Arthur J. Jackson's missing Medal of Honor

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Arthur J. Jackson's missing Medal of Honor

From Fox News:

With an act of almost unbelievable courage, Arthur J. Jackson took out 12 bunkers and killed almost 50 soldiers in a single savage battle for the South Pacific island of Peleliu in 1945, earning him the Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman.

But it stayed in his hands for only a couple weeks. Jackson was in New York to be saluted at a gala event along with several other World Word II Medal of Honor winners and left it on his bed when he went out for the evening. It was the last time he saw it.

“I had left my ---damned medal in its box on the bed in the room,” he told Fox News. “And I knew when I got back .... It’s the first thing I looked for – and it was gone.”

Having trouble embedding the video, so click on over and watch his search for his misisng medal.

Posting could be slow one more week here as I travel to Gettysburg, but I promise daily posts after this.  But all this week I will be camping out at Gettysburg as a member of the Confederate Cavalry.  Like I said earlier on Facebook, I have a good feeling about the South's chances this time.  

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