"Reverse boot camp" unveiled by President at VFW Convention

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"Reverse boot camp" unveiled by President at VFW Convention

From Stars and Stripes:

Troops leaving the military will go through a five- to seven-day reverse boot camp covering job skills, personal finances and veterans benefits under a new initiative to be announced by President Barack Obama on Monday.

At a speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Nevada, Obama will outline the program -- dubbed Transition Goals Planning Success, or Transition GPS -- as part of a wider effort to help curb veterans unemployment and the difficult integration into civilian life for many troops.

Some of the specific things this will focus on:

The new five-day transition curriculum, created by an interagency task force, will cover lessons in basic budgeting tips, resume preparation, dealing with family adjustment issues, and translating military skills into a civilian environment. Representatives from the Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs will brief outgoing troops on post-service benefits.

Officials said troops will also be offered another two-day course in one of three categories: attending college, getting a technical or civilian-credentialed job, or starting a business from scratch.

Seems like a good idea generally.  We spend a lot of time training people, and then let them out with their DD214, and no idea where to go.  My only concern is that this doesn't get too bogged down in a one-size-fits-all mentality.  When I got off deployments with the National Guard, I didn't need any of this.  My problem was just getting released in time to get back to my job and law school, but other troops needed some serious help in figuring out what their first step would be.  Ideally it would be great if we had every troop that was processing out a place to go, either school or a job or at least something stable.  Then again, the military isn't a social system either, so I get that.

Looking forward to reading more about what the plan is here. 

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I can only speak with personel knowledge on army matters....but...The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) has been in place for years. Sounds like an election year announcement to me.

You hit the nail on the head! That program is great here at Bragg I always push Soldiers to go thru it start to finish, it's helped everyone that has applied what they teach and it's even has classes for spouses! No I don't work for them either.

Looks to be a present administration improvement to the existing program. Hope it continues no matter who wins the election.

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