Where have all the protestors gone?

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Where have all the protestors gone?

This story kind of makes me nostaligic for the old days when we had Cindy Sheehen et al running around protesting at Walter Reed and elsewhere, ridicously claiming to be doing it for the troops:

Life ain’t easy for an anti-war liberal.

President Barack Obama launched air attacks against Libya eight years to the day George Bush sent bombs over Baghdad. Back in 2003, the lefty site MoveOn.org “flexed [its muscle with] ‘virtual marches,’ in which tens of thousands of protesters jammed Senate and White House phones, fax machines and e-mail boxes with antiwar messages.” Originally founded to encourage the public to “move on” from Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, MoveOn.org repositioned itself as a heavyweight in the early 2000s anti-war movement.

This time around? A little less than a week after the attack, MoveOn.org has articles bashing “Out-of-Control Republicans in Wisconsin,” but hardly a mention of the bombing in Libya. Well, there is a post noting that John McCain called Muammar Gaddafi an “interesting man” on Twitter two years ago. So much for moving on

Most of the protesting I see nowadays is fairly anemic, with enough folks it could have safely been held in a mom's basement somewhere.  Also, it seems that most who engage in such things come from the Libertarian wing of Isolationists, less so the die hard hippie types.  However, a few of the latter are still around, particularly the ladies of Code Pink.

“We got maybe 2,000 people out at the most,” Benjamin told TheDC. “We used be be able to mobilize tens of thousands of people. And it’s just … we don’t have the same numbers anymore.”

During the Bush years, Benjamin said it was fairly easy to find people willing to mobilize against war. With powerful Democratic party-backed groups like MoveOn.org, it seemed much of the public had bleeding-heart syndrome. That’s no longer the case, now that one of their own is in the office.

“It was certainly easier to mobilize under Republican presidents,” said Benjamin. “A lot of the organizations that are bigger than ours are affiliated with the Democratic party and they are reluctant to criticize the president.”

I used to attend every Anti-War demonstration in DC, just for the sheer spectacle of it all.  In particular, though they were billed as "Anti-War" rallies, no one seemed to stay on message.  You would have people there representing the joys of communism, Free Mumia, the 9/11 Truthers, Legalize Pot guys, the "Breasts not Bombs" ladies attired in nothing but hideousness, and some random "Veterans" who may or may not be veterans.  I remember one demonstration I was at with Jonn from This Ain't Hell where a hooded anarchist started screaming at us and waving around his "discharge papers."  We managed to film the interaction, and blew up the papers later, it was a delayed entry program document, not even CLOSE to a DD214.

You can read about that protest here.

Either way, you have to at least hand it to Code Pink that they are consistent.  Consistently wrong is entirely possible, but at least consistent.  I get their email alerts for the humor of it all, and got this one the other day:

Anyway, I was reminded of the Irony from Code Pink a few weeks back:

But Boyd, 55, was on a mission. With a girlfriend from Seattle, she planned to meet up in Cairo with members of Code Pink, a U.S.-based peace group, and then travel to Gaza to support Palestinian rights.

Their plane landed at 9 p.m. after a nearly 15-hour journey, and they found people camped out at the airport, hoping for flights out. They were told no taxis were available, but they managed to find one and communicate to the driver, who didn't speak English, that they wanted to go to their hotel near Tahrir Square, a hotbed of protests.

They passed police checkpoint after checkpoint during the 30-minute ride. "We would just drive right through," Boyd said. "But you could feel the tension in the air."

Well, the situation got worse and worse until:

The situation was not looking good.

"My anxiety was getting out of control," Boyd said. "It was so packed -- a smash of humanity. You could feel all the tension, with all these people trying to get out of Egypt."

A way out
They found a group of other Westerners and stayed with them. Turned out they were a group of Shell Oil employees who had chartered a flight out of Egypt.

In the end, the two women left Cairo on that flight to Amsterdam.

"We were treated like royalty," Boyd said.

Shell put the two women up in a hotel in the Netherlands, where they plan to stay until Wednesday when they have a flight home.

The irony of a group that protests "Big Oil" at every opportunity being saved by Big Oil, and then being treated with respect is awesome.  I wish Code Pink had opted to show as much class when they protested at Walter Reed with signs that said that our wounded brothers and sisters were "Maimed for a Lie."

I'm not particularly sad to see the anti-war groups going the way of the Mastadon.  I can completely support anyone protesting whatever they want, but Code Pink and others really do it in a shameful way that I think actually results in counter-productive damage.  Any valid concerns one has about a war seem to disintegrate when you see a naked grandmother flashing her breasts.  Or this guy protesting against Pvt Manning's conditions at Quantico.

Seriously, does anyone think this helps a cause?

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They must feel that it takes extreme behavior to get attention from the public, which may work, but then the behavior becomes the focus of the public rather than the message the protesters are trying to convey.

Despite what some say about Obama not being a Muslum can anyone say that they have ever seen him
salute the American Flag ?
what causes pneumonia Has he ever placed the reef of the tomb of the unknowns ? I think not.

It's darned difficult to take seriously any cause promoted by ladies adorned in pink feather boas. Ya gotta give them some cred for trying, however. As they say derisely in the South, "bless their little hearts." I kinda miss them.


Just another example of the double standard used by the left when ever it deals with anyone from the democratic party. They were quick to bash President Bush but when President Obama does the exact same thing, you can here the grass growing they're so quiet! NBC and CBS are just as bad if not worse. I would really like to see Diane Sawyer ask President Obama a hard question for once!

It's very hard to back someone or group (the previous white house) that you know is just lying to you. If people are not protesting, maybe there is no argument for it. Now that's a concept. Did we not recently have huge Tea Party Rallies? Hypocrites, all.

There will always be those that enjoy freedom, but not there blood was shed to maintain it.

Despite what some say about Obama not being a Muslum can anyone say that they have ever seen him
salute the American Flag ? Has he ever placed the reef of the tomb of the unknowns ? I think not.

Sorry, but I have to agree with this ...It makes absolutely no sense for the US to sell weapons to dictators. Except...for the almighty dollar. Hey, money talks and it doesn't discern between war and peace, good or evil. Why would our country sell arms to a dictator? Yes; the best way to support democracy IS to stop selling arms to dictators. But then, hmm; there's a ton of money to pass up. Nothing the average US citizen would benefit from, though. I can imagine you are laughing at this comment and wanting to make fun of it. Too simplistic? Too naive?! Maybe too true?

How much money do the troops NEED to guard Bush's interests in the Middle east? They are certainly NOT protecting OUR freedom as we have been steadily LOSING it since September 11,2001.Once the corporate criminals have completely destroyed Obama , resiezed power and turned America into the very thing that thousands of vets gave their lives to prevent............THEN WHAT?
PROTEST is what we need but I see protests (if it is actually done for the right reasons) causing another Tiennaman Square only this time in AMERICA.
Are we going to go from protesting against the corporate(Bush and his gang of thugs) elimination of freedom and standing UP for America to busting heads and taking names?
I see a dismal future ahead.The only thing that seems to be missing is an inept leader ushering in a following of the new swastika but that is closer than we think.

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