US Soldier's combat video viewed by over 23 million

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US Soldier's combat video viewed by over 23 million

An interesting, if long, article in the Washington Post today.

The video would be viewed more than 23 million times, making it perhaps the most-watched footage of the Afghan war. It began last April when Pfc. Ted Daniels pressed the record button on his helmet camera.

The device captured what he could see: a rocky Afghan hillside dotted with shrubs and boulders, a small village and no place to hide.

It also recorded sound: The pop, pop, pop of gunfire, and then Daniels’s voice.

“Hey!” he yells. “I’m moving down!”

The 37-year-old soldier pauses for a second and steps into the Taliban barrage, hoping to draw fire away from his fellow soldiers. A bullet kicks up a cloud of dust inches from his right foot. Another strikes near his left.

Daniels scrambles across the steep hill, breathing heavily. The camera careens from side to side as he looks for cover. He is kneeling behind a small rock when an enemy round slams into his rifle, knocking it from his hands.

If you get a chance, go and read the entire piece, because it is interesting from the perspective that the DoD is basically trying to stifle it.  And they may have a point, although I wouldn't concede that.  Either way, take the 3 minutes to watch the harrowing video:


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Let people see what war is really like.

Where in the Hell is the napalm. The terrain is impossible to fight from in a defensive position with a rifle. The hills are best suited for ambush and snipers. When fired upon it appears to be inpossible to locate the location of the person (s) firing at you. With naplam you could paint the side of a hill and it would be a Hell of a lot cheaper than what is being used. Why is the American Army using the tactics of British Army General Burgoyne of the Revolutionary War of the 1770's.

Richard Mason
US Army

This video is the reason why we need a draft.
It is completly NUTS that you have the good kids that do many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And you have other young males running around our cities with thier pants half way down selling drugs, collecting welfare while shooting people and dancing at the same time.
I think tat if they like to abuse our 2nd admendment so much we should give them a weapon and let them use it over there.
I served active 1963 to 1967 US Navy Honorable discharged in 1969

The last thing we need is a draft, for exactly the reasons you stated Jim. Those POS gangbangers slinging dope and living on welfare would destroy the professionalism that the Armed Forces has tried so hard to build up since after Vietnam. The last thing we need is a bunch of social rejects and criminals putting on the uniform and representing our nation to the world.

The answer to welfare is finding work for them to do. I don't care if it is picking up garbage off the highway or sweeping up city parks, get them off their asses and back to work.

The answer to the criminals is simple – prison or suitable permanent punitive action. If they do something that deserves a sentence of 20-30 years, lock them up and make them work off their debt to society. If they do something sufficiently evil to warrant life without the possibility of parole or death, then put them to death and get it over with. I for one and sick and tired of working my ass off to have my tax dollars spent on supporting lazy, worthless people and criminals.

USAF 1986-1994 SAC/Persian Gulf war Vet

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