60 Minutes: What happened in Benghazi

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60 Minutes: What happened in Benghazi

This is not an easy watch, and will absolutely make your blood boil. 

I can't think of anything to add. Certainly nothing appropriate for here anyway. But it just infuriates me beyond belief. Men killed because of no one listening.

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Why haven't groups such as the American Legion and VFW demanded justice for our dead heroes? Why do we just sit here and let this sort of thing happen, again and again? Are you afraid? Is it not politically correct to question the worms who crawl amongst us and proclaim to be our leaders? Shame on all of you! Real soldiers and Marines would not act like this!

Another one of President Obama's signature acts... Assisted by Hillary Clinton, of course! Remember that we have an election coming up about this time next year. Please vote for America first. You can worry about your pocketbook later.

From top tobottom, the out of control mob that is running our country (into the ground) in Washington could care less about you, me or anybody else. They have their own agendas and will beg, borrow and stal to get what they want. In wars that we shouldn't be in which should have ended long ago. Didn't we learn anything when the Russians picked up their toys and went home from Afghanastan. Then comes Benghazi, Hillary Clinton skated on that one, now all the talk is about her being the next president of the great country. Obamas right hand man, Holder escaped without as much as a reprimand. He didn't even have to honor request for documents because of an executive order by Obama. Harry Reid holds this country hostage with his my way or the highway attitude. Yet everyone talks about the upcoming elections and the need to clean house. You can take this to the bank. After the votes are tallied, nothing will change and the same cast of charachters will be in control. The average citizen has no say in what is happening and things continue on a downward spiral. The American Legion and VFW could be the largest voting block in the country. The could make a difference if they were to band together. However, they wont, they'll continue to sit in front of their home computers and complain. It time that we stood together and made a difference.

Foreign aid is being sent to countries that can't stand Americans by the hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars. Politicians stand up and pound their frail little chest about the good foreign aid is doing. Homeless citizens don't get aid, hungry children don't get aid, seniors and veterans don't get aid. Homeless and children are forgotten because they don't, or can't vote. No one should live in hallways, alleys, cardboard shipping crates or dumpsters in this country. However, it is more important to the "good old boys" in Washington to be able to continue on their own little agenda than to stand and be heard on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged. Home town pet projects are more important than the people in this country that are struggling and forgotton about because thay don't have a voice in the game. If the debt ceiling is raised one cent and major spending cuts aren't tied in. You might as well sell the farm, because our grand kids are really in for a long and hard life. Think about it, lean on your representative and don't settle for lip service.

Wow thats intence.

Why would survivors have to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Another cover-up by the "Community Organizer". Perhaps the most corrupt admin in history? Chicago politics. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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