New Special Forces motorcycle

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New Special Forces motorcycle

I like this so much it is scary:

Zero Motorcycles has created a stealth motorcycle for use by U.S. Special  Operations Forces: The MMX.

The all-electric off-roader features a nearly silent powertrain, full  blackout capability, wiring for infrared lighting systems and a keyless ignition  for quick starts.

"It was a very rewarding experience for the Zero team to go through such an  exacting development process. The military needed a very specific set of core  features on the MMX, and we were incredibly thankful to work side-by-side with  them to deliver such a unique product," said Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology  Officer for Zero Motorcycles.

And the capabilities seem pretty high-speed:

  • Wet operational abilities in up to one meter submersion
  • Switchable headlight for night-time stealth
  • Integrated wiring to accommodate quick installation of front and rear  infrared systems
  • Safety override and reserve power capabilities to extend range during  extreme situations
  • Aggressive foot pegs and hand guards for optimal control
  • Tie down eyelets with integrated tow cable and rear seat strap

The thought of driving this over rough terrain wearing night vision goggles kind of freaks me out.  I tried to play golf with NODS on one time and almost killed myself, I can imagine what it is like wearing the goggles.


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