Go Vote!

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Go Vote!

Finally!  Whether your candidates win or lose today (or next month when the recounts are done) I think as a nation there'll be a collective sigh of relief when it is all over.  As I told my wife the other day, I've never wanted my TV commercials to feature talking bears discussing toilet paper so much in my life.  Fleeing to Mexico only offered slight respite, as I get TV out of NY and CA and they are running non-stop ads.

But either way, make sure you vote today.  I was proud that I was able to provide security in Afghanistan during their first Presidential election, and I watched people walk miles and miles to vote, even risking life and limb to do so.  When only 50% of Americans vote and they have no such worries of violence, it should shock all of our consciences.

SO get out and vote.  And then (like me) enjoy a frozen Margarita and rejoice in the fact we made it through another silly season.

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