Second Ft Hood Terror Attack Thwarted?

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Second Ft Hood Terror Attack Thwarted?

Here's the video from ABC News:

 Here is FoxNews' coverage:


Turns out I have written about him before, and This Ain't Hell has been on this guy for more than a year.   He was a conscientious objector, and a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.  I guess he wasn't all that opposed to war, eh?  

Of course, we have no idea what the complete story is, but reports indicate he had weapons and explosives, and was AWOL.   

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Apparently he is AWOL from Ft Campbell, where he is under invstigation for the possesion of child pornography. He has not been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, and has applied for concientious objector status.

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Don't you have to be a veteran of Iraq to be a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War? He apparently has no problems against child porn, but he is against the war.

This statement is in no way to be construed as "politically correct". I came back from my one & only trip to an arab country in 1982 or 83 after a lengthy cross-training with Egyptian SF. The one thing that stuck in my mind then and now is that you can not trust a rag-head. And, you sure as hell don't want to underestimate his capabilities. I keep a stock of pig blood on hand to dip my rounds in if & when needed. I don't have a problem sending one of the evil ones to the afterlife, but I want to be sure he doesn't get all those virgins. This 2nd Ft Hood terrorist should be found guilty & strung up with pig guts.

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@ John Crusader (Christian Jihadist)...We are a country of multi-ethnic and multi-faith people. We are not all Christians. Not all American Muslim Soldiers are like these Saudi Wahabists. You do know that Jews take offense to 'pigs blood' as well right? Also, calling people Rag-Heads is just like calling you a Red-Neck. You are a disgrace to your uniform if you are a soldier and should step down from whatever post you hold.

hey we really need to go deeper into backgrounds when we certify these soilders we cant just let anyone serve our country come on these are people who are protectin our life, family lives and ect. all am saying is do more research when selecting soilders to serve our country

we have to be more carefull in who we choose to serve our country

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