America's Got Talent wounded veteran not as he claims to be....

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America's Got Talent wounded veteran not as he claims to be....

It was a story that took the internet fast, quickly being spotlighted all over the place, including the main page at Yahoo.  His name is Timothy Poe, and his story and singing ability were heartwrenching....


Tim Poe, Austin Auditions ~ America's Got Talent... by HumanSlinky

My sister-in-law watched it with my nieces while my brother was recovering from a back operation, and she told me yesterday that they all cried when they watched him.

Only one problem, his story is a lie, and his fellow soldiers with the 114th Transportation Company weren't about to let it stand. They took to all the websites touting Poe, and told their stories, and explained how Poe had not been injured with a grenade, had never cleared buildings, had never earned a purple heart.

Eventually the Minn National Guard was forced to respond with a press release of their own:


~~ Attributable to Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, Spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard ~~

Sgt. Timothy Michael Poe served in the Minnesota Army National Guard from Dec. 3, 2002 until May 26, 2011, and performed as a supply specialist.

His military records indicate that he served with the Minnesota National Guard in Kosovo from Oct. 10, 2007 until July 15, 2008, and was deployed to Afghanistan from July 28, 2009 to Aug. 30, 2009.

Sgt. Poe’s official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports. The Minnesota National Guard can also confirm that he was not awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds sustained in combat.

And so, what could have been a great story about one man overcoming a speech impediment, and his honorable service in the military became the latest case of Stolen Valor.

I don't watch this show, but I got a phone call early yesterday morning asking me to get on this case.  My caller knew this guy, and knew his story was made up.  And this wasn't an on-the-spot fabrication, he's apparentlty been telling tall tales for years.  Just look at this flyer from a golf tournament he partook in, all the information contained here is self-reported from Poe to the organizers:

As the National Guard release makes clear, he's added a lot of things.  No purple heart, no bronze star, no Combat Infantryman's Badge, no tours in Iraq. 

The story is ongoing, as people are still emailing me tips on things Tim Poe has said at other times, and even the New York Post is on the hunt now, including talking to Poe's ex-wife....

Poe’s ex-wife, Kelly Ballard, said she has never heard her former spouse  stutter like he did on the show.

“There were no combat injuries,” said Ballard from her Texas home. “I think  he developed a ‘feel sorry for me’ stutter.” [...]

He claimed that had he not been injured, he might never have discovered his  singing voice. But Ballard said years earlier, he was the lead singer in a band  called “Crawlspace.”

Show producers said they first learned only yesterday that Poe had been  lying.

As all this was breaking yesterday, one guy on Facebook stood up to defend America's Got Talent and Poe, saying:

Really people don’t you think the show would do there research before televising his addition as well as the network. The net work dose full on back grounds on the contestant and there stories before the show even comes out let alone be put on air and I’m sure if your story was true about Tim Poe the US Military would of already came out to say he lying after all these addition were over a month ago. I do respect and support are troops but this just seems like bullying to me.

Well actually, no, their lack of research on this guy doesn't surprise me at all.  As a nearly full-time Stolen Valor hunter, we find this all the time, whether on TV or in some print medium.

Within the next few weeks the Supreme Court will rule on whether the Stolen Valor Law remains legally binding.  Some claim that it is a violation of the First Amendment, and that no one is harmed by these phonies.  Yeah, well tell that to my little nieces who were so moved by this guy's story, only to have to be told by their Uncle that sometimes people lie to get attention.  And unless the Supreme Court upholds the law, Poe will get away with his lies without even being sent to bed without dinner.

How is that justice for those of us who did serve?




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He was injured, just not in combat. Sources are telling me he fell off a vehicle. (Which is not getting hit in the head with an RPG.)

Vern, like I said in my reply to Jack, I spent 31 years in the Air National Guard. It is "normal" in today's guard for members to be sent into the "hotbox" for 30 days at a time. These are not unit activations or unit deployments. The individual is placed on active duty alone or with a small contingent of his unit members and may be sent into a combat zone for 30, 60, or 90 days at a time. Unit activations or deployments will be longer, for Army Guard units they are 1 year, same as for active Army units. Oh, and I didn't mean to reference Enduring Freedom twice in my previous of them should have been Operation Noble Eagle.

He was only deployed for a month. I was deployed with him. He allegedly hurt his ear while we were training in Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The injury wasn't severe enough to need medical attention at the time, but when we were ready to move forward, it suddenly became debilitating. He is a liar in every sense of the word!!!

Jane Fonda did more than make a mistake. When American prisoners asked her to deliver messages to their families, she handed the messages over to the North Vietnamese guards and the Americans were beaten up and put in solitary. Iva Toguri made a mistake. Iva got 10 years in prison. Jane Fonda was a traitor. I am a Vietnam ERA veteran, airborne volunteer, injured in stateside training, no combat, NDSM. Medical discharge, Still limp.

Jane Fonda did more than make a mistake. When American prisoners asked her to deliver messages to their families, she handed the messages over to the North Vietnamese guards and the Americans were beaten up and put in solitary. Iva Toguri made a mistake. Iva got 10 years in prison. Jane Fonda was a traitor. I am a Vietnam ERA veteran, airborne volunteer, injured in stateside training, no combat, NDSM. Medical discharge, Still limp.

I agree with the post that stated "fraud is fraud", and that this is NOT a black-and-white First Amendment issue. Okay, so there's the "fish story" type of lie around the water cooler, and then there's a lie such as this one leading to material gain, or at least "currying favor" for material gain. I assume AGT gives award money (or a record contract)? So, as much as I'm a Christian woman who tries to have a compassionate heart, this is not just a poor soul looking for attention -- his "yarn" was pre-meditated and he knew full-well what he was doing. (Golf tourney, AGT... who knows what else he's done or may have done?) When "stolen valor" can lead to stolen benefits, cash (or other tangibles), then perhaps the Supreme Court will see that justice must be served. A veteran should be an example to our youth, but if one of our own (and he is, for better or worse) isn't held accountable by his country for his actions, then how can we expect our children to respect and honor present and future military service -- both great and small? A thief is a thief! -- A 1980's USN Vet / CTR2 .- .-. ..

Didn't we just witness what happens to people lying about their service records... That one guy who "was awarded" The Medal of Honor. I am proud to serve my country. E-3 USA

well i m a proud disabled vet and its to bad a vet has to lie about being disabled just for attention on a show it give the show a bad name but even worse it make people doubt us vets who are really disabled (100%) he needs to be stripped of his discharge and given a dishonorable discharge GOD BLESS ALL VETS

Hell, if the president of the US anc do it and make millions why can't this guy.

SO , u say it is ok 4 2 worngs to make it right , NO , that is ABSURD, 2 THINGS , our lord & karma !! , will make short order of the both of them , AND IT ALL COMES OUT IN THE END , JUST LIKE CHICKEN SH*T , THEY ALL WILL HAVE TO MEET THERE MAKER , some sooner some later , & some the sooner the BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. DAMN LIER'S

He is an ASS.

I think that's what I just said about both of them. At least this guy can sing. I'm not sure, if you are Navy retired you would defend either one of them.

I served in Korea the forgoten war and i earned my combat infantry badge in 55 degree below zero weather and i am very peoud of it .and for some ass toclaim he won it burns my assRpuhn

I am a Vietnam ERA Veteran. I am proud that I voluteered before the official end to the Vn War but I was never in country so when people ask me if I am a Vet, I say no.

If you severed in the Armed Forses you are a vet. Did you go to Viet Nam? No, but you did your duty.

You are a veteran. I am a Disabled Veteran. If you were in he military for at least 180 days, you are a veteran. I salute you sir.

Tim Boy! You could have told the truth and been on top of the world. Now you gotta untell your lie. Too bad. However, you did serve so you get credit for that There are a whole lot of them out there who did not serve. There are also a whole lot of them out there who didn't serve yet tell hero stories - better known as lies. So we can say farewell to you Timothy. Let's hope you find the courage to untell your lie and hopefully find the reason in that weird mind of yours . . . WHY?

I am a vietnam vet with 25 months service in country. I am proud of every second spent there. It was difficult work, but well worth it. If that, So Called Vet had spent time there, he would never have even considered doing what he has done. I have a feeling he is going to really earn his CIB before this is all over. Welcome home to all my fellow Vets; God is with you----Not him.

I've got a brother-in-law that couldn't get through boot camp, had to run home to mamma. He's been wearing a special forces tattoo and now has a "Ranger" sticker on the back of his truck. I'm a vet, 82nd Airborne and have listened to my wife and have never said anything to keep peace in the family. After this story I've decided its not fair to me and other vets to let this low life brother-in-law get away with this any longer. God bless America and Air Borne all the way!

I was in the Navy on a destroyer in South East Asia at the beginning of Viet Nam but I was never in country or near any combat operations. When asked I say I am a Viet Nam era vet but was never in combat. I am proud of my service and respect all that have served during war and peace. We were there and ready if needed.

I have very little respect for those that try to pass themselves as combat personnel and were never in the area, and I have NO respect for anybody that says they were there and were never even in the service.

There I was, surrounded by Iraqi Zombies....

We have a lot of what I call "WANTABES". I did serve and I run into a lot of people, many not even have served, that were snipers, special forces, black hawk, rangers, seals and a few others. Many times you can tell they are WANTABES and have no real knowledge on the subject. This guy Poe gave hisself away at the end when he did not stutter behind stage. Some may have served but they want to make their time in service a little more exciting.

Just another dirtbag trying to capitalize on other's sacrifice..

What a shame! This demeans all of us who served honorably--whether in combat or not. The first basis of honor is telling the truth--and this guy did not.
The show should apologize and get a real veteran on instead. Thanks for all your hard work exposing his lies and those of other phoneys! We owe you a debt, and we pray the Supreme Court make the right decision.
Ed Ramos. San Antonio, TX

Why was the dude only in Afghanistant for one month "July 28, 2009 to Aug. 30, 2009." Was he section 8'd?

I have met "veterans" claiming service in VN who were about six years old when the Embassy was evacuated; at least three individuals who claimed to have been "the first" Pathfinder to jump into Grenada; treadheads who claimed Desert Storm CIBs (don't get me wrong, I love having a tank around when the bad guys are dug in, but they still don't get an INFANTRY badge); etc., etc. Most of these chuckleheads were harmless, talking over their ninth or tenth cold Coors. But, when someone has told the same lie for so long that they may actually be starting to believe it themselves, and does so for some personal gain besides inflated ego, they not only should be called on it, but should have the privilege of digging my latrines for the next two tours. Maybe when the mortar rounds start bursting in the canopy overhead, he'd jump into one of those latrines to save his sorry butt.

If you post this on your local news media that Facebook spy on!!!!
:::Google " The Koch brothers Exposed" and see who the right wing republicans tea baggers and facebook take their orders from!!!!

Facebook is now disabling peoples accounts (Censorship) that post anything against the Koch brothers, Roves’ PAC or the tea bag party on any website that they monitor!!!!

You can not post on any of your local news sites when Facebook censors you!!!!!!

Also is it true that facebook is selling personal information to international corporations to make it money ????

There are people who get government jobs or jobs with government contractors who use other peoples DD-214 to get the job who did not serve!! There NO way for anyone to check these people!!!

I servered 20 years, retired, and went on to the rest of my life. I can BS with the best of them but I never felt the need to claim that which I did not earn. The military award system may not be the best in the world but most times it gets things right. So as to this young man you can see his character in his lies and possibly the reasons he did not earn anything he claimed.

Sad. I served witht he 199th LIB in Xuan Loc and got reassigned to Long Binh when Nixon began vietnamization. I honor all veterans. They gave to their nation and our way of life. Vietnam Vets were ignored. I only hope this soldier's falsehood does not steal the feelings that all Americans should have towards those who came home from combat zones. His service should be recognized but his claims should be corrected by him.

I think the punishment for things like this should be community service at a VA hospital. Let these wannabees wipe the asses of some of the real heroes for a while.

This action by this guy is not an isolated issue. He must have some mental issues because no one in their right mind would go on tv and disgrace a vet. I remember a local man going as far as he could saying he was a retired Navy Seal and petitioned to get a license plate stating such. Some vets and local officials brought it to light and he was investigated and charged and fined for his fraud. This guy will be prosecuted for sure in the eyes of our country. Thanks to all veteran guys and gals for your service

From a Vietnam veteran (71st/11th Transportation Battalion, 402nd Transportation Company (TT)) glad to see fellow present day transporters (Minnesota National Guard, 347th Regional Support Group, 114th Transportation Company) setting the story straight. PER SCIENTIAM PROGREDIMUR!

I saw the before show interview with Nick, and I thought his stuttering sounded intentional. When he offered so much information to the judges before performing I again thought he was looking for attention. After he went backstage with Nick, he said a complete sentence with not a hint of a stutter. Nick even commented on the fact he did not stutter. I think he realized then that he goofed, and tried to cover up for mistake. I'll say one thing, he is a good performer, but not necessarily at singing!

the fact that his x wife says he dont ever studder before this ,pisses me off he lied about studdering?

As much as it pains me to say this, " HE IS STILL A VETERAN" and probably has an Honorable Discharge. He will regret this story he made up for the rest of his life. I am a Vietnam Vet, 2 tours, saw combat twice but ran from rockets and mortars many times. No Purple Heart, thank god. I am proud of my service to this great country. Like I said, HE WILL REGRET HIS LIE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!! ENOUGH SAID

As a 2 tour veteran of Vietnam, I have sat in bars and listened to some of these wanna be heroes tell BS stories and never told them of my service. It's easy for a vet to see through their lies and I just turn and walk away from them.....

Anybody that watches America's Got Talent should be lied to. It's nothing but garbage anyway.

Roger that. Everything on TV, except for Pro Football, is total crap anymore. Used to be you could at least get decent shows on pure crap. Only reason to have a TV is for the weather channel.

Take a close look at this country's incarceration rate. And if you want to incarcerate liars, start with politicians and Fox News!!!

I am a disable vet who was stationed in Japan when I was a passenger in my First Sgts vehicle when we where involved in a severe head on collision. This was over 18 years ago and I still live in constant pain due to the accident and am 70%. I still do not put myself in the category of the Combat Vet who faced death and felt like they could die a any moment. I love and respect what you did for me and this country. As for Poe......F--K em and Texas gets dibs on that SOB...Sorry Bama

20 years in armor/cav and the closest I got to combat was 6 mos TDY in Riyadh, Khamis Mushayt and Tabuk during dustup in the desert I. Never saw the elephant so I don't know the answer to the elephant's question. Just as well, I suspect. Though I did blow out my ankle playing volleyball against a bunch of RSLF guys. And even though the ball said 'made in iraq' our oic absolutely refused to write up the PH citation. All this while our compadres in the AF were getting PH's for acquiring frostbite from the AC unit behind their desk across town at the RSAF base where the stealth fighters were based. Oh well, chapter 12'ing my butt with all fingers and toes present and accounted for counts as a win.

i am not a war veteran either but did serve in the army from 2006 to 2008. i have the general medals and my back got hurt. i was an 11c and did a year in korea at camp casey and did the rest of my time at fort riley ks. this sickens me. a lot of us lost brothers and sisters to iraq and this jerk lies. i agree with everyone lets send him over to have fun. teach him the error of his ways. god bless every veteran and current member of the armed forces. and never forget the fallen heros. god bless


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