Videos: David Bellavia, and NRA's Life of Duty

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Videos: David Bellavia, and NRA's Life of Duty

As I settle back into the office after my trips to Cuba, DC and Houston, I wanted to share two videos while I sort through everything on my desk.  I am hoping to get up a post tomorrow or Thursday on Syria, with a poll so you can let me know what you think.

First up is my close friend David Bellavia from National Convention.  When he told me his theme was how the WWII generation was not in his opinion the "Greatest Generation" I figured he was either messing with me, or trying to get my fired.  I shouldn't have worried, he has a very reasoned basis for contending that our Vietnam brethren were the greatest generation.  I may be biased, but I thought it was the highlight of the convention, and not just because he is such a close personal friend.

“I think the greatest generation is an 18-year-old kid, who can’t even spell the country he was drafted to serve in,” Bellavia said. “I think the greatest generation is a young man who instead of being homecoming king, he was told to go fight a war overseas that he didn’t ask for, he didn’t vote for. The greatest generation would turn on the radio and be told that they were baby killers by popular culture. They were told by Hollywood that they were ignorant and a fool for doing what their country asked of them.

“In my opinion, the greatest generation was a generation that stood shoulder to shoulder and protected Iraq and Afghanistan veterans from the same unwashed ignorant classes that choose to put the soldier behind the foreign policy. The greatest generation is a generation of veterans who were treated with dishonor and shame and made sure that their sons and daughters would never be treated like they were treated.”

Second up, and in a similar vein, is this video from NRA's Life of Duty.  I've put up the past two videos of Outlaw Platoon, this is Part III.


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I am a Vietnam Veteran and a member of the American Legion. I too suffer from the horrors of war. These men in their platoon have lived the horrors we all share as war veterans. Support our troops, support their families, support our community of freedom by voting REPUBLICAN!! Let your voices be heard and tell the White House to bring our boys home OR... DEFEAT the enemies of freedom. God bless America

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