The 2011 "Jesse MacBeth" Stolen Valor Tournament

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The 2011 "Jesse MacBeth" Stolen Valor Tournament

Some fun going on over at This Ain't Hell that I wanted to share with y'all and get some crowd participation.

The premise is simple...we took what we considered to be the most odious 32 Stolen Valor guys and girls and put them into 4 brackets:

* Flag Officer Regional

* Senior NCO Regional

* Special Operations Regional

* Seek Help Regional.

Each day this week, one regional has been up for grabs, and readers can go in and vote for who they feel is the most deserving to be named the Phoniest of the Phonies, an award to be decided on November 9th*  (moved per valid point about USMC Birthday) which we are calling "Not a Veterans Day."  It's a bit like the Razzies for films.

Anyway, you can see the 32 individuals selected at this link here.  If you click the name, it will take you to more information about the individual.   The brackets are located here (just click this sentence). 

Two of the four Regionals have already had first rounds, but you can see those by clicking below:

Flag Officer Regional

Seek Help Regional

So, today is voting for the Special Ops Regional, here is the bracket for that one.  Like I said, you can get detailed bios at the link above, but if you go directly to today's voting (BY CLICKING THIS LINK) you should  be able to get all the info you need to make an informed decision. 

[Note: moderate language warning if you go there.  Nothing you don't hear everyday, but a warning nonetheless]

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I agree we need to showcase these dirtbags, but to make it into a game does not settle well with me.

Agreed dumb game

I know SEAL stick fighting, was a SEAL sniper and then I actually only worked as a contractor doing stuff the SEALs were too cowardly to do. Please add me to the list. I am also using my fake credentials to sell a fraudulent energy device... Please, I should be Admiral.

They should all be made subservient to the wounded and fallen folks of REAL VALOR.

I agree with James. I'm all for making these frauds known. But some how making it a game is just too much...

Out of respect to the United States Marines this should not take place on the Corps birthday.

MOTHAX WRITES: Fair point Eric, we are moving it. We wanted it close to Veterans Day so we can point out that real vets are hurt by these phonies, but none of us that were talking were Marines, and failed to consider that.

Yeah, November 10 is probably more sacred to the Marine Corps than the real Veterans Day on November 11. If we want to play this game then April FOOLS Day would be more appropriate. It would also be closer to the real NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Although I also disagree as do others with some of your choices of topics to write about I do appreciate your honesty and your response to one person giving your direct email address out to him and subsequently to all of us to write you directly and feel your decision in this instance and your response to Eric was very appropriate.

Making this a game is stupid a article and showcase the laws and what is being done to prevent this.

Come on you guys are better than this!

USMC ret

Curt - I have done that about 40 times. And those 40 times together didn't get the traffic that this competition is getting. The entire focus is to get as many eyes on these phonies as possible. If you have a suggestion on how to get more people interested in this using another means, I am all ears.

After hearing about your contest I decided to Google Jesse Macbeth. It was easy to find videos of his story on YouTube. I can't say I'm glad I did because what I saw was a sketchy, odd little dude who could not speak a word of his accounts without stuttering & shifting his eyes. As not only a veteran but a human being, these are all traits of a pathological liar.

I don't know what to say other than he'd not be a member of my circle and deserves to be recognized as a deceitful liar and a pathetic individual due to his false claims.

It'd be very interesting to intact some laws based on false military claims. Let that go on their record so when prospective customers & employers see this, they can judge whether to do business with that person or not.

My guess, if we had something built into the system, there would be far fewer false claims for fear of reprisal.

I've done something around 40 posts on Stolen Valor, discussing the laws, the various court decisions, and everything else on the subject.  Since the courts have now decided no one is harmed, it seems the best way to stop them is to shame them utterly, and ensure that others see how shamed they will be if they fall into the same steps. 

The message of the tournament should be clear: if you lie, we will catch you.

And since the traffic on the tournament is greater than anything else we could write, and has garnered so much outside interest, at the least one would have to admit that that is working.


By givning these individuals publicity, you are giving these people what they actually wanted all along.....

These phonies obviously wanted praise and publicity for something they didn't do. I say give them the publicity showered with shame.

If you posted the leaded pics of a nude starlet, that'd probably get you more hits too. Just because it draws views doesn't make it right.

If this is what my money is being used for, consider yourself with one less member.


leaked pics

Well Rick, of course we always hate to lose a member, but I am paid to write.  If you disagree with our plan on bringing attention to these individuals who lie, I would love any advice from you on how we should be doing that.  But, the reality is that so far this thing has gotten interest from numerous newspapers and such that did not have interest in the issue previous to that.

As always, you can email me at mothax[at] if you want to share a better way of accomplishing the goals, or if you have something you wish to be published here.

I agree. Last time I checked 'Retribution' was not an Army Value. Respect is a value. These phonies disrespected the Uniformed Services and its members. Some of them used poor judgment, while others are pathological liars that probably need professional behavioral treatment.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The legacy of this nation's Service members spans hundreds of years and is stronger than ever. It hardly needs an immature tournament to defend it.

Guys like this Macbeth scumbag make me ill. I remember when I was stationed in Norfolk, VA in the 90's and watching a grizzled Master Chief tear this kid a new one over the six or seven bars worth of ribbons he was trying to put together. The little fart had the nerve to include things like the Purple Heart, the Navy Cross, and several others that he was far too young to have earned or that the majority of which are awarded posthumously. Guys like these need to be strung up by their thumbs and horse-whipped every hour on the hour for a week.

I think this article/contest is a great idea.... there are people out there that have been telling these stories so long that they even believe them now. The people who have these fantasies and pass them off as truth must feel like it is somehow harmless to take credit for what real people have done, many of whom did not come back or will never be able to live normal lives because of the things they did.
I feel bad that I missed the date to submit nominees for this not so prestigious award. I worked for a man that ran black ops in Cambodia, Loas and Vietnam, he lead his SF team that tracked and harassed Vietnamese units through those countries. He has been through so much combat it in the jungle that his feeling is- "the people that are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan know with PTSD are pussies"
When he got back he became a San Francisco cop where he would routinely beat up hippies, he then came face to face with the Zodiac Killer in a park. When he confronted the zodiac killer (face to face) the Zodiac killer than grabbed a little girl and took her hostage and ran away. Being a SF cop must have became boring for him because he then became a Vice President at AT&T. He was such an amazing leader that AT&T send him to get his MBA at USC and a Doctorate at Duke. Not only is he an amazing war hero and business success, but even his sperm is amazing.... His son pitched in the World Series for the California Angels.... it is funny how his son's name did not appear on any rosters, box scores or news articles- that is amazing.
This month he POW network (an organization that helps to expose phonies) helped me by doing a FOIA request that gave me enough information to finally officially call him out. I would like to nominate a great mentor and an amazing leader both in and out of the board room, my friend Mike Mallen. If you think he would be a good candidate for this or future such contests feel free to follow up with me.

Oh lordy.  Brent, send me an email if you get a chance and give me some more info so I can track him 

This is a great idea

Maybe you should create a survey so members can vote if this a good or bad idea. From what I read it is BAD! I think you should rethink this and put some common sense in the meeting.......

Before I had read any of the comments, I was struck with the feeling that this trivialized their evil behavior. Please bring widespread & intense attention to them, some other way - not as entertainment.
I really don't mean to insult or judge any who support this - for me, it's a kick in the gut. I do undertsand the intention is to bring widest possible exposure to some real dirtbags....

I concur that these imposters need to be exposed but I also agree that making a game out of it too much.

These guys are a bad punchline already. Who cares if they are part of a game. Frankly I wish there were more ways to expose them.

Is your congressman going to take any cuts in pay and benefits? It's the honorable thing to do during these times. Show us how to lead.

Hey it got me to read the article. I am bombarded by so much information that I have to filter through everyday that this "game" caught my eye and I read in to it. For all you whiners, that are beating down the author and crying foul- two words. "boo hoo" Grow a pair. Let go of your momma's teet and recognize that Mothax is doing all veterans a service by exposing these phonies. Hooah!

Osambo masquerading as a Commander in Chief with a pair...

I agree with MOTHAX. If the courts and the legislature can’t figure out how to protect the sanctity and reputation of those who serve, and remember were only talking about ONE percent of ALL Americans, then continuous exposure is the only remedy. If turning it into a game so that otherwise uninterested people will pay attention, then I’m for that too. These imposters should lose their jobs if they were hired based on claiming phony service and made to volunteer at VA medical centers or any other vet outreach center that needs an extra set of hands. BTW – that goes for PX soldiers too.

For the folks who upset with it being a game: "lighten up folks". Unclench your rectum and go with the organization's efforts. If you don't like it, just let it pass. Leave the role of constant criticizer to the whiners and other liberals, not to folks who served.

$294.00 a month, the military ruined my life, credit gone, Speaker Bohner now wants $100 of what is left for taxes, and these clowns parading as if they served. You certainly left out the biggest clowns, the TEA PARTY.

One of the names from Stolen Valor that should have been in the running but was not listed is J.W. Duckworth. Still playing his games saying things that are not true.

Bill Freauff
Still Serving America

G.W.Bush the man that jumped ahead of alot of deserving Airmen to get thier wings, and after he got his, he was AWOL. Then sent our country to a unjustified war. That's beyond phony. Stupid game anyway !!!!

I passed up three waivers to volunteer, also volunteered for Airborne but got a medical discharge for a training injury and never claimed combat status, let alone Special Ops. I claim two small service medaaals, no decorations for valor, much as I wiuld have liked one -- I never earned it. But I note wryly that, over the July 4 weekend, we were offered a chance to vote for our favorite patriotic singers and one skeptic pointed ou -- I think correctly -- that of all the singers mentioned, only Johnny Cash had actually been in service, and he was in the Air Force in Germany. Beware of flag-waving entertainers who send brave men off to die in wars of convenience. That's a good way to honor those who served too.

I love it! We are limited only by our imagination. Get the word out by any means.

Here is a suggestion for a different method to expose those who must lie about their military exploits:
Use a format similar to the Sex Offenders' Registry. List their names and home addresses, place of employment (if not the firm, then a street address), and a photo if available. In the text, just list their quoted fabrications which have been proven false. A link to a YouTube video of the liar's spiel would be nice.
It may be true that many of these people are compulsive liars. They may believe their yarns. They may be mentally ill - but so are many sexual predators. It may be an uncontrollable compulsion, but it injures innocent, honest people. The widows and orphans of real heroes deserve protection from these valor predators.

I agree with the Navy vet, Publish their names on a list just like the child phorn offenders. It would be nice to know if one who stole valor lived in the area.

I have absolutely no problem with you making a "game" of this. it's bad enough there are so many pretenders out there (including politicians), but to make up such outlandish stories goes beyond the pale - especially the ones who at least served in some capacity. I am happy to call a brother or sister anyone who strapped on the uniform, no matter what they did in the service. However, once the BS gets too deep, I start wondering what they actually did do in the service and I tend to back away. I have caught a few people in lies only because I served in the same area and time they said they did and knew what they were saying was false. Anyway, GAME ON! Can't wait to see the "winner."

I have encountered people who have made fraudulent claims for their service in both
ministerial circles and general public. Some are misunderstandings about relating the
details of their service, while others commit fraud as Allen Kent did when he impersonated
a flag officer. Another problem is the service record depositories have purged the service
records to exclude the Active Reserve assignments and PQS for those activities.

I think that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about addressing this problem.
For myself, I always ask to see the supporting documentation that the individual has
in his, or her, possession that is authoritative and verifiable. Perhaps grace and
careful examination of the facts of an individuals service might go a long way in
correcting those who would misrepresent themselves.

Formerly USS King (DDG-41) USN and SBR-2 USNR

There seems to be an ongoing problem with Phonies that defraud the VA various state programs and charities that provide services to the veteran population. To me that's bothersome. I wonder if there is anyone in these organizations that are designated to actually investigate to verify the valor of people who want to join or utilize services. The VA is clearly overtaxed with an influx of claims from vets and phonies alike. They steal from charities, VSOs and the VA. Worse is that they steal from vets. I'm interested in getting into investigating these claims but I don't know where to go or who to speak with. Does anyone have any idea?

One of the people named above was a guy named Jesse McBeth from Washington State. He was arrested for fraud because of making false claims to the VA and he did receive some money before his fraud was discovered. The DD-214 that Jesse McBeth submitted was a fake, in fact a lot of phonies make up fakes. There are organizations that help people make fake DD-214s. National Archives, Various Special Operations Schools and other places do keep records and those records. Some of the fake DD-214s look convincing. If you don't know what you're looking for you'll miss it.

These people end up stealing resources that need to go to veterans that need them. If these phonies are allowed to go unchecked, they'll muddy the waters so bad that many of these programs will end. I believe in confronting the frauds. If we don't we'll lose programs that are detrimental to veterans.

On a final note, If I ever run into a member of clergy that embellishes service, I'm going to confront him and out him. Why? If he's lying about that, what else is he lying about? What other issue do we need to know about him?


Dr Rev Bryon,

I want to apologize for putting your name in the wrong spot. I missed my mistake until I posted. My sincerest apologies.


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