Medal of Honor

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Medal of Honor

The Sal Giunta Story from SebastianJunger/TimHetherington on Vimeo.

I make no bones about not typically being able to watch these things, but this one truly is exceptional, as (by reputation) is RESTREPO. I will watch it, but I need to do so at home, and truly alone. Not sure how I will react to it. Either way, these guys are amazing, and when I get to a place that I can, Sebastian Junger’s “War” will be at the top of my reading list.

Some links for you to consider purchasing from this amazing author and videographer:

To buy Sebastian Junger’s WAR.
To buy Sebastian Junger & Tim Hetherington’s documentary, RESTREPO
To buy Tim Hetherington’s INFIDEL or from Amazon.

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All I can say is Gratz and you are right everyone deserves the honor

Great doc. What a terrific young man.

This film brought tears to my eyes. I will save it and watch it over and over, .thanks Salvatore.

SSGT. Grantz you have my thanks for doing what you did. You do indeed deserve the MOH and I agree all of you do. For someone that was in the MIlitary from 1968-1972 and faced another fight I thank you for your service. Hold your head high and be proud. Your brothers that were lost thank you for getting them home.
Gods speed. I hope someday to meet you and thank you in person.

The service will miss him. His comments at the end of the piece are so honest and so humble and so angry that I am stunned that this kid is able to show such moral courage, intellectual clarity and situational awareness. This is what we have wasted time and again in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sal Giunta's final brush stroke should energize us all to demand that we get the hell out of the entire Southwest Asian debacle. Whatever he does next, I'm sure he'll be successful at it...courage, self-depreciating humor and rigorous integrity.

Sal SIR, Think that's what I'll call you. You deserve to be called SIR more than some of the officers I have known. I was in the U.S.Navy, ETR3 1969 - 1973. Did some duty aboard a Minesweeper, "that was a load of fun." I'd just like to say thanks, for your "ONE Stroke", across the canvas that day.You'll never forget that day, the bad and the bad. Always remember you PUT a lot of GOOD on that canvas and day. That's why you deserve the Medal of Honor. Thank you my friend.

SSg Sal Giunta, Congrats on the MOH. Yes, you do deserve it. You said what I thought you would say - That everyone there deserved it more then you. For that reason wear it with Honor. Your heart is in the right place. Wear it for your men, stand proud, stand tall.

There are absolutely NO WORDS...! I wasn't able to wipe away his tears, nor able to reach out with a hug, but I felt their very being as he told the story. I am so proud of his courage and loyalty in telling exactly how it was! Sgt. Giunta, thank you for your service and thanks for the indefatigable support of your "brothers" on the battlefield. If I may ... the actions of Sgt Giunta and his comrades give deeper understanding, purpose, and meaning to my brother's death in WWII Battle of the Bulge. I felt every beat of their heart as they told theire story, while my heart also beat heavily feeling my own brother, "Bud"s strength, courage, determination, and love for our country. I am so proud to be an American! Every student in every school in the world needs to meet this hero and experience the perspiration, desperation, frustration, patriotism, love, and tears as they view this video and listen to the gory, painful time spent at war - the very price of our freedom! My name is Edith T. Nowels, Brielle, New Jersey (Sister of Cpl Horace Marvin "Bud" Thorne, 9th Armored CCB, killed in action in Belgium 12/21/44, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor).

I want to thank you for myself, my husband a retired Vet, my brother a Vet, my father a Vet, and my nephew on active duty in the Navy. I saw your story in your eyes before I heard a word. God Bless you, and every man and woman with the uncommon courage to become a soldier and fight for the Freedoms few in this world realize you give them. There is no medal that can take the place of a soldiers life, but that medal is the spirit of the soldier or soldiers lost that is carried throughout the medal recipients life. For you it is a burden now but your courage to bring your buddy, our soldier back, leaves his spirit with you and yours with his family forever. They will be missed and you deserve every man, woman and child's gratitude here in the USA. Thank you and my prayers will be with you and all soldiers for Peace and a safe return home.

I salute you, Sgt. Junta and all who serve in our military. You are the best the nation has to offer !!!!!!

I cant stop crying, as a Navy vet who never saw combat, I salute you, you are my hero's.

God continure to bless you St Micheal will welcome you in Heaven I'm Sure

War is Hell and some guys that fight it are at their greatest when things are at their worst and this is one of our greatest. God bless him and God bless America.

I served twenty four years in the Air Force and I want to thank you for your dedicate service during a very difficult time for our country. Sal, your courage will be a shining beacon to all who wear the uniform. May God bless and keep you and all those who still have a mission to accomplish. Your brother in arms.... First Sergeant Jim Kiger

Stand Tall and hold your head high and know that it is you who now lets those men live in our lives with your story .I send you a BIG HEART felt SEMPER FI !!!!!!!!!!

SSG Giunta,
Words can't express what is in my heart for you and your men. The burden you now bear for your courage is heavy indeed, stand tall and walk with pride. Your humble nature shames me when I think of times I may have told my old stories. You are indeed worthy of the MOH and you wear it for all of your brothers and for all of our Armed Forces. This action will never leave you, I know. I pray to God for Him to give you strength and fortitude for the rest of your life when the old ghosts come back in the quiet times. Take comfort in knowing America loves you and your men and support you 100%. I will remember you and pray for you for the rest of my life. Thank you and God Bless you.

This is what our President, the Congress, and heads of state need to watch when making their grandieous plans to send more "troops" to countries where we are not wanted nor needed. Our President needs to be reminded DAILY that those "troops" are made up of our brave sons & daughters, they have names and faces and families.

What is so heart-breaking about this video is that this young man, his mother's son, now has to live the rest of his life with the vision of his friends and fellow soldiers ripped apart and he was unable to help them. My heart aches knowing how he suffers inside.

Yes, he SO deserves the Medal of Honor and I'm so very grateful that this brave young man served our country...but what is most impressive is that he knows that the medal isn't worth the loss.

Thank you for your service SSg Sal Giunta and thank you for your honesty in this video. To the families of our fallen soldiers, thank you for your sacrifice.

Sgt. Junta, you have heard the accolades and are duly humble and yet strong. You did not ask for this award, this is obvious, but others who know you better than I determined that this award should be sought for you and your actions. This award is not given without merit and your story and courage and honor will inspire your comrades in their struggles and that is the purpose of this award. Wear it proudly, but humbly and it will serve you well as you have served us. Your fallen comrades did not die in vain It is our good fortune that you survived to tell us your experience. I served 26 years in the US Army but never had to serve as you did. You make us all proud to be defenders of our freedom and way of life.

SSG Giunta, Our country is very fortunate to have you - a living MOH recipient. You never asked for this mission, I know, but it is one that our country's youth need to see and be exposed to now more than ever before and you are the gold standard- on and off the battle field. Your moral compass, courage, integrity and humility are lessons we all can benefit from. I pray your demons lay quiet and you can get on with your life. Thank you & God bless.

Thank you SSgt Giunta.

God Bless you SSG Giunta, !

A group of men in a hot firefight, each one trying to do the job assigned them. the adrenalin rushing through your bodies, and in the heat of the battle you see that one of you comrades is missing and you get mad and it builds up to the point that you do super human actions that you would probley not do in other normal situations. That is your comrade out there your friend and you do not want these people to have him and you do what it takes to go get him and bring him back, does this make you a hero? Yes in my eyes and their eyes and probley to a degree even in the enemys eyes to. The world needs their heros, everyone there deserves a medal too, but you were the one that was picked you were the one that was chosen to receive america's highest award. You can't give it back it a done deal, so why not handle this situation with the same integirty and braveness and honor that you showed over there. I have 2 son's that spent time over there doing the same jobs that you did. One spent one tour in Iraq and the other spent 2 tours in Iraq and one in afghanistan and they both tell me how proud they are that you received the medal of honor and that they wished that there was a few more that could receive it also. I am proud of you and you are one of my hero's my son's are also hero's to me everyone over there are hero,s. God bless all of you and I will always be praying for you.

SSG Giunta, congratulations on receiving the MOH. I know that the courage that you showed that day as well as the days to follow shows what type of soldier you are. I know that your fellow soldiers and upper echelon must be very proud of all of your actions on that day. It was a great move to prevent the enemy from having our soldiers and their gear being displayed as war trophies. I watched closely as you described your feelings and how you unselfishly stated that others deserved this recognition as well. I served in Nam in '68/'69 and Desert Storm in '91 in a leadership role and I always informed my subordinates that the day may come when they will have to show their true mettle; that the training they had gone thru would benefit them one day and try not to make many mistakes because it could cost someone their life and they listened intently and performed admirably. It is evident that your Band of Brothers also is a close knit bunch who looked out for one another's safety and did their utmost to return home together. SSG Giunta, be advised that whatever road you may choose to travel, that your nation will be there to assist in any way possible. Good luck and Godspeed to you and your family.

Job well done. SSG.G. deserves M.O.H. Like he said alot of good G.I.'s also deserve it. Remember one thing thought don't cheapin the M.O.H. as they have with other awards. ie. silver @ bronze stars . Seems they give them out to everyone I'm not saying they don't deserve it just cheapins the meaning when some get it because they lead or should I say have rank. And have friends in high places . SHIT butter bars chest look like 4-stars after one tour in theater.

I was moved by this short film and would like to commend SSG Giunta on his insight to his own heroism which was inspired by his patriotism and his comrades. There are hundreds of our men and women who are safeguarding our country who without any doubt deserve the same recognition as SSG Giunta. They will never get that recognition in the form of the Medal Of Honor but when they return home we can give them the support they will need.

You've earned the metal of honor for being an honorable soldier in your stance to honor the truth.
Perhaps there are others who deserve the metal more for their physical actions taken in the defense of our country.
However, there are also actions that you can take to expose a lie and in so doing preserve the truth and honor of our country that is just.
If you do that, you reflect honor on yourself and those who served with you -- that is what truly matters -- even if the metal may have been given for political purposes and you were used by dishonorable men for a purpose less honorable.
Stand for the Truth, Stand for what is Right and you will be saluted for your honor and the metal will retain it's valor for honorable actions.
Never believe you're not an honorable, brave and import person.

You and your fellow soldiers serving in the soup deserve every honor that can be given you. We pray everyday for all's safe return home to there families. In thesse times young people don't see the true hero's. Movie stars and rock stars are not in anyway the ones to look up to. SSG. you and yours and the other's like you are. God Bless them all, the Army will greatly miss your presence.

God bless you and the men you served with, you all deserve that medal.

I cant stop crying, as a Navy vet, I salute you, You are a Hero's Hero.

At the beginning of the video. You said you were an American. Indeed you are sir, and you make me proud to be an American as as you are in this great country of ours. Stand tall my brother ,be proud my brother. Wear the medal for your buddies.Wear it for us. You earned it. know that standing at your back are the countless numbers of American Veterans that stand with you. God bless you and as you carry the burden of memories may you bask in the knowledge that your country is what it is because of men such as you. As an ex Navy man I salute you and I honor you.

That is what a true airborne soldier is taught to do. The doc. was great it hit close to home for me & brought back memeries that i thought were dead & gone but wasn't.

As both a veteran and fellow Iowan, you are definitely a source of pride. I have long struggled with the question of what is the definition of a "hero"; I believe that a true hero is someone who does his job, day in and day out, no matter how difficult. I saw many examples of this in my long medical career, and in hearing your story, I would consider you a true hero. I also appreciate your humility in admitting that there are many others in our Armed forces that should also be considered in this way. I salute both you and all of your fellow service men and women.

I served in the third Batt. In Vietnam 1967-68 It's wonderful to see that the spirit still lives in the Herd. Thank you for the honor you brought to the Unit that will always be a part of my life. "Airborne !!!

SSgt Giunta, God Bless you and your family. Congratulations on receiving the Metal of Honor. Nothing can ever possibly top this in one's career, as it is the highest honor this country can bestow on one of its warriors. Served in VietNam 65-66 as a Dog Handler
myself, again in 69-70. We are all brothers in arms, you are among the chairman sitting on the board, as an example for all the others. The civilian employers we have, live in an era today, among a volunteer force, never having to risk their lives in any way in
such a service to their country, nor worry about their children, risking their lives in this same service, unless they volunteer. This is
why it must remain a volunteer force. The nation and its citizenery do finally recogonize your contributions, and your brothers in arms service. It has brought all of us, those forgotten in the past service and wars to the front of the American Citizens thought process. It will forever, follow you and your service comrades through life, until we brothers all meet once again, in the Valhalla
of Warriors in the Afterlife. Bless You Lad. I balled like a baby at your metal presentation and again at the Super Bowl. I am so
proud of you.

SSgt Giunta,
As a recipient of the Congressinal Medal of Honor I salute you. As a fellow Veteran, the story you told I have only this to say. AMEN BROTHER, you are a HERO.

SSgt Giunta is one of thousands I have known and read about now. Why I went to Vietnam twice I will never understand, like SSgt Giunta I guess it was my job. As the President said the day he placed the MOH around SSgt Giunta's neck, "I really like this guy." So do I and millions of Americans, we respect him as we should and we should never forget the sacrifices he and others who do not come back. SSgt Giunta will remember these events and the past for the rest of his life, I hope he is not impacted by those thoughts, I suspect he will as I have been. Most veterans always live with those memories and never forget.
I want my country out of Afganistan, Iraq and all the hell holes where we end up implementing some policy that some box of rocks has dreamed up in Wash D.C.

SSgt Giunta,
First as a veteran I salute you and second as an American I thank you. Your story brought back many memories and touched me in a way I wasnt ready for. I commend you for your heroics. I understand your anology of painting a picture in which you were merely a brush stroke. Your humility is not lost on those that served as we all looked at it as"just doing our job". People who have never served or been asked to put themselves in harms way will never understand the feelings we have for the men we served with or how hard it is for us to see one of them down. I can only imagine what you felt when you saw your fellow soldier being carried away. You are a shining example of everything that is right with our service members. Congratualtions HOORAH!

You did what you had to do, Sky Soldier. And you make all of us proud that men like you and your platoon are doing what you have to do. Many disagree about whether we're fighting the right war at the right time. That's OK, we're a big country. What we agree on is that we're blessed to have the volunteers that we have in uniform. You wear a heavy burden with that ribbon, but you've already demonstrated that you have the courage and honor to do it. Now people know what we mean when we say that we'll leave no comrade left behind. Thank you for your service and dedication. Good luck to you as you and your family as you move forward.

Semper Fidelis...always! As a US Marine Corps Veteran I salute you! We are proud of you and all our troops. Wear your honor with honor. God bless you!

SSgt Giunta - Sir,
You are the shining example of who our military actually is, selfless, uassuming, humble and...dangerously professional. I, as a retired Air Force member, am extremely proud of you. The nation has rightly recognized your selfless bravery with little regard for your own safety or life in repatriating one of your team members in time of battle. You son are what makes this country great. God bless you and thank you for your service. I salute you.

Skip Johnson
QMC(USN/USNR ret.) 1968-1999

Bravo Zulu, SSG Giunta. You acted when action was required. I wish you and all your comrades "Fair winds and following seas".

R. PAT Atkinson U. S. Army D Company 4/3, 11th Bridgrade, Americal Division ( Lgt Wpn Inftry).
Vietnam Vet. Aug 68-Aug 69

SSGT. Giunta, you were in the moment. Doing us proud to be an American G. I. You hold the Medal of Honor high and if you need help keeping it up call on us. We will be there, as you were for your unit. Very Proud of you.

this a real hero. God protect him

For every action, there is a reaction. The enemy made their action an act of kidnapping your fellow soldier, and who knows what humility and pain and suffering they would have inflicted upon him had you not reacted. You did your best and you brought him home. You are very eloquent in your words, and I trust you will have a long and peaceful life, filled with all the joys. The average person has no idea what runs through your mind in your time of peril, but you so beautifully put it into words, that I was almost counting the strokes of your brush. Welcome home, trooper.

this man is what America is about...very humble, i love this guy..thank you for serving and welcome home in one piece. my hat is off to you,God bless from an old viet nam vet

Humbled by the MOH but knows it belongs to all of the Battle Company Soliders of the 502nd 173rd Vicenza and represents them proudly.

John R. Willis U.S. ARMY 1969 -1971 I am very proud of you SSG Giunta, and your fellow soliders. You deserve the MOH and Ihope you wear it proudly. God bless you all I hope you all come home safely. America loves you all.

SSgt Giunta, You Sir are a man of HONOR. You make me proud to be an American. You have brought Honor to yourself, your men, your Army and your COUNTRY.

SSgt Giunta, You Sir are a man of Honor. You make me proud to be an American. You bring honor and respect for our fallen soldiers. You do deserve the Medal of Honor. I salute you and all who serve.

Thank you for all you have done. I thank all the people both here and abroad for their service and sacrifice. God Bless you all! I am proud to call myself an American with people such as yourselves. As a Vet I cannot be prouder of the Men and Women still fighting for us. You are the true heroes and you reflect Honor on all who have come before you. Thank you with all my heart!


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