Delaware Legion helps reunite Soldier and Dog

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Delaware Legion helps reunite Soldier and Dog

Kind of a nice story from DelMarVa Now today....

DAGSBORO -- A benefit hosted by American Legion Post 24 has enabled a Delaware soldier to return home with his furry friend.

The Puppy Rescue Mission fundraiser raised more than $2,500 for the organization that aims to help soldiers bring home the animals they bond with overseas. The ladies auxiliary hopes to pitch in an additional $480.

"What we're trying to do is get individual donations from our post ... to make it to the $3,000 (that's needed)," said Auxiliary President Emma McHugh.

The puppy, Sookie, could be transported to Smyrna as early as the end of the month, but will have to wait until December to be reunited with her solider, said Linda McHugh, auxiliary vice president.


I talked to my Delware guys this morning, they are here for the Fall Meetings. Past National Commander and current Department Adjutant for Delaware, Ric Santos, tells me he spends a lot of time at this post, and he can get me more pictures and info on this fund raiser.

Anytime we have dogs and soldiers, I get a little misty eyed. Still trying to get over this guy coming home to Emmitt Thunderpaws from a month or so ago...


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