Seven Marines killed in training accident in Reno, NV

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Seven Marines killed in training accident in Reno, NV

Horrible news out of Nevada this morning:

Seven U.S. Marines were killed and at least seven wounded when a mortar exploded during a live-fire training exercise overnight at an Army munitions depot in the Nevada desert, military officials told NBC News.

There were conflicting reports about what happened. According to one account, a 60-millimeter mortar shell exploded in a tube as Marines were preparing to fire it. Another account said that the shell exploded as Marines were picking it up to load it.

The accident happened just before 10 p.m. Monday at Hawthorne Army Depot, a 147,000-acre ammunition storage and training facility just east of the California line.

Four Marines were killed instantly, military officials told NBC News. The two others died while waiting to be flown to the hospital.

Here's the video:

FoxNews also has information up on this.

Apologies on the slow posting again lately.  Turns out I have pneumonia, which is vindication for my wife who told me to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago.  Either way, I should be posting sporadically over the next couple of days while my lungs heal. 

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As a Fleet Marine Corpsman having served in Phu Bia Vietnam in 66-67, I'm always saddened to hear of the loss os any Marines! Bless them!!

Seabee MCB40 66-69. Vietnam 67-68 DMZ Dong Ha and all points north, 68-69 Phu Bai/Hue City inluding Ashau Valley May 69. I was wounded twice while working on all the forward marine firebases.
Early June 1968 in an ambush on route nine east of the rockpile, involved 8 Seabee trucks, mine sweep team, one duster and marine security guard. One mortar hit on road next to the duster and blew a marine over it. After supressing fire trucks were ordered off the roadway by marine in charge. Last saw corpsman trying to treat marine, he had him propped up against a tree. Later heard from some marines that he died. I was always haunted by the fact that I didn't know his named or unit. Any suggestions on how I may research this??? Sweep team came out of Camp Carroll or the Rockpile.
Semper Fi Facebook, Bob McBurnie, New Jersey

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