Three American Heroes

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Three American Heroes

This will no doubt make many folks jealous, but I've been spending the week here at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  As wiki explains:  "The SHOT Show is an annual tradeshow for the shootinghunting, and firearms industry. It is the biggest event of this type in the world."

Even better than being able to see the products, I have spent the past couple of days spending time with people like Ollie North (a Legionnaire) and others.  But the highlight for me has been sharing a booth space with Jon Cavaiani (MOH Recipient), Gary O'Neal (Ranger Hall of Fame) and Chuck Mawhinney (USMC Snpier from Viet Nam.)  They are also headlining the Warrior Appreciation Night that The American Legion is sponsoring tonight.

I'll have a full run down next week, but I wanted to share some videos about these amazing individuals.



Being able to spend days with men like this is why I have the greatest job in the world.

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I have watched the majority of the videos by the MOH winners and appreciate this site for the privilege of hearing their stories....

Well I think that the reason were all alive is because were all great and wearisome and thanks to you your making peoples life bad.

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