Crowd-source designing the next Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle

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Crowd-source designing the next Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle

Last week after the bombing, hundreds on internet sleuths pored over the video and pictures of Boston and identified possible bombers.  It didn't work especially well in terms of accusing completely innocent folks, but it may be the wave of the future in such things.

So then I came upon this story this morning, and to be honest, I found it fascinating, and not just because DARPA was involved:

Three Americans from three different states teamed together to win one  million dollars this week in the competition to design the first stage of a  next-gen assault vehicle for the Marines.

In October of last year, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)  sent out a bat signal inviting all American innovators to design the new heavy  amphibious infantry fighting vehicle- the Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation  Ground Vehicle (FANG).

Each of the three FANG challenges invites competitors from across the country  to design increasingly complex vehicle subsystems and there is no fee to  participate.

FANG’s requirements reflect those of the Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat  Vehicle (ACV) program and the end game is achieving a finished heavy amphibious  infantry fighting vehicle that meets the needs of the Marines.

Here's the video that accompanies the story:

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