American Legion on location in Oklahoma

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American Legion on location in Oklahoma

The American Legion already has people on the ground in Oklahoma, and has allocated $1 million in funds to aid veterans and their families:

The American Legion, in partnership with Soldier’s Wish, is on-site in Moore, Okla., to provide emergency supplies to victims of the tornado devastation. Additionally, the American Legion is allocating $1 million to aid veterans and their families affected by the Oklahoma tornados.

"The American Legion is committed to the welfare of all veterans and has been on the front lines with veterans and their families in times like these since 1919," said American Legion National Commander James E. Koutz.

The American Legion and Soldier’s Wish are deploying to the disaster area to provide water, food and other items to help the community as they work through this crisis. Executives from The American Legion national office and Soldier’s Wish have already arrived in Oklahoma and spent the evening loading trailers with needed supplies. Supply distribution was to take place at American Legion Post 184, 207 Southwest 1st St. in Moore, as soon as allowed by authorities this morning.

For more info on the NEF, how to file a claim or make a donation, go here:

The Legion is allocating $1 million to veterans affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Veterans and their families whose homes were devastated by the disaster can request funds to cover relocation expenses incurred during the immediate aftermath of the disaster. The American Legion has set up a hotline — (800)-504-4098 — for veterans in Moore, Okla., who wish to request this emergency assistance.

Individuals wishing to donate directly to victims in Oklahoma can donate online.

General donations to the National Emergency fund may also be sent via U.S. Postal Service:

The American Legion NEF P.O. Box 1055 Indianapolis, IN 46206

  Wanted to share this as well, one bright moment in a scene of utter demolition.  Hankey Warning:

A request for help came in for anyone in Oklahoma:

We need some help in Moore if you can 19th and Telephone Rd By Home Depot is where we are setting up.  national is in town wanting to help so spread the word and come help!

Do not try to get there by going down I35 come in on 134th or one of the side roads.  What they need are works to help process TFA for tempory assistance and MONEY he said many of the volunteers have been there all night and will be getting tired at some point.

I have the contact info for our people on the ground.  If you are in the Moore, OK area and want to help, email me at MOTHAX@LEGION.ORG and I will hook you up with the contact info.

UPDATE:  Here's a quick video of our people on the ground:

The gentleman in the red shirt is Ken Danilson, who is our National Finance Commission Chairman, and a Legionnaire from just outside Ames, Iowa.  I was with Ken just this weekend out in Iowa, and he was looking forward to his trip to Oklahoma where he was meeting with another group we will talk about later.  As soon as the Tornado hit, Ken and others immediately relocated to Moore, and is working on the ground as I write this.

Hope to get better video later.


If there are any veterans who lost their house in the area, and who need to replace any medications, here is some helpful information:

Variety Care will replace meds for those who lost everything. Please have them or coordinators call  405-663-6622 .


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