SGT Reckless in the News

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SGT Reckless in the News

This weekend I was cleaning out my basement when I came upon a copy of Cowboys and Indians magazine that my wife's grandfather had given me a few years ago.  It had an article about Sgt. Reckless in it, and I wrote a piece at the time about the story.  Anyway, I re-read the piece again because I enjoyed it so much the first time.

Somewhat serendipitously I came across a story about Reckless today in the Washington Post:

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, the day an agreement was signed to end the fighting in the peninsula now divided into North and South Korea. On Saturday, men and women who fought in Korea will be honored in Washington. But the day before, another kind of leatherneck (a nickname for a Marine) will be honored: a little red horse.

Her name was Sergeant Reckless, and the Marines “drafted” her to pack ammunition to the battlefield and carry the wounded back to safety. But here’s the thing: She did it on her own. She kept climbing those jagged hills even after she was wounded.

The soldiers came to love her so much that they brought her home from Korea after the war to live at Camp Pendleton in California. On Friday, “Operation Reckless” at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico will feature the unveiling of a life-size statue of Sergeant Reckless, a real war horse.

“She was one of them, and that’s why they’re honoring her,” said Robin Hutton, of Ventura, California, who has written a book on the mare to be published this year. “She wasn’t a horse; she was a Marine.”

I liked this video about Reckless as well:

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To all of the American Heroes and Korean Vets that have been contacting me for the last three years to paint my impression of that unbelievable WAR Horse, SSgt. Reckless, she is now on the canvas!
After going over and over the stories, photos and seeing the movie "WAR HORSE”, I finally got out my special Horse painting brushes and a large 24X36 canvas.
She is starting to come alive in full battle action, bring all the supplies up that impregnable hill top.
This special painting is dedicated to my love for service horses and dedication to the freedom our founding fathers as well as those who came after them.
To give their all with their last effort and most of all last breath to keep us free is what I have deep inside of me, and it drives me to pay back with the GOD given gift of my work.
Thank you, to those who hounded me to do this painting. It should be done in time for Christmas and end of the Holiday gift giving season.
Any questions about the progress of the painting and available of my Framed only limited Edition High quality Giclee Canvas, hand repainted prints of SSgt. Reckless, you may contact me at 314-805-8011.
For those who would like to go to my web site to see other works, please call me or drop me a line. Then I should be able to get you to look at my web site which will show you that I am a painter of HISTORY.
Peace be with you all and may "GOD always Bless the USA",
Ron Hauser aka "The Canvas Cowboy"
Ron Hauser Enterprises LLC
Bunkhouse Studio
534 Murifield Drive
St. Charles, Missouri 63304
636-939-9415 Bunkhouse Studio Phone
314-805-8011 Trail Phone

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