Video: USS Westchester County, Vietnam


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The vid did not load. But would like to have seen it as 1167 was my first duty station in 1972.

Would have been bice if this would have loaded. Twas my last duty station in '63

A nice film clip I'll be sure to see the entire movie when it debuts.

Thanks for putting it here so we could get the heads-up.

Robert Ireland (PUFL)
Post 174 Willitsa, CA

"Greatest loss of life for US Navy during entire war?" More than a hundred men were lost on the USS Forrestal during it famous fire.

The Forrestal wasn't a combat loss, WESCO was an enemy action loss.

I never new the history of the ship. Spent 3 months on her in the south pacific with the I Co. 3rd battalion 9th Marines on a SEATO float. I thought We were going to sink in a major Typhoon coming out of Singapore going to Subic Bay. But the old Girl stood Tough even though we were taking big waves over the bow and could only head into the wind. The sight from the Wheel house that night I will never forget. I am from Westchester County NY so I was pre disposed to liking this ship. Besides With no flight Desk to run three miles on we marines were limited to jumping jacks only. Nice three months and the Navy Crew was the best I ever Knew. Semper Fi the Rapper

Served from '71 to decomish in Yakuska Japan in '73. Last operation was mine sweeping and mother ship in Hyphong harbor before treaty signed.


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