Are we witnessing the death of parenting?

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Are we witnessing the death of parenting?

This story will be pretty far off the beaten path for what I usually discuss, but I have to admit I am fascinated (in a horrible way) by it, and apparently many others are as well.  I asked my wife to DVR the View today, which was possibly more embarassing for me than someone being a Giants fan today.

To catch you up to speed on what is happening, watch this video from ABC News 10:NEWS10 ABC: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports So Holloway started a website entitled "Help me Save 300" and printed screen grabs of pictures and Tweets from the party.  It's resulted in a few good things, and one thing that will likely anger a lot of folks.

For one thing, the Eagle statue has been returned.  That's to be expected, since they had a picture of the girl who stole it.  Additionally, Mr. Holloway had a ton of people come over and help him fix up some of the damage, including some of the kids responsible.  As he posted on his website:

4 Students of The 300 showed up and took a stand for their greatness;  I want to thank the parents for joining them.  This was significant.

Four kids out of 300 seems rather meager to me, but I guess it is a start.  I wouldn't have been able to go back if it was me only because my parents would have paddled my butt so hard I probably would have needed a chair to move around.  Look, I did some dumb stuff as a kid, but I rather draw the line at causing $40,000 in damage to a house that I broke into.

Apparently most parents are not like my own (via my foirmer hometown newspaper the Berkshire Eagle):

Now, some of the teens' parents have threatened to sue for damages over his website,, which they claim defames their children, according to Holloway.

The former New England Patriots player told The Eagle he thought these parents' anger is misdirected.

"I wasn't there. All I did was reveal it to you," he said. "If your child pooped in their diaper, change the diaper, don't yell at me. It's simplistic but it's true.

"You wouldn't believe the stuff I've been getting," Holloway added.

Some parents, he said, claim their teenagers are suffering from "anxiety and depression" as a result of the considerable media attention given to the case. He said they've told Holloway "if my child commits suicide," the blame will fall on his shoulders.

But Holloway's lawyers and other "top attorneys" from around the country have assessed the circumstance and told him the parents' chances aren't good, he said.

So some kids break into a house, do drugs and destroy the place, and the parents want to punish the guy who publicised it?  Are you kididng me?

For his part, Hollway seems like a pretty good dude. 

(1)  Today we honored and support our real HEROS,  our military and veterans that served in Vietnam War,  Gulf War,  Desert Storm,  Desert Shied and The Afghanistan.  It was an amazing day; that all enjoyed and treasured.
(2) Community Volunteers helped to restore the damage;  it was a powerful time healing. You should have been here.

I wish I could have been there to help him, but I am more stunned at the litigiousness of parents.  If Johnny and Jane misbehave, how is it the responsibility of the victim?  Does this make any sense to anyone?

And now I'm actually excited to get home and watch my DVR of The View, which I will immediately delete after watching in case someone looks at my TV someday and catches me taping the View.  As I said,  I'd sooner be a Giants Offensive Lineman that get caught recording the View.

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I hope not..

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