that you were able to successfully forestall the enemy insurgents and provide covering defensive fire so that you were able to remove the wounded and KIAs from the field of battle, is a tribute to your training, knowledge, instinct, bravery and intrepidity during the most important "moment of a soldier's enemy combat" that only about 1% to 2% of soldiers have to experience. That you were able to accomplish all of this and keep your mind focused knowing that you yourself could have been killed and no other Officer remaining to lead the day to a successful conclusion. Be ever careful and watchful of your surroundings during your future Combat Missions.

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