More troubling news with regard to North Korea

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More troubling news with regard to North Korea

ABC News:

Gen. James Thurman, the top U.S. commander in South Korea, said that in his two years on the job he has never seen things as tense as they are right now, telling ABC News the situation on the Korean peninsula as "volatile" and "dangerous."

Thurman said in his exclusive interview with ABC News that his " job is to prevent war," but that his  greatest fear is a "miscalculation" that causes "a kinetic provocation." In military parlance, kinetic refers to combat.

From the AP:

WASHINGTON     (AP) -- Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is calling North Korea's development of nuclear weapons a "growing threat" to the U.S. and its allies.

In a telephone call Tuesday evening to Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan, Hagel cited North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and said Washington and Beijing should continue to cooperate on those problems.


North Korea closed access to a joint factory zone with South Korea on Wednesday, officials said, putting at risk $2 billion a year in trade that is vital for an impoverished state with a huge army, nuclear ambitions and a hungry population.

The move marked an escalation in North Korea's months-long standoff with South Korea and its ally Washington. On Tuesday, Pyongyang said it would restart a mothballed nuclear reactor, drawing criticism from the international community, including China, its major benefactor and diplomatic friend.

And from UK's Guardian:

The diplomatic crisis on the Korean peninsula has deepened after North Korea barred South Korean workers from entering a jointly run industrial complex just north of the countries' border.

China, meanwhile, voiced "serious concern" about rising tensions in the region, a day after North Korea said it would resume operations to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

And, when you add all that up, the sum doesn't bode well for US/North Korean relations.  South Korea can't be overjoyed at the saber-rattling.



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The [peaceful] solution to the DPRK (N. Korea) necessarily involves a move by the Chinese (PRC) to rein in their lunatic client state. I wonder if the way to motivate the PRC might be to have the governments of the ROK (S. Korea) and of Japan announce that, given the sharply higher tension in NW Asia generated by the crescendo of threats from the DPRK, they have commenced efforts to field nuclear capabilities of their own.

The Victims of the Ft.Hood incident should be awarded the Purple Heart & many other comendations for the acts of Bravery they were signing up for. Weather or not it was over seas, they were preparing to deploy ready to step up into action just because the action came before they were in the theater of action.Take away the benefits of the legislators that are fighting this...What a sign of a Grateful Nation that those who are about to deploy are being withheld...Remind our troops the are less then zero for stepping up to go to war...

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