Marine Sergeant reunited with working dog

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Marine Sergeant reunited with working dog

I was actually in Iowa this weekend, and saw this on the local news.  I'm an absolute sucker for dogs, working ones, and the knuckleheads I have at home that seem to just eat and sleep and then keep me awake all night.  So, stories like this you'll be reading here 10 times out of 10:

When Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach served as a dog handler in Afghanistan, he  told the yellow lab who was his constant companion that he'd look her up when he  returned home.

"I promised her if we made it out of alive, I'd do whatever it took to find  her," Gundlach said.

On Friday, he made good on that vow with help from some sentimental state  officials in Iowa who know how to pull off a surprise.

Since leaving active duty to take classes at the University of Wisconsin this  summer, Gundlach, of Madison, Wis., had been seeking to adopt 4-year-old  Casey.

The 25-year-old learned Casey had finished her military service and had been  sent to the Iowa State Fire Marshal's Office, where she was used to detect  explosives.

Gundlach wrote to State Fire Marshal Director Ray Reynolds, explaining the  connection he felt with the dog. He even has a tattoo on his right forearm  depicting Casey with angel wings and a halo, sitting at the foot of a  Marine.

"He's been putting a case together for the last two months, sending me  pictures ... it just tugged on your heart," Reynolds said.

Here's some video from the event:

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Woof - Woof!!!

Woof - Woof...

happy for you both!

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