Boys State of Virginia: Nimitz City Redux

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Boys State of Virginia: Nimitz City Redux

As long-time readers of the Burn Pit will likely remember, each year I take 1 year off from sitting in my office to be a counselor at Boys State of Virginia.  For those that are new and don't know what the program is, essentially we replicate the city and state government of Virginia with our nearly 800 citizens of Virginia Boys State.  

 What you will do at Boys State

You will create an effective political organization, operating from the local through the state level. The government organization provides for such features as city and state elections. The citizens are organized into two political parties: the Nationalist Party and the Federalist Party.

Boys State Objectives

Boys State is a non-partisan program which encompasses the following objectives:

  • To develop civic leadership and pride in American Citizenship.
  • To arouse a keen interest in the detailed study of our government.
  • To develop in the citizens a determination to maintain our form of government, primarily by bringing them to the realization of how great it is to be an American.
  • To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the Community, State and Nation.

Last year I had Nimitz City as well, and my city managed to anger the entire state through some misguided political machinations.  As I wrote at the time….

Apparently my boys decided on an Attorney General candidate, and went out to try to get the other 15 cities to support that candidate.  In terms of horse-trading, all they had to offer was their votes for Lt. Governor and Governor at the convention.  Apparently (again, wasn't there) they decided to offer their votes for Governor to about 7 different cities.  When the time came, they voted for 1, leaving 6 very angry cities.  They likely did the same thing on the Lt. Gov candidate.

I honestly have no idea why they would do that.  The problem with selling your soul for the nomination is that you virtually guarantee you have no chance of winning in the General Election.  Predictcably, our candidate got slaughtered in the election.  To make matters worse, his speech allegedly began with "raise your hand if my city promised you something they didn't deliver" and half the arena raised their hands.

Just getting to know my kids now of course, but I am cautiously optimistic I will have a good city.  I have a Virginia State Policeman as one of my junior counselors, so hopefully he will scare them into good behavior.  They are all either supreme over-achievers….or somewhat apathetic apparently.  I usually have about 6-8 citizens that want to run for Sheriff, which is one of the two highest city elections, with Mayor being the other.  This year I had a grand total of one kid running for the position, which certainly cut down on the speech time, which is a good thing I suppose.  Thankfully the citizen they elected (name, city) seems to be a great choice.  On the first night we also elected a city chaplain (we have a daily non-denominational church service) an Athletic Director (organizing Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Table Tennis and Tennis teams), and selected our participants for Moot Court, Better Speaking, CPR, and Parliamentary Procedure.  

 I will be here all week, but will be posting other things that pop up.  Chief among those (I hope) will be the Supreme Court decision in Alvarez, the Stolen Valor Act constitutionality ruling.  That could come as early as 10am this morning, and if it does, I will have a series of blog postings digesting the ruling.  If it doesn't come tomorrow, it might come either on Thursday (a somewhat rare day for Opinions historically) or again next Monday.  If you are incredibly eager to see what comes down from the court (the immigration and Health Care rulings are also expected in the next few weeks) you can go where I go to get the first news, ScotusBlog.

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Maybe these boys could do a better job than the elected officials we presently have in office.

Gee, if you "each year .. take 1 year off", you are an even better writer than I thought.

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