SGT Reckless USMC, Korean War Hero

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SGT Reckless USMC, Korean War Hero

Following my trips to Boys State and Montana for the Heroes and Horses program that Demophilus wrote about yesterday, I took a trip down to the west Texas town of Amarillo to spend some time with the in laws.  While there I noted that my Wife's Grandfather (a Legionnaire) was reading Cowboys and Indians magazine.  He passed it over to me and directed me to an excellent article about a horse named SGT Reckless.

Rather than go into exhaustive detail here (since it may appear in The American Legion Magazine shortly) you can read about Reckless on her website, or, here is an excellent video:


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"She did above and beyond what a normal Marine would do."

Umm, I beg to differ.

Sure, she did her job. Certainly she was well-loved and well cared for. Yes, she brought much-needed ammo in and brought wounded Marines out. But calling her a warrior/Marine? Saying she went "above and beyond?" Let's pause and consider that for a moment.

I think this lady needs to reconsider her choice of words.

we have to be more carefull in who we choose to serve our country

is shingles contagious

Hi, do you have the link to SGT Reckless' website? I want to visit her site and delve more information because I am writing a feature story.
Mary Hullington
Unleash the Power Within

From one old mudd marine to another Well done SSgt Reckless, welldone.

I was sent the video about Sgt. Reckless, and it brought back great stories that I remembered and photos I had looked at when I was younger. 70 now !

It is strange that God has a great way of putting the right situations together at the right time.

I am an International Historian Artist that has been given a second life to look after one of my special Grandchildren Christian.

His life has connected to my love of Horses and I think your readers might enjoy reading about Christian and his Pony Stony.

I am now inspired to do a special tribute to Sgt Reckless using the right photos.

The Original 24x 36 canvas Oil painting will not be for sale, but I will have High quality Canvas Giclee framed hand enhanced Limited editions available when the painting is finished in about the end of Nov. just in time for those who might want one for a special Christmas Gift. I will me able to make them in several sizes and prices.

Please take a few moments to look at my web site and see what I do.

Thank you for keeping the Story of this great American Hero alive for others to know and respect those who have fought to keep our freedom.

God Bless, ,ay peace be with you and most of all have Happy Trails ahead,

Ron Hauser aka "The Canvas Cowboy"
Ron Hauser Enterprises LLC
Bunkhouse Studios
534 Muirfield Drive
St. Charles,Missouri 63304
636-939-9415 Studio
314-805-8011 Trail Phone

I am pleased to say that my oil painting of "Staff Sgt. Reckless in action " Was finished in 20014 and over two dozen beautiful Canvas Framed Limited addition reproductions have been sold. Please contact me 314- 805-8011 for more information to see her in action.

Peace be with all who keep this Country free! "God Bless America"

Ron Hauser Enterprises LLC
Bunkhouse Studios
534 Muirfield Drive
St. Charles , Missouri 63304

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