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Milwaukee Beers, Brats and Blogging.... So, I arrived yesterday in Milwaukee for convention. I've been to (I believe) 7 conventions, and Milwaukee was my favorite one when we were here last time. (2000? 2001?) Either way, love this city and almost immediately found myself in an Irish pub with Demophilius and two Division Directors. After a delightful, if mostly liquid, meal, I met up with Mr. Wolf of Blackfive and Mr. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette and went out for a while more. Because I am old and promised my fiance to behave, I was home and in bed by like 9 pm. Hopefully you guys have been following Mr Wolf on the trail with the Legion Riders.  He's done 3 parts so far, and he has another one in the pipeline: READY TO RIDE... ALR LEGACY RIDE: DAY ONE LEGACY RIDE CONTINUES... AND SOME CORRECTIONS Anyway, if you haven't read them, you should. Meanwhile, we spent today walking around Milwaukee, introducing the guys to some of the key Legionnaires from various Departments, and (of course) having an incredible lunch. Plan on taking it easy tonight because I know the rest of the time here will be wall to wall. Tomorrow are the Commission meetings. Not sure what one I am attending yet, possibly the National Security and Foreign Relations meeting since I believe they are doing updates on POW/MIA searches. Tomorrow night planning to head out on the town and visit with Legionnaires from around the country that I don't get to see as often as I would like. And then Sunday we start the convention proper with the Parade, which is always the highlight for me. The city of Milwaukee has been great, so I am really looking forward to seeing the turn out since the weather should be perfect. Anyway, wanted to give y'all an update of what we have next week. On Tuesday and part of Wednesday I will be liveblogging from the floor of the convention, most likely in the green room backstage. Looking forward to hearing from the Dem and GOP leaders in the House, with Speaker Pelosi and Rep Boehner addressing the convention. Also Tuesday morning we have Secretary of Defense Gates and at some point Secretary Shinseki of the VA. One of my personal highlights is that Michigan Army National Guard Major David Howell, will be receiving an award from the Legion. You might remember him from this post I wrote, but in case you don't, it bears repeating. Major Howell is a great American, and I can't wait to shake his hand. Politicians are fine, and should be interesting, but for my money, I'd rather spend time with soldiers.
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