Hasan trial getting even more idiotic

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Hasan trial getting even more idiotic

A quick update, but this has to be seen to be believed:

The LA times explores this defense a bit more:

In one of the first tests of Hasan's ability to defend himself, the judge on Tuesday asked him to cite the military law underlying his proposed defense. After pausing to confer with one of his three standby military lawyers, his former counsel, Hasan cited a specific rule of courts-martial providing for defense of others.

Osborn continued to press Hasan to explain — who were the “others” he was protecting? The shooting occurred at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, a Ft. Hood medical facility processing soldiers for deployment where Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, worked. The month of the shooting, Hasan was also due to deploy to Afghanistan.

Hasan said he was protecting "the leaders of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban specifically" including Mullah Omar, their spiritual leader. Then he asked for a break to "gather my thoughts.”

Yeah, see, I don't think that's exactly what the "defense of others" doctrine exists for.  The DoD must be really loving their "workplace violence" thing now, huh? 

The prosecution on this case can probably relax a bit.  I'm not seeing this as a winning gambit.

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Why isn't this terrorist dead by now? I mean what is the hold up? His trial and execution should have been over and done with already.

I realize we must go through the formality of a trial, but must we bendover for this murderer and treat him better than his victims. It has been reported that Hasan is still receiving his military pay while his victims pay is being withheld, and as a result Hasan has accumulated quite a nest egg while his victims are forced to suffer additional hardship as a result of his actions. I also understand that Hasan acting as his own lawyer plans to cross-examine his surviving victims in court as part of his defense strategy, which leaves me outraged and asking where is the justice for the victims?

I couldn't agree more... Such a travesty of ""JUSTICE"""...

From the top, a trial isn't a formality it is a Constitutional right; when it isn't we will have become our own enemy. We aren't bending over we are observing the law which is also why we are treating him better than his victims.

Next, as I remember it, incarcerated US Army members receive a "health and comfort" allowance and all other military pay is held by the US Army Paymaster until such time as the case is adjudicated, fines paid and the prisoner is released; or until such time as the prisoner is found not guilty and returned to active duty. In either case, those funds are not available for distribution to a third party (even dependents IIRC) as long as the prisoner is incarcerated, regardless of convicted or pretrial status. Things might have changed since then but I doubt it; Uncle Sam likes to make sure he doesn't underwrite prisoner escapes or allow possible fines and restitution funds to escape prior to a finding of the court.

Finally, the justice in the system is that even a scumbag gets his day in court. If we short-circuit that there is nothing to protect those that do nothing wrong from the screams of the mob. Just look at the Islamist thugs butchering Christians in Syria; do you propose we emulate them?

Try him, no matter how long it takes, convict him and then sentence him to 13 consecutive life sentences, toss him into mainline at Leavenworth and let the yard-dogs rip him to shreds far away from the camera’s eye. Most importantly, following the trial and sentencing, never mention this scumbag’s name again and if someone else does, just walk away. No celebrity status, no martyrdom and no recognition; let him go to his grave, no matter how soon or prolonged (that according to Hasan is the Will of Allah) understanding he is a nothing, accomplished nothing, and no one in the world will ever remember his name or know when he died.

This would be the ultimate, earthly, justice for the victims.

Unbelievable. . .

OK, fine. He was protecting Taliban leaders. Aiding, abetting & giving comfort to the enemy. Now they can add treason to the charges and ship him to Gitmo for the rest of his natural days.

put this SOB in the ground already I am tired of hearing of his Satanist religion and the terrorist he supposedly supports, this unacceptable in this countries armed forces

He should have been executed as a traitor & an enemy competent (the latter of which he has now admitted).

I would a lot happier if this bastard was killed the same day he committed the murder of our troops at Ft. Hood.

Let us not drag this out . He cannot claim insainty as he claims he is of sound mind to defend himself . The US paid for his educatioin the military kept promoting him irrevalent of his abilities and he didn't want to go to the middle east and serve . execution is the only recourse get on with it and dispose of the issue !!

Who vetted this Bastard in the first place.How did he raise in rank so fast.
Some thing other then this muslim assassin is not being told.
Do not tell me the United States Army had no inclination of his intentions.
That is plain horse shit.Others are involved in his terrorisim.
Where and who are they?

decapitate the scoundrel and bury his head with a pig then burn his worthless carcass and put his ashes in a piss tube in Afghanistan so other soldiers can urinate on his memory.

that he was in county jail - three deputy shifts a day just to guard him

a lot of money in deputy salary just to watch him 24/7 - and he's been paralyzed since the shootings

I'm new

I'm Capn Savage

This smacks of the same thing like giving people here who are here illegally according to the law amnesty and a way to gain citizenship & stay permanently. What the hell, they already broke the law and were going to reward them. Is it the feds idea that as citizens they'll pay taxes and contribute to the American Way. Yeah right. This guy has been caught dead to rights, no question he did what he stands accused of! If he does go to trial as someone already said, e's guilty as hell of aiding and abetting an enemy as those who are in gitmo are of killing innocent people all in the name of an idiotic religious belief. The time has come to do to these people what they'd do to any of our people they caught and have probably already done. As to Hasan and the others in gitmo, I say feed them some spam or pork products and if what is said about their belief is true they are unclean and will have to do themselves in. Save the USA a lot of money.

Just shoot the sob and quit wasting time & money!
Show the world we mean business!

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