9/11 families discuss the AQ trials

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9/11 families discuss the AQ trials

Coming to you from Gitmo again, and we had an interesting meeting last night with the families of some of the 9/11 victims that are down here watching the trial.  My videographer, John Napolitano was kind enough to edit it this morning because I was so interested in one of the comments made by a father.  He sums up EXACTLY how I feel about this trial.  I know I sound frustrated with some of the stuff that goes down, but I also believe this trial is needed.  If only to prove that no matter how others act, our country is a country of laws.  We'll get our vengeance, but we'll get it after affording these guys certain legal protections. 

Anyway, I love this quote:

We want these people to get a proper defense.  We want these people to have the rights that our families were not given.  Let them have the best defense that they can get.....and then lose.


Anyway, the whole video is really good and poignant.

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