Celebration at our Service Academies to word of Bin Ladin's death

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Celebration at our Service Academies to word of Bin Ladin's death

Man what a great day isn't it?  Granted, it took long enough, but the celebration has been epic.  Here's West Point and USNA celebrating.  Obviously I wish my greenie beenie brothers had been the ones on the takedown, but hat tip to the awesome US Navy SEALS.

First, our Commander in Chief:




My favorite tongue-in-cheek comment thus far was one person demanding to see the long form death certificate. I don't think I will ever forget waking up this morning to the wonderful news.

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I was a little bit confused at the beginning and the middle of your post, rockingsteve, but the end made perfect sense.

OBL definitely needed to be terminated but celebratin' serves no useful purpose ... just flush and be done with it!

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The ace has been discarded. However, there are some more cards in the deck to be discarded before fully having a winning hand. They will come with less fanfare...they will come! I am very pleased with the way it was handled by the U.S.--- leaving no martyr; having a brief celebration and then doing what Vetcounselor said, "just flush and be done with it".

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