Video from Exercise Angel Thunder

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Video from Exercise Angel Thunder

Sorry haven't been posting, we are running from around 6 am until 10 pm, and then I hit the rack.  I did set some uploads last night before I passed out though so wanted to give you a taste of the stuff I am getting to see with the PJs.

Just some background on these clips.  We (the role players) were part of a private military firm that had a guy with a gun shot wound.  We called in MEDEVAC birds, and one of them got shot down, crashing in this house.  We (about 5 of us) moved to set up security on the site, and called in a Air Force PJ team to exfiltrate our wounded and dead from the crash.

This first clip is that AF bird coming in.  We are under fire from Anti-Coalition Militia from the local village.  (Other AF role players.)  

Yes, the rotor wash is every bit as bad as it appears here, and probably worse.  Lots of loose little stones become projectiles.  Doing some laundry now so I have clean clothes to wear, but not sure my lungs enjoyed this much.

Anyway, this next clip is of the PJs coming onto the scene.  (They dismounted the bird in the previous video, but it was not secure enough to run across the street.)

Have other video, but it is taking forever to upload.

Update: More video making it in.  The first team to arrive was the PJ Commander (called a "Cro" for Combat Rescue Officer) and 2 PJs.  This is the second set of 3 PJs.  

Language Warning Begins Here.  These are special operators, not Boy Scouts, so, be advised....

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